How to Find The Best Camping Spot

Here we would introduce how to find the best camping spot and some places forbidden to put up tents. Beside, we will also talk about some relative laws and rules about camping. And some notes you need to pay attention to, in different camping spots.

Relative Laws

In Britain, there are two laws administer camping. They are the Public Health Laws in 1936 and Camping Spot Management Laws in 1960. The public health laws revolves something about tents. And camping spot management laws direct at the caravans and camping spots.

According to the laws, it is allowed for the landowners put up unlimited number of tents for lasting up to 42 days. Or the total days they can build unlimited number of tents are 60 in 12 months.

Following to the second rule, any tent can stay at the camping spot for up to 28 days. While, the landowners have the right to forbid you to use his or her land. You need to get his or her permission to build the tent. The final decision right is in the hands of the landowners. Please respect it.

Camping spot management laws make the camping and RV club allow the landowners to build small camping spots on their own land. These camping spots have no need to get the planning approval. And they are all certified for the caravans and RVs. If the landowners have enough space, he will also welcome you to put the tents.

Clubs encourage the minimum interval of each unit in the camping spots are 6 meters. This can ensure the safety and comfort. Don’t go to trouble the landowners. The spacing distance between two units is big enough for you to put up a small tent.

Camping in Different Countries

Smart Swedish like enjoying Allemansratten. It means everyone has the right to go into the countryside. And this right makes the Swedish government through the law of Village Road Rights.

However, in British laws, it only permits people to walk on. The Swedish are able to walk on the village roads, and camp there as well. Of course, the premise is that they must follow the local rules and laws.

What a pity! It is totally different in Britain. Camping is illegal. Someone may smack of desperation. They will camp in some remote districts, in order to escape the law. But it is not suggested.

If you do want to camp in Britain, you can go to the Shetland. It is allowed to camp in Shetland. How beautiful and amazing that is! Put up a small tent and listen to the waves. Watch the killer whales chasing the seals.

And if you want to camp in other countries, you must check the local laws before your trip. Many countries forbid camping, as the Britain. And the local policemen are angry with foreign tourists to camp there. When night comes, you have to find a some hotel.

Find a Perfect Place to Put Up the Tent

No matter which type you are going to camp, you must consider where is the perfect position to build the tent. In some camp spot, especially, in some big campsites, the administrator will introduce to you some good places for putting up tents. But, you need to think it carefully by yourself, where is the best position in you allocated district.

Issues You Must Consider: What is the wind direction? If you can find a wind shelter? What if it rains, what will happen? When it rains heavily, and the ground is full of water, what can you do?

Now I will share something DO or NOT DO.

Do not put up a tent under the tree. Its roots will make the ground hard and uneven. It is difficult for you to fix the rivets. And the trees will attract the thunder and lightning. There will be many fallen leaves and dews.

If there are many birds on the tree, it means there will be a lot of bird droppings. Some trees, especially the elms, the big branches may fall at any time. You are better to make your tent far away from the trees. But one thing you need to note, if it is really hot and big sunshine, you could put up the tent under the sunshade of the tree at noon. This may make you feel a bit comfortable.

If the campsite has some walls or fences, you could build the tent close to them. The walls can keep the wind out. Although you need a horizontal plane to sleep well, a slope is better for the drainage. You mustn’t wanna stay at the lowest point when the campsite are flooded.

In the ideal situation, you can choose the high position of a soft grassland. When the big rain comes, the water will flee from the grasses. Remember, that is the perfect position to put up tent.

After finding a place for tent, you need to check it carefully. Clean the branches and leaves. Any plants that may damage the waterproof cloth or disturb your sleep must be cleaned.

In many big camping spots, you will find the hard stopping pad for the caravans or RVs. These stopping pad is not suitable for building a tent.

While, now many camping clubs develop a new hard stopping pad. They use the recycled plastic eggshells to build it. It is very suitable for putting up a tent. The clubs lay the plastic eggshells on the ground tidily. Then lay a layer of soil. Plant some grass seeds. When the grass grows, they are the same as the normal grassland.

This new grassland has some advantages. There will leave no damage to them, even it is a very heavy caravans. And this new hard stopping pad can suit various use of the campers. But one thing, it is very slippery when it is wet. So you must watch out it.

If you have chosen good place for building the tent, please spend a few moments in cleaning this place for your tent. Besides the notes I share above, you could learn some suggestions from other camping people. They may be more familiar with these.

They may tell you the place you choose may be frequently washed by the flood. When you do as their suggestion, you will find you are so lucky. With the growing of your knowledge about camping, you will pick up a perfect place by yourself. Then have a happy time in the whole camping days.

Festival Camping

For most people, their first camping happened on the rock festivals or some outdoor music activities. Each year, there are millions people go to Glastonbury with their full set of camping equipment. Music festival is very famous. Therefore, many camping gear manufactures start to produce a special festival camping gear set.

You can save the money for one night hotel. And spend it on buying these festival camping gear set. It is very cheap and reasonable. You will get a brief couple tent, a pair of mattresses, two sleeping bags, one flashlight, and a stove. After the activity, you can collect these equipment for next year.

Remember that if you have some good camping equipment, you can use it on some festivals. It is very cost-efficient. However, after the activity, there are still many tents abandoned on the field.

Another thing is about the safety. Many people go back to search for their tents after the carnival. But the tents have been stolen by others. Or the position has been taken place by other tent. Therefore, many people will buy a bottle of spray coating to make their tents more distinct. So they can easy find their tents. Some tent manufacturer may send some coating for free when sell the tents.

Based on the problem of difficult identification, tent manufactures have their own solutions. They use the bright cloth to produce the special festival tents. However, you may feel they are same with the fashionable products. They are similar with others.

The union flag, tartan or cailco can’t help you tell which tent is yours. Thus, you need some unique elements, even the tent is bright in color. Fix a flag or a wind vane on the support rod will be a good idea.

You can also use advanced mobile communication technology to find your tent. After building the tent, go to the carnival. Then move forth to your tent after it. Call the phone you left in the tent. Finally find your tent according to your phone bell.

Small Informal Camping Spot

According to the laws, Britain allows landowners to build unlimited number of tents on their own land. The time is up to 60 days in a year. And the landowners will set up a provisional small camping spot during the camping seasons. The demand for this kind of camping spot follows the season. And it is also relative with the local activities. No matter which way it is , this adds the opportunity for you to camp in places that never explored.

Some landowners will abuse this right, to make the tent time longer than the fixed days. Different places have different measures for this. Usually, they will make exceptions for them. Then many campers can stay a long time here. And they don’t need to make troublesome land use permits.

For peak seasons, these informal camping spots are very popular. You could live nearby the river, and a retro country bar is behind. What a better life than now? Although it only lasts for several weeks, it is very attractive enough for you. Just enjoy it.

Camping Spot Registration

According to the laws, some qualified organizations are able to ask the landowners to build small campsites. And these campsites can have no permission of the related governments. The biggest organization is camping and caravan club. It has over 1250 campsites in the Britain. And these campsites were set for caravans originally. Now the club is working hard to attract the tent tourists and trailer tent campers.

In order to keep the superior quality, the club will organize the members to vote for the best campsite in the year. The competition is quite fierce. All the campsites are doing their best to improve their own levels.

A camp spot needs own enough space. And it should supply pure drinking water and deal with the dustbins of common rubbish. Besides, a campsite need have a close cesspool for the chemical deodorant toilets. While, most campers will bring their own toilets when camping.

Except the showering facilities, most registered toilets can offer all the service required above. But the most attractive requirement from the campers is that the campsite must quiet and far away from the cities.

Most registered camping spots are in the farm. Many kids are willing to do some farming work. And some campsites are set near the small museums. But there are no same two camping spots. When you find one, you can go back to it to spend your vacations.

Camping and Caravan Club Camping Spots

It is the second biggest camping spot company. It has many camping spots. In its campsite, there are various caravans. The tent campers are welcomed there.

This club established the first campsite in 1913. It is one year earlier than the First World War. Now this camping spot still exists.

Most camping spots have complete facilities. And the administrators are all responsible for them. They make these facilities keep the best state. And all the tent building places can be used. The campers are welcomed here. They can use all the facilities.

Almost all the campsites are open for the non-membership tourists. Of course, the cost will be higher than the club members. If you plan to spend over 5 days, you are better to apply to join the club, there will be many discounts.

The club has reservation service through the computers. You can book it by the phone or the Internet. Each campsite is only in charge of its own camping business. However, you can choose all the campsites on the Internet.

Forest Camping Spot

British Forestry Commission is responsible for the forests and forest lands. The main goal of this commission is to develop the wood. But with fast development of the tourist industry, this commission has started to open those most beautiful lands for people.

Forest Vacation Commission is a branch of British Forestry Commission. For years, it has been offering kinds of camping spots for the public. These campsites are located in very pretty places. And they are popular among the campers. However, the facilities are not complete and some even have no facilities, for lacking resources.

In 2004, the government proclaimed that they wanted to search for a partner for forest vacation commission. After a long time of investigation, they decided to build the relationship with camping and caravan club.

They founded a joint venture, to take superior management systems and facilities to the forest vacation camping spots. And they were aiming to add the publicity of these campsites. This progress has been carried on for several years. Now some best forest lands keep their idyllic scenery, attracting numbers of tourists.

If you want to have a true touch with the nature, you can find a forest vacation campsite. You will experience a real British country life there.

Commercial Camping Spot

In Britain, there are over 2,500 commercial camping spots. Some are prepared for the caravans. And some new campsites are welcomed by general tourists. It is all up to you to choose which one. Bars, inns, or carnival clubs in the night? Or the Swimming pool? And you could also choose some caravan park.

Many camping spots have their own brochures. You can find the details on it. What will the campsite offer? What is the price? How to book it? Some camping spots are very popular, you need to book in advance in the peak seasons.

Besides, you can find some smaller camping spots. For example, a campsite in the Hebrides. There is no people living. And the drinking water is the spring water on the island or supplied by the ship on each Tuesday.

In fact, there are many kinds of camping spots. And most of them have the star rating. From the star rating, you can know much of the basic situation of the camping spot. However, some star assessment is not all correct. People only judge by the facilities, but forget the service.

Therefore, even it is beautiful in the scenery and considerate in the service, a camping spot without swimming pool can never get 5 stars. And those big caravan parks with complete facilities will get 5 stars, though its service is not so good.

Tourist Administration select the best camping spot every year. The result is voted by the tourists. With the experience for camping, you must find your favorite camping spot. In our life, many things are more important than the star rating.

Camping Spot in Foreign Countries

We have talked about much about camping in Britain. Many rules can be adopted in other European countries. For example, there are hundreds of farm camping spots in France. The vineyards and cheese workshops are allowed for the tourists. The tourists who are keen on the delicious food and shopping must love them.

German camping club has the net of camping spots all around the country. It promotes its own compasses. And it also offers top level vacation places. You must be happy to camp with the local people for the vacation.

Some European camping places are large in the area. The biggest one is the spot in Italy. It is as big as several thousand soccer fields. This style of camping has already become a new scenery. And more and more campers start to fall in love with this kind of camping spots.

The biggest camping place in France is located nearby the sea. There are exotic swimming pools, artistic restaurants, and convenient supermarkets. It has everything the campers need.

Although these European camping places enjoy such high reputation, especially spots in France and Italy, you may find something uncomfortable. The extreme hot and dry weather make the ground hard and dusty. The ground are bare without grasses. It is difficult to find the cool from the nature. And the tent in the European tents are too compact. When sleep, you will find a couple have to sleep in a place with 1 meter wide.

But don’t escape and frightened by these disadvantages. Spending the vacation in the European camping places will be an unforgettable experience. Each year, thousands of British tourists come to European land by crossing the English Channel. They are looking for the warm sunshine in the south.

Now, it is very easy and simple to book the camping places. Many tourist agents and clubs can offer this service for you. They will make the customs clearance and insurance for you. And they also supply the map and many information. You may find the cost through these agents or clubs are much lower than travelling by yourself. You can choose among 20 countries and 200 camping spots. With the time going by, the choosing range for you will be bigger and bigger.

If you want to travel by yourself, it will be also very simple. All the ship companies have their own websites online. You can buy some discount tickets. And many camping spots have their own websites as well. You can see the actual situations on the spot by the live cameras.

Many camper are not willing to leave the British bank. But you may miss many things of fun. Every year, millions of tourists get to the south Europe for the warm sun light. You could have a try. And you must be attracted by the charming sceneries there.

Some Exotic Camping Spots

In Addo Elephant National Park of South Africa, the administrators have set up some real luxury tents. There are cozy beds and showers with hot water. And a flush toilet inside. But the most attractive part is the beautiful scenery there.

When you stand on the observatory, you will be able to watch the elephants, lions, ostriches and many wild animals. There are bars and inns in the park. But the visions there can’t match to the tent.

The Pushkar Camel Festival in India is also a good place to visit. There are 150,000 camels are sold on that festival every year. It attracts many tourists. But the hotels can’t contain so many people, the administrators build a tent village.

The village has over 400 tents. There are comfortable beds and hot water shower in the tents. The cloth of the whole tent is luxury silk. Tourists in the tent will feel exotic atmosphere.

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