8 Camping Kitchen Utensils list You Need

Utensils for Making Delicious Food

In the camping, cooking food takes a big part in all the DIY tasks. It is crucial for both you and I. It is one of the important standards to measure if the trip is pleasant. Nowadays, there are more and more self-driving fans. They will prepare kinds of utensils and food. After putting up the tent, the following thing must be related with food cooking.

There are many kinds of utensils. They are portable gas ovens, refrigerators, buckets, stoves, grills and kitchen utensils.

#1 Fuel Ovens for Heating the Food

Camping fuel ovens have different names and features, based on the fuels. In order to cook delicious food, you would better buy two camping ovens. One is for the rice, the other is to cook the dishes and soup. If you don’t want to buy the ovens, you can also use gas stove instead.

In quite a long time, gasoline ovens are popular among the campers. In some fishing tool stores, you will find this kind of oven. It gets little influence from the temperature and air pressure. And the flame power is strong and the structure is simple. It is difficult to go wrong.

Fuel ovens have many specifications, according to the different fuels. Butane oven is cheaper than gasoline, and the using method is easier as well. It is easy for clearance of goods and carrying. While, gasoline oven is more favored by winter camping fans.

Tips for Dealing with Waste Fuel Ovens

Opening the waste fuel ovens may result in heavy accidents. So when you are going to discard waste ovens, you are better to open the bottom of the oven. The rest gas will get out. Then you can throw the oven into the rubbish bag.

Camper Saying: Troubles from Buying Fuel Ovens

I was planned to buy a fuel oven of the brand KOVEA. After a careful searching on the shopping websites, I found the same brand products will have different functions and prices. There are many types. I am really confused to decide which one is the most suitable.

The oven with the highest price is one auto ignition fuel oven. The material is titanium. The medium price product is titanium-made manual ignition oven. The cheapest is stainless steel oven. It is not heavy, but it cannot auto ignited. You need ignite it by yourself.

After the comparison from many aspects, I bought “No. 56 Camping Titanium Fuel Oven” finally. It is not big in the size, and easy to carry. After using it some time, it is very satisfying.

Camper Saying: Reliable Camping Utensil——– Gasoline Oven

I have one gasoline oven. It was sent from my dad when I was still a student. It has been 10 years since the first time I used it. It has never went wrong. And the method for using is also very simple.

Its biggest feature is the flame power is big. I still remember I usually use it to cook and warm, just because its flame is bigger and durable than other ovens.

It is easy to buy gasoline ovens. Many fishing tool stores sell them. It is totally no problem to use it for two days, if you have enough fuel prepared.

#2 Assembled Kitchen Utensils

If you have prepared the ovens and food, next is to prepare the kitchen utensils.

In camping, the best partner for portable fuel oven is assembled kitchen utensils. Although you could take some utensils from your kitchen, it is better to take some utensils with the matched size to the portable ovens.

Usually, kitchen utensil material is aluminum. It is light and easy to clean. Recently, it appears series of stainless steel kitchen utensils. However, they are expensive in the price, and heave in the weight.

According to the prices, kitchen utensils can be divided into soft plastic material, hard plastic material, ceramic material and stainless steel material. What I am using now is hard plastic kitchen utensils. They are cheap, durable and light.

Actually, you could also purchase some utensils by sets. The price for sets will be cheaper.

Tip for Portable Fire Extinguisher

Properly using fire can help you to finish cooking. But if there is something goes wrong, the fire also will lead to big damages. So it is safer to carry one portable fire extinguisher.

#3 Refrigerator for Keeping the Food Fresh

Camping portable refrigerator can be used in winter. And in spring and autumn you can also use it to keep the food. Thus portable refrigerator is one of the gear you can’t forget to take. It will affect your camping quality directly.

Portable refrigerators have two types. They are hard type and soft type. Hard type refrigerator is hard in the material. And you can put some other things on the refrigerator. While soft type refrigerator is soft in the material. After fetching food out of the refrigerator, you need to fold it. And the frozen function of the soft type is worse than the hard type.

If the camping time of one family with 3 people is 2 days and 1 night, it is suggested use portable refrigerator with size of 40 L -50 L. If it is 3 days and 2 nights, you are better to buy the size of 50 L – 60 L. In fact, the size of 20 L -30 L is very nice. It is small, but easy to take.

Some camping fans think choosing portable refrigerator is a troublesome thing. Actually, if you have make sure how many people and how much food you take, then choosing the refrigerator in the camping store is very easy.

Camper Saying: My favorite Portable Refrigerator

My favorite refrigerator is the assembled type of the hard and the soft. My hard type refrigerator is COLEMAN 33 QT.

33 QT can just contain two small soft type refrigerators. The two small refrigerators can help you make some classification of meat, vegetables, and fruits.

If you have 25 QT camping portable refrigerator, you could use them together. That will be very wonderful. You could not only classify the food, but also store them based on the classifications. It is convenient and healthful.

#4 Camping Kettle for Drinking Water

Camping kettle can be divided into two types. They are folding type and unfolding type. Folding type is portable and cheap. Most camping fans prefer to use it.

If you think buying portable kettle is too troublesome, you can buy a bucket. It can be 2 L or 500 ML. Make it full of water. Freeze it in the portable refrigerator. When it is needed, you could melt the ice to the water for drink directly.

#5 Campfire Party Stove

How can a camp be a camp without the campfire party? Most new campers and camping fans have affinity to campfire. People will sit around, chatting, singing and dancing. How fun it is!

Some guys may think it is not necessary to use a professional stove. They plan to heap up one with stones instead. But the progress to make a fire is very troublesome. If you have got a professional stove, there is no need to worry about the extinguishing by the big wind. And it is environmentally friendly and healthful.

Generally, the forest land forbid using stove. So you need to make sure if it is available to use it, before the camping. If it is forbidden, you can ensure whether there is some professional fire gear to take the place of the stove.

When buying the stove, you have to consider about many factors. You must think about the number of the campers, size of the stove, the price and so on. If there are a few people, you can choose a mini one. The price will be cheap. For the barbecue fans, you could choose a bigger one.

For the new campers, it is not suggested use expensive stove at the first time going camping. It is because the expensive stove has complicated functions. Once it can’t work, you may not repair it by yourself. So the first time, you can buy a cheap one. If it goes wrong, you can throw it away without any pities, for it is a cheap one.

After using it, please clean it after all the ashes cool completely. Do not pour the cold water onto it for cooling. This will make the ashes splash out for the huge temperature variation.

If you barbecue on it, please clean the grease inside carefully, after the using.

When clean the stove at home, you can add some soda ash in the warm water. It can remote the dirt more easily. The best way to clean the stove is to use the cotton brush. It will not scratch the surface of the stove. And it could clean the dirt thoroughly.

#6 Versatile Grills

Grills are tools for holding food on the stove. The best material is stainless steel. Its service life is longer. You can buy it in the supermarket with a few dollars.

#7 Barbecue for Delicious Roast

If you want to enjoy the delicious roast, you must use barbecue with mesh. Professional BBQ grills will make the roast more yummy. And you can choose professional BBQ charcoal or butane. People using charcoal are in the majority.

While, most BBQ grill are heavy and huge. It is difficult to put them in the car. The mini BBQ grill for 2 or 3 persons can be carried by the car, but it is not big enough. So if your car can not contain this kind of grill, it is suggested not buy it.

#8 Dutch Oven for Kinds of Food

Dutch oven is one of the cookwares. And it is one of the camping cookwares loved by most camping fans recently. The pot and the cover are made by iron. It seals well. Many people use it too roast, stem and boil kinds of food. It is suitable for roast chicken, roast and some food which will take a long cooking time.

When you are going to buy a Dutch Oven, the first thing is to check the sealing of the pot and the lid.

In order to avoid the rusting, you need to do a seasoning for all parts of the oven. The maintaining and seasoning are better finished before the the using of the Dutch oven.

Do not use the cleaning tool made of metal, when you are cleaning the pot. And it is not forbidden to pour cold water into the heated pot, either. The late maintenance of the Dutch oven is a bit complicate.

The material of Dutch oven is hard and difficult to carry. Moreover, the way of maintenance is complicate. So it doesn’t suit for new campers. For new guys, choosing a portable, mini pot is smarter.

Methods of Seasoning

Seasoning是干燥的意思,在这里是为了防止露营用过生锈而做的一种保养工作。Seasoning means drying up. It is a kind of maintenance job resisting to rusting.

  • 1.Pour some water into the Dutch pot or mini pot. Turn off the fire until it is boiled.
  • 2.After the hot water gets a bit cool, clean the pot with cotton brush in the detergent. Please do not use the metal tool for the cleaning.
  • 3.After then, wash it. Heat the pot to remote the water inside.
  • 4.Paste olive oil on the pot.
  • 5.Heat the pot again. Then turn off the fire. Wipe off the grease in the pot. Take care of your hands. Do not hurt yourself, for the pot is very hot at the moment.
  • 6.In order to remote the smell of cast iron, you can stir fry vegetables in the pot. Adding some onions or celery will be better.
  • 7.Then get the vegetables out of the pot. Wipe off the grease. Paste olive oil on the pot. Heat it again.
  • 8.You need to paste the cover too. The heat them. Wipe off the oil in the oven. Paste another layer of olive oil again. Finally, you finish the seasoning.

#9 Other Necessary Camping Kitchen Utensils

Besides the utensils above, there are still many convenient and practical camping gears for cooking.

1. Camping Table

Although, food in camping can’t match with food at home. As long as all of your food and cooking utensils are prepared, you will also create delicious food in the wild. One camping table can help you solve the problem of putting the cookwares and dishes.

Camping table is small in the size, light in the weight. And it is portable. You can put some dishes and utensils, and you could read on it.

Recently, there is a new designed camping table. It assembles the practicability and the appearance. Of course, the price differs according to the materials and sizes. Aluminium camping table for 2 persons and bamboo camping table for 3 or 4 persons are very popular now.

2.Assistant Table, Collecting Everything

For a small family of one couple, one folding camping table is enough. If there are too much food or you are planning to do some other things with the table, you can carry an assistant table.

It can enlarge your cooking space. You can put anything on the table.

There are folding table for the cookware, camping table for larger space and camping table with collecting bags. Now, camping table which can fold into 2 or 4 pieces is very hot-selling.

Camping tables with assistant table are also various in the types. For new campers, you need to buy one table just suitable for the camping.

The main function of the camping table is to cook for the first time. Then you can add some assistant folding tables gradually.

3. Practical Cleaning Bucket

Cleaning bucket is not in the necessities camping checklist. But it will be convenient, if you wash the cookware in it. Cleaning Bucket is suitable for a group, especially when there are many food and cookwares.

If you have no bucket, you can also wash a small cookware in a bigger cookware.

4.Drying Net, A Necessity for Camping in Summer

With the drying net, you can season your cookware soon. And you can also put some food or light thing on it. The drying net can be folded. And it is small in the size and portable to carry.

5.Portable Flavor Box

At the first time for camping, you must spend much time in putting up tent, making a fire and having the dinner.

When you get familiar with the camping, the time for tent, fire, cook and dinner will be shorten greatly. You will have a lot of time of thinking about how to make the food more delicious. Making delicious food can’t leave kinds of flavors. Now your portable flavor box can play its role here.

It is very popular on the market. If you do not have any flavor box, you can also use some little glass bottles or plastic bottles instead.

6.Camping Cookwares

You have delicious food. You can’t not lack the cookwares to enjoy the food. The main kitchen cookwares include knife, cutting board, scissors, tweezers, spoon, and spatula.

It is not necessary to buy the professional camping cookwares. You can use the cookwares taken from your kitchen.

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