8 Fun Things to Do with Kids on a Camping Trip

how to make camping fun

How to make camping fun? Playing games such as Chicken VS. Eagle and Hide-and-Seek with your friends may be a good way. These games will bring you back to the happy time in your childhood.

At that time, the living standards and technology levels were far lower than nowadays. But as kids in those ages, we felt substantial and happy, which are the kids today lacking. Today’s kids indulge themselves on the Internet and online games. They don’t know what the meaning of life and happiness.

Let’s go camping with your kids, your family, and your friends! We can enjoy the true life by 8 things to do while camping!

1. Robot, Woodman

If you have a wide camping place, we can just play this game with all the family members. You can watch the popular television program Daddy, Where are You as your reference. In the show, the daddies and kids are playing this game, Robot, Woodman. You can just play this game outdoors with your kids.

Rules for Robot, Wood Man:

  • Go Rock Paper Scissors first, to find out the one to hide. This guy can hide behind the tree or the wall. He should cover his eyes.
  • The hiding man needs to call “ Robot”. Then all the other people should move forward just like robots.
  • The hiding man calls “Woodman”, that means all the “Robots” must stop all the movements just like the wood.
  • Then the hiding man will open his eyes and go out to check if some “Woodman” is moving. The moving “Woodman” will lose the game. The rest “Woods” will continue to play.
  • All the people need to try their best to move near the hiding man when they are playing as the “Robots”. The first “Robot” to touch the hiding man successfully is the winner of the game.

2. Throwing Stone

This game is very simple and easy. Briefly speaking, one man makes a stone be standing. Then the other one needs to throw the stones to attack the standing stone.

Rules for Throwing Stone:

  • Draw a starting line first.
  • Stand behind the starting line. Then turn around to back to the standing stone. Throw a stone to hit the standing stone from between the legs.
  • Turn around to face the standing stone. Jump one step forward with one leg. Throw another stone to hit the standing stone.
  • Jump two steps forward with one leg. Throw one stone from the leg you raised.
  • Raise one of the legs. Put one stone on the surface of the raised foot. Then jump two steps forward and the stone should not fall down. After jumping successfully, throw the stone by your raised foot.

In general, less people can reach this step. It is high engergy required. Raise one of the legs. Clamp one stone by your bending calf. Jump by one leg forward. Release your calf. Make the falling stone to hit the standing stone.

If you can reach to the standing stone just by the five steps, you are the winner.

3. Hopscotch

There are many things to do while camping. Hopscotch is an old game, but popular among the kids from all over the world. It exists in every place of the world. On the ground of the ancient buildings from the Roman Age, there were some pictures of Hopscotch.

There are several ways for hopscotch. It can be played by two persons in turn, and several persons in turn or many persons in two groups.

Rules for Hopscotch:

  • Draw the shape of a house with colored stones. Different countries’ houses are unique and different. The shapes of the houses are different. There are squares, rectangles, and rectangles with semi-circles, and even some plane shapes.
  • Kick the sheet stone lightly into the first grid. Then jump into the first grid yourself by one leg.
  • Kick the sheet stone lightly into the second grid with your grounding leg. Jump into the second grid with one leg.
  • Kick the sheep stone into the third grid, and jump into the third grid.
  • Just follow the rules until you have successfully kicked the sheet stone into all the grids. You can have some break when you are tired in the game.
  • If the sheet stone touches the line, goes outside of the grid, or goes two grids in one time, you have to restart the game from the first grid.
  • The first one gets to the final grid can put the stone on the foot and go out of the grid. And he is the winner of this game.
  • The loser has to accept the punishment of the winner, of course.

4. Slamming Plate

When I go camping game, slamming plate is one of the fun things we can play.

The slamming plate needs you to fold the hard paper into the square shape. And the four folding parts hook each other.

Rules for Slamming Plate:

  • At first, the players need to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to find out the guy whose paper plate is the target of this game.
  • He should put his plate on the ground. The other players could slam this target plate with their own.
  • If the target plate turns over under the attack of the other plate, the player of the attacking plate will be the winner.
  • The prize of this winner is the target plate.

This game seems to be simple. But there is some skills required. For example, you can fold the plate to be hollow, so that the four corners will stretch out to the ground. And this hollow plate is difficult to be turned over.

fun things to do while camping

Tips for Making Slamming Plate with Milk Box:

  • Clean the milk box. Cut it from the four corners by scissors, to make the milk box in the shape of four strips.
  • Fold each strip into the center of the milk box in the angle of 45°.
  • Then fold every two pieces together. Cut off the useless parts.

5. Shuttlecock Kick

Don’t worry about how to make camping fun. Shuttlecock kicking is one kind of good games. What we need to do is just to kick the shuttlecock. Both the young and the old can take part in this game. And you play it indoor or outdoor.

By raising your leg, bouncing, bending and turning the body, series of movements, each body part will have full training. At the same time, it could enhance the suppleness of each joint and the flexibility of the body.

The way to make a shuttlecock is also very easy. In the camping areas, you can see many DIY shuttlecocks made by the bottle caps and plastic bags.

how to kick the shuttlecock

Tips for How to Make a Shuttlecock:

  • Cut the plastic bag from the sealing part.
  • Put one or two coins in the center of the plastic bag. Then roll up the plastic bag, together with the coin.
  • Half fold the rolling of the plastic bag. Tie the plastic bag tightly with a rope at the position of the coin.
  • Cut the plastic bag into thin strips.

6. Mini Tohu Game

Tohu is one traditional game in Asia. When you are in the game of Tohu, you will be divided into two groups. Each set, everyone has four arrows.

Rules for Tohu:

  • Throw the arrows in the distance of one to two meters away from the pot named Hu. If you successfully throw one arrow into the Hu, you will have one score. If you failed to throw the arrow into the pot, you have no scores.
  • The game will be carried on in turns between the two groups. The group with higher scores will win the game. Usually, there are three sets of the game. And the winning group should win at least two sets of the game.

Tips for Making the Tohu Pot and the Arrows:

  • Prepare one big paper cup, wood chopsticks, and metal bottle caps.
  • Cover one end of the chopstick with the metal bottle cap.
  • The other end of the chopstick could be used to stick a paper as a flag.

7. Making a Windmill

When you are going camping, you are having a close distance with nature. Besides the amusement facilities in the camping areas, we can also make some DIY toys for our kids. The ways to make a windmill is very simple. It is very popular among kids.

Tips for Making a Windmill with a Paper Cup:

  • Cut the wall of the paper cup evenly into several strips.
  • Fold these strips outside of the cup center.
  • Drill a small hole in the bottom. Then insert one chopstick into the hole. Fix the chopstick by a nail.

8. Making the Sugar Painting in Your Memory

Sugar painting is a kind of traditional snack. And it also belongs to the traditional art. It is mainly to make kinds of paint by the sugar.

The main materials of sugar is brown sugar, white sugar and some maltose. Then heat the sugar materials by the oven until it becomes wire drawing. Now you can paint by the heated sugar on the plate.

Some skillful sugar painting masters can draw the paint quickly with a spoon of sugar. Then press a stick in the sugar before the curdling. So he could shovel the paint and the stick from the plate. It just looks like a lollipop.

make the sugar painting while camping

Tips of How to Make Easy Sugar Paint:

  • Put two small spoons of white sugar in the big spoon. Heat the big spoon on the oven with the gentle heat. And you need to stir the sugar in the heating with a chopstick.
  • After the melting of the white sugar, you need to stop the heating. But keep stirring the sugar in the spoon.
  • Pour the sugar material on the plate.
  • Press a mold in the sugar material for sugar paint.

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