13 Tips on How to Pack a Backpack for Hiking Camping

Have you ever imagined packing all the equipment in the backpack for your camping? Yes, I did. Now, it is not difficult for you to realize. There are thousands of backpackers, thousands of various sizes backpacks on the market to meet your different tastes.

When you decide to backpack for camping, it is totally different. We could get a deep talk about how to pack a backpack for camping.

How to Pack a Backpack for Camping?

We can take the example of 65 L backpack.

  • First, put the sleeping bag at the bottom.
  • Then put into the mattress.
  • Pan, tableware and your cup on the mattress. And it is better to pack them by one soft towel.
  • Make your wash bag next to the pan.
  • Then put the clothes and socks.
  • Make the stove and the fuel on one side of the pocket.
  • Put the pot and some food in the other pocket. And you can also take the laundry detergent together. But don’t forget to seal the laundry detergent with a good plastic bag. It is because it will harm the performance of the waterproof tent and raincoat.
  • Add your tent on the top of the clothes.
  • Then it is your raincoat, towel, and trousers.
  • Next is the first- aid case.
  • Lastly, put the flashlight, tissues, lipsticks, sun cream, maps, sugar and so on in one bag.
  • Your tent supports and spare shoes can be bundled outside of the backpack.
  • Your certificates, money and the camera could be put in another carry- on bag.
How to pack a backpack for camping diagram

Tips for Packing a Backpack for Camping

1. When you are choosing a backpack, you need to think it over that if this size fits.

We must have a clear checklist for camping. And so you will know if the size of the backpack can hold all the things you are going to bring for camping.

2. And you should also consider the habits of yours.

If you squeeze all the stuff into the backpack, are you happy to pull all the things out just for one little article? Or you don’t like the things in your backpack are in a mess. You just want the order, all the things you packed in order.

3. The basic principle for backpacking.

How to pack a camping backpack is a real skill. Someone will describe it as an art. The basic principle is to make the heavy stuff near your spine and the positions should be as high as possible. And the weight of the backpack should be evenly distributed on both sides. Such weight distribution will not make you feel uncomfortable.

4. Note the order of the articles, when you are going to get them out.

The tarp should be on the top of the tent, so you are better to put the tarp and the tent above the sleeping bag. And in order to avoid the clothes and the bed supplies to get wet by the rains, you can put them in the center part of the backpack.

5. You should separate some articles.

You could put the stove and the fuel in the outside pocket so that these things will not soil the other equipment. And the pan, dinner box and some food are better to be put in one pocket separately. The position for the raincoat needs to be easily reached by hand.

6. Notes for you after carrying the backpack on the shoulders.

The process of packing is very tedious. But after finishing it, you can start your camping at once. Please note that do not knock the backpack or damage the framework. Adjust the straps, to stop the backpack move on your shoulder. And checking frequently if there is something hurt your back is also very important. Besides, tighten the belt, so that your haunch will shoulder part of the burden.

When you have found out the way of how to pack a backpack, you will be very proud. And you will keep packing that way until it becomes a habit. One day, to find a piece of equipment in the emergency will be easy for you.

How much weight of backpack fits you?

The weight of the backpack means the weight you need to carry. For one beginner, when the weight of the backpack gets to 1/4 of your own weight, you will feel uncomfortable.

This is very important for the young campers. Don’t think that you are young enough to carry many things. This wrong thought may result in serious problems. So it is better for you to choose according the following tips.

  • 50 kg person fits the weight of 12 kg.
  • 58 kg person fits the weight of 14 kg.
  • 65 kg person fits the weight of 16 kg.
  • 72 kg person fits the weight of 18 kg.
  • 86 kg person fits the weight of 21 kg.
  • 100 kg person fits the weight of 24 kg.
  • 116 kg person fits the weight of 28 kg.

How big the backpack is suitable for you?

The backpacks of the Britain use Litre to calculate the size. However, in United States, they use Cubic Inch.

Nowadays, there are so many types and sizes of backpack on the market. Some super stars give up their handbags, but carry some fashioned backpacks instead. And some office workers carry their computers to the offices with the backpacks, but not the traditional brief cases.

If you are planning to put all your equipment in your backpack, the size of the backpack must be no smaller than 65 L. If it is limited, you can also bring another small size backpack together. Then you can carry it for your camera and drinks when you are going to take a walk around.

how to pack backpack camping

Are pockets needed?

Someone likes the backpacks with many pockets. While, not all of the people like the pockets. If you choose to take a bus for your camping, your big pockets may block the way to the gate of the bus. And it may knock other people in the bus.

So you could choose the backpack whose width is no more than your two shoulders. If your backpack has two pockets inside, you could separate the dry and the wet clothes.

Hiking Backpack for Kids

Encouraging the kids to carry their own equipment is a good idea. There are some professional backpacks for kids, which will teach the kids many things about how to pack for camping. And they will not only enjoy the fun of the camping, but also learn many skills for the camping.

The kids are always going to take many things. By the packing, they will know the true things they need are very few.

best hiking backpack for kids

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