5 Minutes to Know What is Camping

If you want to release pressure and experience the fun of life, it is quite important to know what camping is.

Camping means people walk or take cars, bikes to some places. And these places usually will be some valleys, lakes, or the seaside. Men and women build campfire, do some barbecue, start the camp cooking, singing and dancing. And these men and women are called campers.

You will enjoy a more comfortable and relaxed camping trip, if you know what is camping and how to camp.

5 Benefits of Camping with Families

I think people who have experienced camping will know the reason why camping can be called “Fun Camping”. It is really more charming, compared with living in the 5 Star Hotel and taking the expensive flight.

As the saying goes, the whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring. Camping is also suitable to start in spring. Although, many people like using the word “well being”, however, with the more trend to pursuing the relax in the spirit for the youth, “Fun Camping” is used by them more and more frequently.

Most camping places are in the beautiful countryside, where are full of plants, and many animals lived. These places will make us feel the charm of the nature in a near sight. They make us enjoy fun in the natural surroundings.

  • We could touch the nature intimately.

We can go on a trip to the wild to near the nature. However, the trip to the wild is just to watch by our eyes. We generally solve our living and meals in the hotels. While, camping is totally different with the trip. We can not only appreciate the beauty of the nature by our eyes, but feel the nature by our bodies. We need to cook, sleep and live in the wild, which is totally a new experience since we are born.

In the spring, we can watch the little grass which just put forth the buds. In the summer, we can play the water game with our friends near the lake. In the autumn, we could listen to the sound of the falling leaves in the tent. In the winter, we can feel the romantic of the first snow. Besides the scenery of the seasons, we will find twinkle stars in the sky when the night comes, which we may not find in the cities.

  • We could release the pressure, and enjoy the nature.

The camping areas most set in the nature. The natural places are just like big oxygen bar, where we can breathe fresh air freely. Surrounding by such comfortable environment, it is a good idea to have a cup of delicious coffee. You may sigh with emotion, you are satisfied by all the things you have now!

We can release the pressure from the work, and forget all the worries in the daily life. We will feel the extreme relax and happiness you have never experienced before in the nature.

  • We will cherish the happy time with our family.

In the camping with kids, we can share all the leisure time with our family members. Put up tents for them. Cook delicious meals for the family. Play games with them. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will find the time with them is the most cherish thing in your life.

  • The nature is the best amusement park for the kids.

Camping area is not only the amusement place for the adults, but also the kids. Compared to the adults, kids are more willing to enjoy such natural lives. They will learn and play in the natural environment.

The more the kids touching the nature, the more their imagination will grow. Although they may make their clothes dirty when they are enjoying themselves, please do not blame your kids. Just because of the playing, the kids throw all their worries from the school and home, they get total relax there.

We can ask our kids to put up tents, cook and many things they can, which can improve the cooperation ability and the living ability. And the emergency handling capacity will also get improved.

  • We can also eat delicious food in the wild.

When we are having the meals in the wild, the true taste of the meals seem to be not so important. We are enjoying the feeling to eat in the nature.

Surprisingly, someone who do not like eating too much at home may have a voracious appetite. Everything we eat in the camp may turn to be very delicious. Camping is just a sport to make all of you feel relaxed and eased.

Most camping areas allow people to set fire. Men can take the advantage of showing up their ability to setting a fire. And women could exploit their cooking ability to the full.

Why do You Hate Camping?

Everything all has its two sides, including camping with kids. Many beginners of the camping may have the experience below. They tried their best to make up their minds to go camping. At last, they find it is too far from what they thought. They wanted to relax to the full by the camping, however it became their burdens at last. So they have to sell their newly purchased tents and many equipment to the flea markets.

Without a careful and meticulous preparation and planning of camping, you are the only one affected, for camping is different with trip, which can offer us good hotels for living. And all the equipment need to be assembled by our two hands. This is not an easy task. No matter how good your equipment is, we can not regard camping as simple as the trip. All in all, too much camping equipment will make us suffered, however, too less equipment will make us not convenient in all sides.

  • What is camping for dads?

For dads, camping will need us to pay much force in it. Most dads will make a considerate plan in advance, to avoid making the wives and kids suffered.

Putting up a tent, setting fire, cooking and so on are all the jobs of dads. And most the guys who are washing bowls in the buckets are also dads.

Dads are the ones who are the most tired. They are suffering the biggest labor and pressure in the camping. Not only taking part in the planning and preparation before the camping, and doing a lot of jobs during the camping, they also have to arrange the equipment, clean the area, drive back home after camping.

  • What is camping for moms?

Moms may expect to have a relax in the camping. But they do the same housework as at home. So for mom, camping is a kind of continuing of the housework.

Even though the husbands have shouldered many jobs, they still needs the help of the wives. And the kids are also reasons why wives feel tired.

I don’t know why my husband spend so much on the equipment. That is too wasteful. But it is a pity to make the equipment idled. Just forget it. Go camping at last.

Above may be the true feeling of the moms. That is what the moms thinking when their husbands raise to go camping.

  • What is camping for kids?

Parents could inform the kids in advance that they will go camping this weekends. They don’t need to finish their homework. And the moms will not take them to the remedial classes. Kids must be very happy to know this news.

However, in the process of camping, moms need to be busy in cooking, dads are busy in drinking, there is no one to take care the kids. The kids may feel lonely. And they have to play with moms’ mobile phones for games, complaining that they would rather go back to write their homework at home.

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