How to Keep Your Tent Clean while Camping

No matter what is your tent material, cotton or man-made materials, you must keep them clean and tidy.

Sometimes, we need to make a full cleaning job on the tent. But this job is not favored by everyone. If it has become a good habit and got a well practice, you will make your tent clean for a long time.

Then how to keep your tent clean while camping?

Laying a Plastic Cloth

The best way is to lay a cheap plastic cloth under the tent. Plastic cloth can keep the soil stick to the waterproof cloth. And after camping, you could collect it for next use. And you can also put a little plastic cloth at the gate or the position where are for your dirty boots, wet clothes or wet backpack. It will make your tent away from the soils from the boots or clothes.

Preparing a Small Bag for Little Parts

Using plastic cloth to keep the tent clean is really a good habit we need to learn. Another good habit we need do is to put all the spare rivets, clamps, and kinds of little parts in one small bag. And clean them before the using. Put the little bag on the clean and convenient position. Therefore, it will bring much convenience for camping.

Precise Plans Avoiding the Flying Soil

Most soil are stuck to the tent when we are putting up the tent or collecting it. Especially, when at the muddy camping places, it is easy to get dirty. And the dirty tent is easy to become damp. In fact the filth is dangerous mold. They will make the tent look dirty. And they will damage the tent cloth. Some in some serious situations, the mold will make tent useless.

In order to keep the tent in the best state, and avoid any damages, you must plan to use it. Precisely plan what to do next. And consider how to keep your tent clean while camping in the whole progresses.

Tear Down the Tent When It Is Dry

You need to take down the tent when is tis dry. While, there are some exceptions. We must have experienced many. We have to tear down the tent in heavy rains. What can we do? Try our best to shake as much as possible rains from the tent. Then wipe it clean with a dry towel.

Clean the Splashing Mud or Bird Droppings

Now we talk about how to clean the splashing mud and bird droppings. If it has been dried, you need to use the nailbrush. If it is not dry, just use a small brush with water to clean it.

In some extreme difficult situations, you have to use a bit pure soap or specialized detergent. But we all know, even it is a bit detergent, it may lead your tent lose the function of waterproofing forever.

Make All the Work in Order

If these tiny jobs are finished, you can get the tent and supporting poles out from the pack. And put them on the plastic cloth. Make the rivet bag in the place where you can find. Thus, all the people will know all the places for the tools.

When you are going to tear down the tent, keep the waterproof cloth clean. Put the inner tent and the clothe into the bag. Then make sure you have got all the rivets off. Clean the rivets and put them into the rivet pack.

Rivets are easy to be lost. You may think of it only when it is stepped by your feet. What is the worst, that is you forget it on the tent. It will break the tent cloth.

Now, open one rope for one time. Roll all the ropes tidily. And get off the rivets. Clean them. Then put the rivets into bag. When pull the rope, the outer tent will fall on the ground. Please don’t make the soil splashed on it.

Keep the Tent Dry and Season It in Time

If you have got all the work in order, you will find almost all the things are able to be done under the outer tent and on the plastic cloth. If the tent is dry and ventilated, you can fold it in the bag. If it is a bit wet, you need to do one more job. If your car have some more space, you can put the tent on the luggage box or the backseat for seasoning.

If the situations are limited, you have to collect the wet tent first. And dry it after arriving at home. Don’t forget it. Wet tent will go moldy in several days. It will result in irrevocable damages.

Hang the tent for drying. If it is permitted, you can dry it indoor. After ensuring the tent has got complete dry, you can fold it in the closet.

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