How to Make a Fire While Camping

The Simplest Way to Make a Fire

Most camping areas have firewood for sale. But not all the areas will do this. So before camping, you need to buy some firewood on line, which is much cheaper than the wood in the camping area. Usually, the cost for the firewood is 50 – 100 yuan one night. And two nights price is 100 – 150 yuan. You could purchase the firewood based on the number of the people and the function of the fire.

Chopping the Firewood

You have to prepare the firewood first. The size of the wood needs to match the stove. If the stove you use is the mini one, you must take the ax and chopper. These tools can help you chop the wood into small pieces when you are camping. Compared with the ax, a chopper may have more functions. So don’t forget to make the chopper in the camping checklist. In general, the firewood in the camping area is huge in the size. It is difficult to be put into the mini stove.

After finish the chopping, you may need to do some seasoning of some wet firewood. Dry wood is easier to make a fire. Some new campers think it it very easy to make a fire. They imagine that there will appear the fire after putting the wood into the stove. While, the true result of their circumstances is too big smoke or no fire. Thus, it is quite necessary to make some seasoning before making a fire. Only with the dry wood, can it easily make a fire.

Nevertheless, some camping fans still love using the wet firewood. This kind of wood is difficult to make a fire. Once it makes a fire, the burning time will be longer than the dry wood.

Make a Fire for the Stove

Some guys like to use dry branches, pine leaves, or newspapers as kindling for the fire. Although this way can save the cost, it is not an easy task for the new guys.

For the new, it is a bit difficult to make a fire for the stove. Using the professional camping flamethrower as kindling is a good way. It is convenient and fast.

Actually, charcoal is also a good kindling tool. You can use the charcoal with saw dust. The effect of them will be better. Using professional camping charcoal kindling tool will be more convenient.

Tip: Way to Make a Fire with Newspapers

When you are going to make a fire with the newspapers, please use the dry newspapers. Or you can also make the paper wet first, then dry it up. The newspaper will be shrink in the size. And it is softer than before. So it is easier to make the fire.

Methods to Clean the Stove

If you don’t have a stove, you could build a stove by the branches or some firewood.

Without the stove, the heat will be transmitted to the ground after make the fire. Then it will burn the ground into black, or the vegetation on the ground will be ignited. To protect our beautiful nature, we are better to use the stove.

How to Clean the Ashes inside the Stove?

If the charcoal or firewood have a burning completely in the stove, there is no need for us to clean the ashes. If the charcoal or the firewood is too much, they will get no complete burning. There will be left a lot of ashes. Usually, we need to wait for the fire going out naturally. Then can we clean the ashes. If the time is limited, we need to turn off the fire in advance.

When turning off the fire, you need to prepare a metal bucket for the ashes. And the bucket should be with some water inside. Clip the charcoal or firewood with some sparks one by one into the bucket. Then close the cover to extinguish the sparks. Do not pour the cold water on the stove. The huge temperature variation will lead in terrible accidents.

If there are some barbecue grills on the stove, you should close the lid of the BBQ grills. Without the air, the sparks can extinguish completely.

Tip: Camping Areas Which must be No Fire

Some areas forbid to make a fire. It is because the areas may be easy to result in a forest fire. So before the camping, you must make a detailed inquiry.

Use Flame Agent, if You Are Going to Make a Fire As Other Experienced Campers.

For the new campers, make a fire in the stove is a very difficult job. If you are not lucky enough, you may spend a few hours making a fire or never finish it.

Now what you need is the flame agent. It is cheap and easy in the operation. What you need to do is to put one or two agent into the stove, then add some charcoal or firewood. At last, kindle it with the camping flamethrower. The whole progresses are simple and convenient.

You can make a fire as the experienced campers, only with the little flame agent. It is 10 – 20 a set sold on line.

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