Things You Must Know about What Clothes to Pack for Camping?

how to pack clothes for camping

Most of us like to go camping in warm days, however, someone like to camp in the cold weather. So how to pack clothes for camping is also a good topic for you and me. To keep us comfortable and happy in camping, we need to pack the right clothes for camping. Now I will share with you what clothes to pack for camping.

What to wear camping in the summer?

In the hot afternoons, all the people must wear shorts and T-shirts. If it is too hot, some guys may even put on their swimsuits. But with the sunset, the temperature will go down. You need to put on some warm clothes.

1. T-shirts.

So we can buy some cheap clothes. Take the example of men’s clothes. The T-shirts should be made of the T/C fabric materials. These kinds of materials are comfortable to wear.

You can buy Regatta T-shirts, for the surfaces of these T-shirts have been through some special processes to protect us from the harm of the UV sunlight. The materials of these clothes are dealt with by high technology. So they are not only comfortable to wear but with high breathability.

2. Zipper Trousers.

Today, there are many campers about choosing to wear zipper trousers. If you feel hot, you could open the zipper of the leg part to expose your laps. Then when you feel cold, you can close the zipper of the trousers. These zipper trousers are made of T/C fabric. And they have gone through the softening process.

The most important parts for the trousers are the functions to resist to the UV light. Moreover, the trousers are designed with several pockets for the convenience to use.

3. Fleece Vests.

A fleece vest is one kind of ideal clothes in outdoor activities. It can make you warm, and let your arms move freely. It is can ensure the warmth when the nights come in the camping.

4. Socks.

Socks are also important in the hot weather. In summer, you need to choose good quality socks, which can keep your feet cool and cozy.

5. Sports Shoes

In the warm weather, you are better to pack the breathable mesh sports shoes. They can absorb the moisture and the sweat from your feet.

6. Raincoat

In the summer, there may be many rainy days. The weather report may do not work if a sudden rain goes. So it is very necessary to bring a raincoat when you are in camping.

what to wear in the rainy weaher

What to wear camping in cold weather?

We have discussed what to wear camping in the summer. Now let’s talk about what to wear camping in cold weather.

1. Underwear Clothes.

We can choose Regatta’s tights and turtlenecks. They are made of terylene, which has the good perspiring ability. That means, when you feel hot and sweaty, your turtleneck will absorb the sweat. Then you will not feel uncomfortable.

2. Outdoor Trousers.

We are better to choose T/C fabric material trousers. It is soft but durable. Besides, it has a water resisting function. You don’t need to afraid of the water. The feature of the trousers is many pockets for use. So it will be very convenient for you.

3. Jacket.

The jacket needs to be waterproof and breathable. The surface of the jacket has got the special process so that it can resist to the water and the UV sunlight.

4. Socks.

A pair of warm and dry socks will make you enjoy your weekend camping. We can pack several socks for emergencies. If our socks are wet, we can change them at once. We don’t have to suffer the wet socks.

5. Hat.

When the weather comes cold, most of the heat is dissipated by the head. So it is very necessary to put on a hat in the outdoors. You need to buy a fleece or wool hat. It can keep your head warm if the weather is too cold.

6. Gloves.

Our hands will dissipate much heat, and they will feel cold. Fleece gloves will be better in the function to keep your hands warm.

7. Scarf.

Don’t forget to pack the scarf. It will add the warmth to you when you are in the wind and snow.

8. Shoes.

A Pair of warm shoes will decide the power of your feet. When your feet becomes warm, the whole body will get powerful to finish kinds of tasks in the camping.

9. Raincoat.

Don’t hold the thought that the cold weather seldom rains. No, if it rains, you may get wet. And in such a cold day, it is easy for you to get a cold in the camping. So bring the raincoat together when you are going camping.

what to wear camping in cold weather

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