How to Choose A Good Camping Tent?

It is difficult to imagine that there are more than 1,000 types of camping tent on British market. When you take part in the outdoor camping exhibition, you may be more astonished.

The tents are various in the types and styles. There are ridge roof tent, dome tent, channel tent, frame tent and so on. They are with different designs and materials. Some of them are equipped with the most popular colors or the most advanced technologies.

Therefore, how to choose a good camping tent? In this article, you will get to know various shapes of tents and their advantages and disadvantages. What you need to do is to find out which one is the suitable for you.

Choosing Tent

For campers, choosing a suitable tent is very important. Here we will list some basic questions. You need to find the answers by yourself. Thus you will pick out the perfect tent in your mind.

How Big Is the suitable Tent?

The size of the tent is decided by the number of the people in the tent. It sounds like the difference between the two beds from ten beds. In fact, it is totally not. So please spend more effort on tent choosing.

In addition, your tent is not only used for sleeping, it can be used for many other functions. For years’ experience, we find the tent with four beds is suitable for two adults. While a wider tent suits for a familiy with kids. When the kids find they have their own beds, they will be much happier.

But don’t hurry to choose a big one. The bigger the tent is, the more difficult it is to put up it. And it will take up more space.

Sometimes, some beginners perfers to buy some big and cheap tents. They thought they have made a great bargain with little money to buy big products. Later, they camp in the big tents, only to find they can use just a half space.

The size of the tent also effect the weight of it. Some huge tent is very heavy. No matter if you are backpacking, driving or using the camping trailer, please make sure you have no troubles in carrying your huge tent. And you should also consider the packing size of the tent. Some tent will be very big after folding. It may take up the space of one or two bags.

The most crucial aspect of the size is to affect the height and the space. People are not able to stand in the small size tent. So if we can stand up in the morning, even it is just to put on our trousers, it is also a good thing. If it is available, set up the tent frame to check the height. Please don’t just judge by the pictures.

Why Does the Tent Have Two Layers of Fabrics?

Not all the tents have two layers of fabrics Some portable tent only has one layer. Some big tents may also have one layer. For people who camping with family, all the formal tents have two layers. You can check the interspace between the two layers. If the gap can contain one fist, it shows this is a good tent. If the two layers are close to each other, please don’t by it. This kind of tent may let out cotton.

Many small tent is set by the inner layer, then it is a layer of waterproof tent roof. While, the big tent is to set the outter layer first, then to install the inner parts. The inner layers are aiming to separate the space inside.

Today, most tents have a waterproof cloth. In small ones, this cloth will cover the whole bottom. In the big ones, each separated room has its own waterproof cloth.

And don’t forget the intensity of the waterproof cloth. For good materials, each corner of the cloth will stand to make the whole bottom resisting to the water.

What the Shape of the Tent Should Be?

Shapes for tents are very important. It can be round, in channels, or cabins. Some could be in frames, or the mixture of several types.

What Should Be the Materials of the Tent?

It can be nylon, canvas or PET. The pole can be made of aluminum or composite materials.

One thing we must note is that, some tents are made by many kinds of materials. This will influence its price and characteristics.

Problems from Doors and Windows

Ventilation of the tent is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to check the doors and windows carefully. Some doors can be used to prevent the wind. Some are also used as the roofs. These can bring you extra shading space. They could be idea cooking places.

Check the zips of the door. Good tent will have two zippers. Thus you could pull it from the upside or from the bottom. When you are checking it, you can roll up the door and fix it. Some tents have porches. Then you can make full use of the space of porch.

Now let’s see the windows. Windows need to be with light penetration and ventilation. If it is with mosquito net, it will be better. Thus, you will not be biten by the insects, even though the windows are open widely. In the warm nights, you must open the windows. Then you must make sure you have equipped with mosquito nets.

If it is available, you are better to watch the experts building the tents. Then try it by yourself. Learning about how the tent is designed and produced is also a great job. Before making the decisions, consult the salesman for help, even though you can not always see the tent you choose being set up.

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