What are the Types of the Tent?

Ridged Tent

In the past, all the tents looked the same in the apperance, if you had no careful observation. There was one support rod in either side. And another support crossed on the two rods, which turned to be a ridged roof.

Ridged tents are strong and firm, either the small single tent or the big tent for many people. They are easy to put up. So this kind of tent is still used as the firm shettle nowadays. However, the disadvantage of this tent is quite obvious. That is the space and height in the edges is not enough. Besides, the support rod stands in the gate of the tent, and stops the way. In order to solve this problem, people replace the single rod with “A”-shaped frame, and set one rod in either side of the gate. While, these adds the weight of the tent.

Af first, the rod of the ridged tent was made of the wood. To reduce the weight of the tent, people started to use bamboo. And later, some people use the metal-made rods and aluminium alloy rods. Both make the weight much heavier. Steel-made rods must be more in the weight.

Round Tent

Finally, people made soft rods. Then, round tent beame popular among the camping lovers. Flexible rods have ruled over the market since then. Bend one rod into semicircle, then make the two ends of the rod fixed on the belt which has linked through the basic of the tent. Generally, belt is one part of the groundsheet. Two flexible rods cross in the middle, to be a round and square roof. Three rods can build a hexagon roof. These edges of the tents are more vertical, which will create more space and height for the campers. Round shape type is stable in the small size. The bigger the size is, the stability will get lower. So compared with ridged type, round tent is not so stable in the performance.

Channel Tent

For the round type cannot make sure space biggest use ratio, people changed the way of using the flexible rods. They line up the rods into the channel tent.

Face to Face Tent

When round type and channel type get bigger and bigger, the designers of tent started to add some extra rooms on the basis of the initial design. This trend began in France. The central part is the activity district. At the two sides, there is one room for sleeping. The two sleeping cabins are towards one another. Thus in the French, they are described as the “face to face”. What the funny thing is that this kind of tent may be round type or the channel type. In fact, the initial face to face tent was square frame type.

Family Tent

设计The designers have come out of unprecedented and complicate designs. They make the small tents bigger and bigger, then family tent is created. Different companies will watch on the opponents’ movements. Usually, the new shape and design will appear in the first year. In the following year, it will get popularized, and bigger in the size.

Frame Tent

Not all the designs do well in different sizes. Scaling up is not always a good idea. Sometimes, the manufacturers produce large round tents, but they do bad in the stability. However, channel tents do better in performance.

Our American friends prefer to using rigid rods, especially the big size tents. They produce the square frame tents which are very popular in the Europe, and shipped across the Atlantic. Here we’d like to name them as small huts.

Flexible rods haven’t replaced all the supports. Frame types are still very hot. They use straight- bar frame with angular connectors which can create much space and height. However, this type is heavier. And it will cost more time to put up. Their advantage is that they are quite stable after they are put up.

Trailer Tent

At last, we should not forget the trailer tent, which is the most luxurious type. We will make some introduction in detail about trailer tent and folded RV.

Pretty and Small: More Tips about Small Tents

Pretty Disposable Tent

There are many kinds of tents on the market. You can go to some related shops for the disposable nice tents. The price will be no more than 10 dollars. And the couple could spend their romantic night in the summer with this tent. Little kids can also use them to spend the hot summer nights in the garden.

The Smallest Tent in the Guinness Records

With 300 dollars, you can buy the smallest tent in the Guinness Records, which is the smallest tent in the world, Terra Nova simplified laser tent. It has unbelievable small package and weight. There are support rods, rivets, and inner tents whose size is samller than one bag of candies. It could take you to the high mountain, and bring you back safely. And you are difficult to note the existence of this little tent.

Raid Tent

Actually, if you are going to buy a single-layer tent, you may find a more convienient and lighter type. It is proved that the Guiness Record is wrong. Raid Tent from Colman is the example.

If it is not limitted, you can buy a bigger one.

If you are not so strict with the weight, the choice for you is hundreds and thousands. You could not choose such extreme types.

帐篷The types of tents are so various. They differ in the quality and price. There are many tent manufactures in China. But different brands are different in the quality and design.

The difference between these brands is that if the big manufacturers care for some special customers. Do you think that the double-bed tent has two beds of the same size. No, you are wrong. Some double-bed tent may not meet the demand of equal distribution, except the relationship between the two is good enough. The rest are just for the function of common comfort.

If weight and size are not the most important factors for you to choose the tent, we will suggest you choose the tent with one or two beds more than your actual needs. For example, if you are going on the self-driving traveling, you could choose a big one. So you can fold it in the car. And take it out from the car anytime you need.

For people of two, lying in the tent with four bed must be a quite cozy thing. If you are going on a long vacation in the camping area, it will be better to choose a bigger tent.

The Design for the Porch is Useful.

The spare room can be used for storing the sundries and cooking. And good tent to a great extent depends on a good porch. The size and shape of a good porch is designed as the chamber.

Cooking in a small tent is not safe. You must not go outside for cooking when you are cold and hungry. Now, a small round roof porch will show you its value.

Some small tent users will make full use of the tarpaulin to add the space. Initially, tarpaulin is just a waterproof cloth. Nowadays, tarpaulin is specially designed for camping. It is similar with some damp cloth, very easy to use. With several rods and rivets, tarpaulin could be your shelter in the rain or under the sun. Coleman Company has made some improvement in the tarpaulin designing. It makes the tarpaulin stretch out as the tent.

In some camping areas, as Derwent Lake and RV Clubs, the small tents have their own privelidges. The camping lawn streching to the beach is all set for the small tents. It is the best position for camping. Lying in your tent, watching the sunset across the river, smelling the green air, it will be very comfortable, especially spending so little dollars. What is more, the senery the man in the thousands dollars caravan is watching, is no better than half of what you are appreciating.

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