5 Things You Must Know When Camping in the Rain

camping in the rain

No all the campers love rainy weather, but someone may want to try such unique fun of camping in the rain. I still remember running through the wet grass. I love this feeling. The rain brings dry clear weather. So I get some tips for camping in the rain for you. Hope it will be helpful.

How to camp in the rain? 1. Make sure the water resistance ability of your camping equipment. 2. The laying of your tent should be no more than your waterproof cloth. 3. Set up the awning to avoid ponding. 4. Dig the gutterway beside the tent. 5. Dry the equipment after the camping.

Of course, we need to try the best to avoid heavy rain and big wind. If it is light rain, it may be very nice and romantic of camping in the rain. I think you will have the same feeling with me. I will love you in the morning when the dew is on the ground and the rainbow in the sky.

What do We Need to Note in the Rainy Days?

  1. Make sure the water resistance of the equipment. In general, the inner side of the tent has the water proof record and some information of the water resisting pressure. We could surf online to know the amount of the precipitation in advance, so that we can get to know if our tent is able to stand the rain and how long is it supposed to rain. Most tents made in China usually can resist the amount of precipitation 1,500 mm. So usually, there is no problem in the light rain.
  2. You need to lay the tent no more than the waterproof cloth. If the waterproof cloth is too big, we can fold it under the tent. The water of the rain may flow into the inside of the tent and make the tent wet, if the waterproof cloth reaches out of the rainy tent.
  3. Set up the awning. This can avoid the ponding. And we need to consider the factors of the direction of wind and rain. The place to set up the awning should be where the rain is difficult to collect.
  4. Dig the gutterway around the tent. We should make the way for the rain out. So the rain will not collect around the tent. And the gutterway needs to be a bit inclined, so that the rain will flow away.
  5. Dry up all the equipment of the camping. We can put these equipment exposed in the sun, after the rainy days are over. It is better for the equipment to keep clean and dry.

What shall We do Before Going Camping in the Rain?

  • Tent: We need to buy a high quality weather tent. A Cheap tent is equivalent to a leaking bowl. It will directly result in the failure of our camping. So we should try to buy a bigger and more comfortable tent.
  • Tarpaulin: If you like camping with your partner, but you don’t want to stay with your partners all daylong , so you can buy one tarpaulin. It can solve problem like this. It can offer the private room for your eating and sleeping. And you can still keep the contact with other friends. Some tarpaulins are very cheap, you can buy several for the preparation. Then hang them between the trees. And you can also buy one piece, just for your own private room.
  • Rainproof Coat: Although cheap rainproof coat can make you out of the rain, one piece strong rainproof coat can make you feel comfortable and relaxed at the extreme. If you don’t like the patch, you choose a broadside hat. And in very weather, rainproof trousers can supply good protection for you.
  • Wearing: What to wear in the rain? Don’t wear cotton clothes. We can try the fiber clothes, which will dry quickly after getting wet. So we will not feel cold after getting wet.
  • Waterproof Bag: In the rain it is best to prepare some waterproof bags to keep our mobile phone, cameras, some digital products and our clothes dry. And we also should bring some wet clothes bags together.
  • Amusement: We can take some card games, MP3, Video Games, board games, and some books to the camp. Someone may prepare the rainy food together. When it rains, we will not feel boring in the tent.

Related Questions:

How to put up a tent? If you are camping in the rain, the position of the tent is very important. Do not put up your tent in the sunken places, which will collect water. And lay the waterproof cloth on the ground first before putting up the tent. And don’t make the cloth stretch out of the tent.

How to keep dry in the tent? I want to go outside in the rain. So it is important to know how to keep dry in the tent. Do not enter the tent with the rains. We are better to put the wet clothes outside the tent. And one clothesline may be a good choice for drying them. Moreover, we can open all the air vent of the tent, which can keep the extreme air flowing. The flowing of air can reduce the collect of the moisture. Lastly, we need to avoid to make the wet clothes be against the wall of the tent, otherwise, they will bring the moisture into the tent.

Keep active mood in the rain. Another saying is to play with fun in the rain. As we all know, we can not make us keep dry completely. So we can adjust our mood, being wet in the rain is not a bad thing.

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