7 Tips for Building Your Own Camping Trailer

how to build your own camping trailer

If there is limited room for your own automobile in the camping, the most used way to solve this is to build your own camping trailer.

What is a camping trailer?

In fact, the trailer was originally used to clean the waste in the gardens and carry the building materials. With the development, the trailers are popular in the camping field.

On the market, the main camping trailers are small metal trailers. They are designed by the French, and made by China or some Southeast Asian countries.

They are designed with one simple clothing covering or one plastic roof. You can put some camping facilities on the covering. And almost all the trailers have one tail board to pull out. Thanks to this tailboard, it is easier for you and me to load and unload some big and heavy goods, such as a refrigerator or big tent and so on.

If you want a high-level trailer, you can find the traditional wood made trailers. They have a wood board or plywood on the two sides. And in the bottom, there is plywood. The metal framework and the plywood will support the whole weight from the goods. This kind of camping trailer is very strong and durable. It has a long service life. Even, you can find it in the flea market.

You need to know one thing when you are going to find a good camping trailer used on sale. That if you find one old camping trailer. The master says he just used once or twice, but there is no maintenance for it. It may be not a good camping trailer for you, for a trailer without any maintenance is easy to drop anchor. This may destroy your whole beautiful camping trip.

We have all seen that one trailer laid on the road. And the whole family felt very depressed. If the dad had checked the wheels or the bearings before the trip, this would not have happened. So it is very important to check all the equipment of camping before the trip.

tips for put up the RV camper tent

How to build a camping trailer tent by yourself?

If it is your first time to build a camping trailer, please do not be too worried. Slow down your steps. There are many things you need to learn, however after one or two times’ DIY, you will be an expert in building a camping trailer.

We start from the step when you have opened the cover of the Jametic trailer. And you fetch out the kitchen articles. Now you are going to put up the tent on the trailer.

1. Lay the sleeping bunks.

Most camping trailers have one sleeping bunk in each side. Just lay the bunk. The bunk has the mattress and some bedding articles. If you make a careful watch in the trailer, you will find the secret of the bed. There is a spring board below. That is the reason why the bed is so comfortable. It will make you feel at home.

2. Fixate the metal legs of the bed on the ground.

Make the metal legs support the whole bed. Do not put any heavy things on the bed until the metal legs find they won right positions.

3. Build the framework of the tent.

Put up the framework with the elastic steel tubes. This framework will strain the tent canvas. The framework is retractable, which has the spring structure inside. So the framework can stretch out to each fixing point.

4. Put up the tent with the rivets.

The tents of most camping trailers will hang down to the ground. This kind of camping trailer’s tent is also hanging down to the ground. We need to fix the tent with the rivets. So the tent can own big using area.

5. Adjust the framework of the tent.

After the canvas is fixed with the rivets, the framework needs to be adjusted, so that the canvas will be in the strain. But the area for the bed is not enough for you and me. Many trailers have sunshades to add the using area. In fact, for most camping trailers, the area of the sunshades is bigger than the trailers.

And the kitchen which you fetched from the trailer can be set up beside the sunshade. After connecting to the gas tank and the water supply, you can directly make a big dinner for the kids and the family.

6. Hang up the curtains.

In the tent, you can hang up the curtains near the sleeping bunk, which can ensure your privacy. For the rest part of the camping trailer, you could put four chairs and the dinner table on it. You don’t have to worry about no seats in the rainy weather, and you could enjoy your delicious meals at the same time.

7. Make another bed.

If you don’t need the chairs or tables, you could change the rest part of the trailer into another bed for your kids.

So there is no need to squeeze all the family members into one bed. And you will have a sweet dream in a cozy sleeping environment.

If you don’t like building your own camping trailer tent, you could try the motor camping trailer or the RV to start your camping trip.

how to build your own camping trailer

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