7 Reasons Why do People Like Camping?

If you desire freedom, and you want to go at any time you want without reserve, lets go camping!

If you want to take all of your family for the vacation, and the cost for your tents and other camping equipment is equivalent to the fees of one or two weeks of the hotel, while, these camping equipment can offer you happy weekends and holidays of at least the following 5 years, lets go camping!

If you want to be awaken by the dawn twitter, rather your noisy clock, and you hope to breathe the smell of the dew on grass, and enjoy the most charming scenery through the tent gate, lets go camping!

If you don’t like the conventions of the hotels, you just wanna sleep as when you like, wake up as when you will, eat as what you love, wear as what you hope, lets go camping!

If you wanna take a cheap airplane, carry all the equipment, enjoy the exotic charm like the Iceland or the Croatia, or the famous interest like Northern coast, Costa Del Sol of France, lets go camping!

Do you still remember those warm and nice memories? Your first camping experience was in the days when you were in the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts. If you are going to revive that innocent time, lets go camping!

If you want to get the best seat of the festive celebrations, and ramble back to your bed after the carnival of the celebrations, lets go camping!

Why there are so many people like camping?

If you want to know why so many people love going camping, you may get many different answers. But all of these answers must contain one element. That is freedom. Camping is fun.

What is freedom? It is you can go wherever you want, without any reserve in advance. It can make you pursue for the good weather. If Welsh rains, you can go to Anglia.That is freedom. If the weather reports says it is better in the North than the South, you can move ahead to the North at once. And it is also the freedom.

Freedom is very important. You could get up early for the most thing you want to do. And you can also sleep till noon to do it then. In most camping areas, you must not be the only guy who gets up late.

You could eat what you loves. One breakfast or bunch can be a perfect lunch. When you are in the camping, the dinner time is totally up to you.

You can do whatever you like. Relax out of the tent, drink a cup of coffee or beer, read or enjoy the scenery. That all depends on yourself.

If all the relaxing ways you have tried, choosing a more active sport is also a good choice. We all know, camping is always linked with hiking. No matter it is a slow S-shaped walk to the local pub, or to climb the peak of the high mountain, you will find when you lay the tent in an ideal place, any place can be an ideal hiking target.

If you want to go to a distant place, you may find many campers like to ride bicycles there. Those healthy and charming bicycle routes also can be good places for your camping.

One of the reason why people loves camping is the low cost of the camping. Camping can supply you the cheapest vacations that you have never experienced before. That means, compared with kinds of dear hotels, you can go to a more distant place, and stay there for a longer time. For example, you have to stay for a quite short time, if you book a holiday hotel for two weeks. However, if you camp in a tent, the time to stay there is far more than two weeks. The following weekends and the holidays are all yours.

If you have bought all the camping equipment, and restored them carefully, you will find them very useful in many vacations and short-time break. Your tent can take you to sunshine filled places of interest in Europe in Summer. And it will take you to enjoy the early hiking around the lakes, even some music festivals.

Tent is very useful in most time. It will help you in all your vacations, such as the fishing holidays, visits to your friends and family, and any days you want to have a escape from the city.

Polar regions, alpines areas, desert land and many harsh places may be not suitable for you. However, no matter when our brave explorers start the journey to those terrible places, a good enough tent may change your camping to a safe and comfortable one!

Camping, the Choice for Your Green Vacation

No doubt, camping is the most environmentally friendly way for the vacation. David Bellamy is the most famous environmentalist in Britain. He said, camping area is the oasis of the biological diversity.

Camping has very little impact to the environment. If we build one hotel, the grasses and trees on the area will be covered by the concrete. If we found one place for the camping, there is almost no influence to the environment. Thus camping area is suitable for the lives of animals, plants and the birds. Moreover, the campers also love to share the happiness with the local animals and plants.

Camping will make you communicate with the nature closely. You may be awakened by the twitter of the dawn. People in the cities do not believe that the birds will sing in the morning. After camping, you will find which bird get up earlier. The man responsible to the camping area will keep growing plants year by year. Irrigation water will be heated by the gas  water heater, which can realize the minimum emission.

Besides the contributions the high technology makes for the environment, camping clubs has also grown thousands kinds of local trees and shrub. It is to ensure the active contributions camping clubs makes for these lake districts.

And the campers also do their best to protect the flimsy eco-environment. We can use the bicycles and our feet to reach the camping places, reducing using cars. And never wasting, never pollute the environment, and using less energy sources are the basic principles for the campers. When the campers leave, there are only negligible footprints left.

So most fun for the campers is from enjoying the beautiful natural environment. When you are sharing the homestead with deer, squirrels, woodpeckers and dragonflies, you will truly learn to be thankful to these animals. And you will know how to take care of the camping area quickly. Remember, here is the home of your weekends, but not your lifetime.

David Bellamy was born in London. He found his “Swallow and Amazon Camping Area ” in Lake District, when he was a teenager. He drink the water from the lake, and live in the tent near the water. For almost 60 years, he is still barefoot stepping on the wet grass to feel the morning dew. The camping life of David has no changes in these years.

The countryside is keeping changing, but not all of them are good. However, camping has little impact on the environment, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, on the premise of no damages to the environment.

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