Tips for First Time Family Camping

Maybe it is hard for you and your family to carry on your first camping trip. While, when all the family members try their best, and help each other for one thing, you will find the first camping trip with family is worth all the effort you have done. It will be the most pleasant trip that you will never forget.

Tips 1: Do What You Are Good at.

In camping, doing the things that you are not good at, or you have never done before, may lead in many unexpected situations. Camping not mean to make a person undertake the whole work. Only all the members work together, help each other, can they enjoy the fun from the camping. Thus, it is a correct choice to do what you are good at.

Moms don’t take cooking in camping is the expand business of the housework at home. Cooking in camping needs the assistance from your kids and your husbands. Daddies, you should be responsible for putting up the tents, making a fire and so on. Kids, you can be a little assistant of your daddy or your mom. Do something you are able to do.

Tips 2: Not All the First Times Are Perfect.

There is no need to prepare many complex gears for the first time. Some basic equipment and the tools your family may use are enough.

Before camping, you can buy some cheap but practical camping gears. Then with the increasing of the proficiency to the camping, you can change some camping gears or add some new ones. In this progress, you will find the charm of camping gradually.

Tip 3: Buy Suitable Camping Gears Based on Your Economic Conditions.

Are you excited in the famous camping stores? The superior and pretty camping equipment are so attractive and cute. Although these big brands equipment is good in the material and wide in the applications, the price is not any low at all. For new campers, it is better to buy them according to the actual economic conditions.

Someone may be hot-headed, and buy a huge tent with a living room, but not a family tent for four. He spends a few hours building the huge tent, because of lacking experience. Finally, he finishes putting up the tent, but it is totally not the tent in the instruction. As a beginner, you could imagine how regretful he must be.

For the beginners, it is not an easy thing for building a tent or making a fire. So it is better to buy the gears you can hold. The equipment with multiple functions and complex parts will take you large time. Just imagine. Each time you go camping, you need to spend much time in assembling the gears. Besides these jobs, you have to make the fire, cook the meals and so on. There are series of things waiting for you. So will you retreat before starting the camping?

Thus, buy some simple and practical camping gears. It will make the camping one of your splendid memories. And you will experience the fun from camping with your family and friends.

Tip 4: Following to the Nature, Enjoying the Trip

Camping is one of the outdoor activities. A successful camping trip is also influenced by the weather. Some camping fans have been qualified with the ability to adapt to the changes of the weather. However, most beginners don’t have such an ability. Even if it is a rare outing camping, when meeting bad weather, please do not force yourself to insist. The best way is to follow to the nature, and give up this camping.

For beginners, assembling the equipment may have spent a lot of time. If you meet the rainy weather or other bad situations, you will be frustrated. You may even think about never going camping then. When the day for camping is rainy or some bad weather, it is better for you to stay at home or choose some camping areas with complete and convenient facilities.

Tip 5: Beginners, Do NOT Camp in Remote Places.

Many people prefer to the places which are some quiet, remote with few people and complete facilities at their first camping trip.

These places are good. They are quiet, and have good facilities. But for beginners, it is better to choose places close from your home.

It is because the remote camping areas may need you to take a few hours to arrive there. Then you have to take some time to assemble the gears, make the fire and cook the camping meals. After finishing these series of things, you find it is the sunset. But you haven’t enjoyed the pleasure and relaxed in the beautiful nature yet. Usually, most camping places have mountains. So the sunset happens earlier in these districts than cities.

Moreover, after the camping, you have to cost large of time to organize the equipment and clean the place. If there is a traffic jam on your way back home, I’m afraid that you can’t arrive home until two or three hours later. If so, what the camping brings to you is exhaustion and pressure, but not relax and pleasure.

Tedious Cooking Meals May Make You More Tired.

I just wanna say, tedious cooking meals may make you more tired. For example, camping BBQ, you need to prepare many materials, such as grills, charcoal, meat, beef, and kinds of vegetables.
If you choose to take some food which is easy to store in the camping, it maybe easy for the cooking meal. You don’t have to prepare many cookwares. Give up BBQ. You can save a lot of time in making a fire and roasting. And you could have more time to experience the nature and relax. What is more, you can save a lot of cost.

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