Stories And History of Camping Equipment Brand Names

If you want a better understanding of camping gear, it is necessary to know the features of the brands. Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing these, you have got half of the success in buying camping equipment. These stories and histories of these brand names will add more fun to your camping trip.

Coleman, a Complex Brand

It started its business with the sale of lanterns. During 110 years’ development and focusing on the camping gears, it has become one the most reliable brand.

The lantern produced by the headquarter plant in the United States must pass more than 40 processes and strict quality tests.

Coleman covers kinds of coolers and burners, and many products for outdoors. It integrates tradition and innovation together, favored by many people.

Products of Coleman is superior in the quality. For example, its lanterns can be still used after pulled from the sea. And the stoves could keep working, even though they are frozen as the ice. The cooler in the damaged car which has been burned is founded with ice inside.

Coleman is a legend in the camping field.

Snow Peak, a Complex Brand

In the 1950s, Yamai Yukio, the Snow Peak founder, started designing and selling products for hiking. He was dissatisfied with current hiking products in Japan. So he changed his business from ironware wholesale to the camping gear manufacturing.

Later, with the renovation of the auto camping in Japan, and the promotion to America, Europe, and Asia, this brand got popularized at that time.

Snow Peak is unique in the style. It values the product quality and environment, which embodies the spirit of stubborn and craftsman. Though it is high in the price, it still has many Snow Peak fans all over the world.

Patagonia, a Dressing Brand

The founder of Patagonia is Yvon Chouinard. He is a radical environmentalist and a legendary climber.

In the progress of manufacturing clothes, the material cotton will cost much fertilizer and insecticide. However, Patagonia changed the materials of all types of clothes with organic cotton, despite the cost would be enhanced much.

Moreover, Patagonia is the earliest brand developing reprocessed plastic for manufacturing ecological products in the world.

That is the spirit of Patagonia. And this is also the reason why we add the word “radical” before the name of Yvon Chouinard.

Lodge, a Dutch Stove Brand

In 1896, an American Joseph Lodge established his camping gear brand, Lodge. Its main products are Dutch stoves.

With 115 years’ development, Lodge has inherited traditional quality standards and American strict rules. It insisted on manufacturing products harmless to the human body.

Lodge is the only one, manufacturing iron cookware in the United States. Its products equip the highest quality in the world.

MSR, a Climbing Supplies Brand

MSR is short for Mountain Safety Research. Climbers in the high mountains usually have to confront the deadly dehydration. In order to solve this problem, MSR developed a new kerosene stove named Mould 9 in 1973.

This stove is able to be used in the mountain with a high elevation. And it can be also used to melt the snow for water. These water could provide the climbers the water they need.

Later, it integrated with Cascade. Besides the kerosene stove, MSR manufactures tent, snow boots, climbing cookwares, portable water purifier, towels and so on.

MSR is one of the most popular brands for climbers. It has kept developing excellent products for camping fans.

Pendleton, a Dressing Brand

In 1963, Pendleton was founded by a British man Thomas Kay. Later, the blankets produced by Kay’s grandsons attracted the eyes of Americans.

In World War II, Pendleton started to sell military uniforms, military blankets, sleeping bags, and so on. Later, it turned to develop the woman dressing. Then it became a popular brand.

Pendleton has got a wide credit in the dressing field. It is regarded as “American Conscience”. Recently, Pendleton’s granny chic has gained traction from camping fans from all around the world.

Kovea, a Complex Brand

In 1982, there was no outdoors products in South Korea market. Kovea company started to produce fuels for outdoor using. Workers of Kovea invested years of outdoor experience into the researching and exploring of the camping products.

And in a short time, Kovea has gained rapid development. It realized “Manufacturing Domestic Outdoor Products”. In 1996, the amounts of exports were 1 million dollars. And in 2000, it reached 10 million dollars.

In 2002, Kovea got ISO 9001 Certificate. Now it is a well-known International big brand. Its products are the best choices for auto camping in South Korea. It got a wide support from the camping fans。

Arc’teryx, a Dressing Brand

This brand was created by a Canadian climber. The original brand name is Archeoptertyx. In years’ development, the name has got some change.

Keeping innovation is the core philosophy of Arc’teryx. It has first realized many superior technologies in camping dressing field. They are waterproof locks, pressure tape treatment, and seamless gluing. It is well known for using the most superior materials.

Nalgene, a Bucket Brand

Nalgene was founded in New York in 1949. It mainly manufactures fuel buckets, buckets, medicine boxes and kinds of containers for the outdoors using.

It was widely applied for its perfect sealing, water resisting, and durability. In 1971, Nalgene was selected as one of the American camping gear brands for climbing the Himalayas.

Kupilka, a Table Item Brand

Kupilka means a small cup in Finnish. It was designed by an architect Heikki Koivurova. It mainly covers kinds of table items in the camping. Its practical and unique designs have gained the favor of camping fans in the world.

Products of Kupilka are added 50% pine. They are made of natural petroleum composite materials. So it seems like the feeling of a tree when you touch it. This new material has solved the disadvantages of plastic products.

Solmate, a Sock Brand

The founder Marianne Wakerlin made over 100 pairs of socks for families and friends each year. This is the origin story of the brand.

Solmate reprocesses the waste T-shirt to make socks. This protects the environment and gains the recognization of environmental groups, such as “Made in Green” and “Oeko- Tex”.

Besides North America, Solmate is also regarded as the popular style origin in Japan.

Chums, a Dressing & Decoration Brand

American Mike Taggett established Chums when he was making the straps of sunglasses in 1983. After the original products were made, Chums is very popular in the whole world. It has 2 million sales volume in over 40 countries.

Products of Chums are beautiful in colors, which are not achieved by other brands. It has got strong support from many young camping fans.

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