How to Choose the Perfect Campsite

Even though the campsite is beautiful with complete facilities, it is too far away from the home. It is will spend us too much time on the road. This will make people tired and exhausted. Especially the camp with kids, it is more necessary to choose a campsite nearer to your home. The campsite should be convenient in the traffic. So the question is how to choose the perfect campsite?

Make Sure All the Campsites and Amenities Near the House.

If it is summer, you need to ensure if the campsite has water district for playing first. And you should get to know if there are other tourist sites along the route. Does the campsite have the tree shades and power supplies? Can it support the sunshade? One more important thing, you must get to ensure if the facilities in the campsite match your camping gear.

If you are camping with the kids, you need to make sure if there are children playgrounds. And does the children ground need to buy the tickets in advance or reservation.

Get to Know the Diversified Campsites on Line or Make a Consultation.

Most campsite are similar in amenities. They are the site for the tents, toilets, shower rooms, washing sink and so on. Different positions and scales lead to different campsite conditions.

For example, the campsites have two kinds for car parking. One is to park the car besides the tent you put up. The other is to park in the public parking lot.

It is diversified in the running mode and the composition. Thus please search the related information on line or make a call for consultation.

1 Campsite Ground

Soil Ground

The most natural ground state is soil. Stepping on the soft soil, it seems to be melted in warm hug from the nature. The soft soil is easy for you to put up the tent. However, if it is rainy, the ground will soil your shoes, clothes and the tent.

Wood Ground

That is made by manual wood. It is flat and clean. You don’t have to worry about your tent will get soiled. The material of this kind of wood ground is different. It will bring you a totally different and wonderful experience.

While some wood ground will wear the tent, which may reduce the service life of the tent. Some wood may bring bad influence to the health of people.

There are two kinds of wood for the campsite ground. One has got through the processing of CCA corrosion-proof. It has heavy metallic compound. The other is ACQ corrosion-proof wood. It is environmentally friendly. Most campsites hardly mark the materials of the wood. So it is difficult to identify.

Another disadvantage of the wood ground is that it has a limitation for the size of the tent. It is because the size of the wood-made ground is fixed. There is no enough space to build a huge tent.

Iron Ore Ground

This ground is welcomed by some camping fans. The tent will not be smeared by soil. And you don’t worry about the muddy drops soil your shoes and socks when it rains.

While it has some disadvantages too. Walking on the iron ore ground will result in some noises. And it is difficult to clean the rubbishes such as fallen leaves.

Recently, some campsites use some little stones as the ground. These little stones make little noise. And it is easy for cleaning.

Lawn Ground

Compared with the wood and iron ore, the lawn ground is more soft. It the ground that I want to recommend to you. But long time service will damage the lawn. In order to protect the environment, please take care of the lawn when camping.

2 Personal Parking Lot VS. Public Parking Lot

As I have introduced above, there are two kinds of parking lots. One is personal, the other is public. You can park the car besides your tent. Or you park the car far away in the public parking lot.

So if you want to park the car nearer, of course, you need to choose the personal parking.

There are still many camping fans prefer to use public parking lot. They would like to stay away from the vehicle noises.

3 Washing Rooms in Campsites

Most campsites have public washing rooms. Some sinks are near to other amenities. You could choose camp near the amenities.

According to my experience, though there are many washing rooms in the campsite, the cleanest one with the most complete facilities are near the amenities.

Camping with family and kids is better to choose the places near the amenities and washing rooms.

4 Shower Rooms near the Amenities

Shower rooms are usually set together with washing rooms. Same with the washing rooms, the best shower rooms are also nearby the amenities. Most shower room sizes are no bigger than the washing rooms.

5 Only with Convenient Washing Sinks, can Camping Cooking Go on Wheels.

Without washing sinks, cooking and washing the dishes will become big problems. Most washing sinks are set outdoors. Only a few will be set indoors.

If you camp with the family and kids, you are better to choose the campsites with indoor washing sinks and clean environment.

6 Ensure the Goods in the Campsite Supermarkets.

Most campsite supermarkets only sell some fruits, drinks and snacks. A few of them add some stores for selling charcoal, fuel stoves and firewood. If it is your first time for camping, you need to ensure the goods sold in the campsite supermarkets.

If you are going to camp in winter, no complete cold prevention measures will be very troublesome.

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