2 Minutes to Know How to Hang a Tarp for Camping

how to make a tarp tent

Recently, camping to the nature becomes quite popular among the young. They are tired of the noisy citizen lives. They desire the quiet and peace from the green land.

Before you make up your mind to go camping, you need to know some skills for camping. Today I will share how to hang a tarp for camping with you. Nail the rivets, set the rods, and stain the straps. That’s it.

The order to put up the tarp and the tent is all up to you. You can choose to set up the tent first, then hang the tarp according to the position of the tent. Whatever size and shape the tarpaulin has, the main ways to hang a tarpaulin for camping are similar.

Types You can Choose

1. Hexa Tarp

Hexa means number 6 in Latin. So the shape of the tarp is hexagon. So it is called Hexa Tarp. It is very nice in the shape.

There are two kinds of Hexa. They are full symmetry style and incomplete symmetry style. You can reduce or add some rods to set different shapes, according to the actual wind direction and the landform.

This type is featured for the light weight. But the free space for it is limited. It is not convenient to have activities.

build up a hexa tarp

2. Lecta Tarp

Lecta is the short for the Rectangle in Japanese. It has very big activity space. And you can use it with the awning and side wall.

In recent years, many car campers prefer to go camp under the Lecta tarpaulin, rather than in the tent.

Coleman Weathermaster Square Tarp 2 is very hot among the young. It is made by the light aluminum rods, light but strong.

How to hang a tarp for camping?

  • Make a confirmation if all the parts are here. In general, there are four parts. They are tarpaulin, rods, straps, and rivets.
  • Make sure where you are going to hang your tarp. Lay it on the ground then.
  • Bundle the rivets with the straps.
  • Adjust the length of the straps. Then pin the rivets into the ground.
  • Set the rods. And strain the straps.
  • Set the other rods on the other side. Then strain the straps.
  • Adjust the length of the straps to make it firm and secure.
how to hang a tarp for camping

Notes on Building a Tarp:

  • In the hot weather or the rainy days, you are better to hang the tarp first, then set up the tent. You can get places to enjoy the cool shade and take shelter from the rain.
  • You could choose to support and hang it first, then pin the rivets. If you have many partners together in the camping, one hangs the tarp by the rods, and the other pins the rivets.
  • Besides the rods you buy in the whole set, you can purchase some more rods to hang your tarp higher.
  • If the ground for the camping area is not suitable to nail the rivets, you can twist the straps around the rocks or the woods.

Purchasing Tips:

1. Choose the size and type by take a reference of the tent.

You need to buy a tent first. Then you can choose the size and the style of your tarp, according to the tent. In general, the size needs to be bigger than the tent.

2. Choose the size and type by take a reference of the tent.

When you are buying a tarp, it is necessary to know if it meets the size and the type of the tent you bought.

3. Make sure what the water proof pressure is and the range of resisting to UV light.

Waterproof pressure is the degree that the tarp can resist to the water in the rain. Generally, the waterproof pressure of a common one is lower than 1500 mm.

4. Choose the strong materials.

If you are camping in the strong wind or the heavy rains, you should check carefully to stop the rods to break or the rivets to be pulled out of the ground. So it is important to choose durable materials. Usually, aluminum materials are more recommended.

Some Assistant Gear

The tarp is flexible in use, and the space for using is very big. However, it is hard to keep the wind out. Besides, there is nearly no privacy in it. In order to improve these weaknesses, you can use some assistant equipment together.

1. Awning and Side Wall

Tarp cannot make the wind out. So you can use the side wall and the awning. The sidewall can keep the wind out for you when it is set up in one side. And the awning is the extended edition of shade.

2. Screen

It is used in one side of the tarp. The screen is used to protect us from the mosquito. The function is just like the mosquito net at home. Many campers will bring it to stop the mosquito.

3. Front Wall

If the side wall is the professional assistance of Lecta tarp, the front wall is the professional assistance of Hexa tarp. Many people are attracted by the charming design of Hexa.

But most of them may feel regretful after buying it. It is weak in the performance of shading. Don’t worry, we can use the front wall to make up the disadvantage of Hexa tarp. The cone-shaped front wall can stop the wind and the strong sunlight breaking into it effectively.

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