5 Different Themes and Types of Camping ?

Special Note: Broaden our vision about camping.

There are various styles and themes for camping. Auto camping is one of the most popular types recently. When referring to camping, people will think of auto camping. However, not all camping belongs to the auto type. And don’t hold the opinion that all the camping will spend a lot of money.

In the dictionary, camping means “live in wild places by tents” or “live together with a good friend”. But both are unilateral. Modern camping has a wider meaning. For example, we can camp alone, not with others. And we could also camp in the cities, not remote forests.

We need to cast away the stereotypes of camping. Then we will find many different types of camping and themes. And we will find our most suitable camping lives by consulting the oversea media or experience by ourselves.

Camping has no fixed models, but one important thing is to open our hearts.

Choosing Your Camping Style

Many people think purchasing camping gears is the first step for camping. However, relative to buying equipment, we need to consider what is the suitable camping style for us first.

There are no fixed rules for camping. It has various types. What we should do is to ensure our own habits and situations of the camping spot. Then buying camping gear will be an easy thing for us.

After the introductory stage, you will dabble in kinds of camping styles. You could add some superior equipment after accumulating some experience.

1. Walking Camping

Recommended to beginners or some young couples who haven't got cars.

What is walking camping?

People who like outing trips also belong to the walking campers. These campers are able to throw away stereotypes. They never regard camping as a complex thing. Just with the mattress and lunch box, they are able fully to enjoy camping.

You could bring some hamburgers to a good place with public traffic tools. Go with no burdens! What a pity when it is good weather to stay at home. Avoid the noisy city center, how about a park with rivers?

Walking Camping Spot

For walking camping people, they can go at any time. Parks nearby or some mountains are all good places for them. These places are convenient to arrive and they are full of the feeling of nature. But please check if the camping spot is available to have picnics or camping before the trip.

Walking Camping Gears

Usually, walking campers will use public traffic tools. So you are better to simplify the gears. If you want to experience the feelings of camping, you could bring a waterproof cloth with pretty pictures. If it is not enough for you, prepare some portable tents and chairs.

You can wear what you are on in daily life. If you insist on putting on some outing atmosphere, bring the carabiners and wear the climbing socks. Try to hang the bottle and keys on the backpack by carabiners. And some special color outing socks will bring a bright spot for the clothes. Besides, you could prepare some gears, according to your usual habits.

  • Bring a big size backpack. It will be better if it has a pocket for a bottle.
  • Carabiners for bottles and keys.
  • Caps for shading and protecting our faces.
  • Special climbing socks and boots.
COLEMAN Awning: 
Convenient setting and operation.
COLEMAN Waterproof Picnic Mat: 
Isolate the cold air and moisture.
COLEMAN Preservation Box 5L: 
The basic function is to keep warm and cold. And the bright colors could make the atmosphere of camping more active. 
COLEMAN Vacuum Bottle: 
It can keep the drink cool or warm.

2. Backpacking Camping

What is backpacking camping?

In Europe, we usually meet many backpacking campers. The backpack they carry is bigger than themselves. There are many camping gears inside. If they are strong enough, they can even get to the remote mountains by feet where the car can’t arrive.

Sometimes, we may forget our families and friends, when we are in the hug of nature. If you want to challenge yourself to some places no one has ever been to, just try backpacking camping.

Backpacking Camping Spot

Go to the high mountain. There you can truly touch and feel the beauty of nature. If you can walk from home to the camping spot, it is the most ideal situation. However, the fact is not so easy. So I suggest you use public traffic tools first. Then walk to the camping spot.

Backpacking Camping Gears

Because we need to carry the least luggage, we should choose the equipment with strongest functionality. The shoulder pad and backrest should be strong enough. So they can stand huge sleeping bags and mattresses.

For we will walk with heavy luggage, a pair of comfortable shoes and simple clothes are necessary. And the straps will get into our shoulders. Therefore, we should choose the backpack to produce not too big burdens after a long time carrying. Some sporadic equipment is better to be put in the backpack, not hung on the backpack. Or it may hook things, leading to accidents.

  • Choose a backpack clinging to the body.
  • A pair of climbing boots are difficult to worn out.
  • Put on several thin shirts than one thick coat.
Clinging to the body most. And it can scatter the weight of the luggage. 
1.69kg light tent. It can serve two persons.
Snowpeak GigaPower Stove:
Its folding is very compact. You can put it in your pocket.
Alite Mantis Chair:
It weighs 205g. Such super light weight is able to stand 110kg.

3. Bike Camping

Recommended to people who like riding bikes or motorbikes.

What is bike camping?

Bike camping means riding a bike or motorbike to the camping spot. Our traffic forbids motorbikes riding on the expressway. Therefore, many camping spots are set in places where people can ride through the national roads. This is attractive for bike campers.

For the luggage of the motorbike or bicycle is limited, the main camping equipment for them is small and portable. The feeling of facing the wind and riding on the national road in leisure is very wonderful. Only the bike campers can experience.

Bike Camping Spot

For bikes can not ride on the expressway. So we need to choose the places that national roads can reach. Before you start to ride, check the spot by the map or navigation system.

Bike Camping Gears

You can bring more luggage than the backpack campers. But less than the auto campers. All the space for the gears is a big backpack on your back and the limited space on the motorbikes or bicycles. Thus you must choose the small and portable gears as far as possible.

Long-time of riding in the UV sunlight will hurt our skins. So we need to put on a coat with long sleeves. And the coat is able to keep warm. It is better to be thick enough. When the sunlight is strong, we should wear sunglasses.

The pendant outside of the backpack may hook other things. It even leads to serious accidents. We are better to put them in the backpack.

  • Secure Helmet can ensure your safe riding.
  • Sunglasses will keep the strong sunlight out. It secures the visions clear.
  • UV resistant sleeves and elastic leggings are also necessary for bike camping.
Snowpeak Trail Tripper 2: 
Tent designed for bike camping people.
Logos WIde Low Chair: 
Sit by crossing our legs. It is easy to place.
MSR Electric Reactor: 
High in fuel efficiency. And it is in high speed to make the water boiled.
Snowline Sense Firepot Single: 
It can be folden closely.

4. Auto Camping

Recommended to people who love to enjoy camping with family and friends.

What is auto camping?

It is the most popular camping style at the current time. Because of having a car, the number of people, camping gear scale, and camping spot will not be limited. Most of the camping gears are heavy and big in size, but they will be strong and durable. Moreover, auto camping can use electrical appliances. Therefore, it is so favored by such many people.

Auto Camping Spot

With a car, it is easy to move here and there. And you can also drive a car to the deep nature that you’ve never been in the weekdays. The ideal auto camping spots are places without traffic jams when going back and force.

Auto Camping Gears

Compared with other camping styles, auto camping has no big limits on the size of the gears and weights. However, it is not clever to put all the things you love in the car. The key to it is we need to know how to arrange these gears.

There is no need to carry the luggage or ride on the bike, facing the wind. Auto camping can bring us the wonderful outdoor life that we dreamed of. Put on the cap, shorts, and leggings. If you are afraid of getting wet, bring some spare clothes and sandals.

  • Bring the sunhat called “Indiana Jones”.
  • Take the headlamp to ensure a clear vision when in the night.
  • A portable bag for valuables.
  • A pair of leggings to keep warm and easy to move.
Coleman Wide Screen House 2: 
Supply the service for a whole family. The inner space is broad.
Kovea Slim 4 folding BBQ Table: 
We can cook and eat at this table.
Coleman slim deck Chair: 
Cozy to sit in.
Coleman Fire Spider:
We could enjoy BBQ and Dutch Oven food by it.

5. Caravan Camping

What is caravan camping?

caravan is a moving house. If you dream of having a caravan, the best way to realize it is to go caravan camping. More and more camping spots have been equipped with caravans with full functions.

It is convenient for people to use. Caravans can make people feel the camping atmosphere in a cozy and warm space. This style is especially welcomed by females.

Caravan Camping Spot

We have to go to the camping spot for the caravans. It may be a limit in the place. However, most caravan camping spots are set beside the rivers or the seas. People could fully enjoy the beautiful sceneries. If you want to experience the pleasure from the caravans, just choose the places with the latest version caravans.

Caravan Camping Gears

Generally, most caravans have well-equipped facilities. Occasionally, some places are not. We need to have a well knowing of the facilities in the caravan we booked.

People who are sensitive to use the public facilities, he can bring his own tableware and sleeping mattress. In the caravan, it has video machine. You can bring your favorite DVD or games to spend a happy time when camping.

Caravan camping has no fixed styles. Just play and enjoy everything. You can wear the clothes of your own camping style. And the flip flops can be also a good choice. They are seldom worn in other types of camping.

  • A meshed baseball cap can shade the sunlight and keep you cool.
  • Tie a big handkerchief with flower pictures, just as tying a bow tie.
  • A pair of loafers make you convenient to move.
Olukai Lanai:
Superior loafers make you feel special short boots.
Inhabitant Baseball Cap: 
There are meshes in the back. It is very cool.
Coleman comfort control:
It is a sleeping bag able to adjust the temperature.
Bright colors make you unique in the style.

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