What Camping Skills does One Need to Have

Camping isn’t like our daily life. We need to learn using new equipment in the circumstances which you are not familiar with. It is necessary to know some camping skills. They are not difficult. Everyone can learn it well. But if you don’t know these skills, you may suffer much in camping. Getting familiar with these skills is also one of the lessons the beginners must learn.

1. Methods of Knotting

You may easily put up the tent and the tarpaulin without the skill of knotting. It is because you have advanced equipment. But sometimes, your advanced equipment may not help. Now you have to know the methods of knotting. There are four ways of knotting.

Overhand Loop Knot

It is the basic way of knotting. It is mainly used for the last step of knot. Fold one rope into two pieces. Then knot the two ends. It suits to the fixing of the tarpaulin and the tent.

Tarbuck Knot

This way is used when you are going to bind one thing onto the rope. You can adjust the length of the rope freely. It is quite convenient. Usually, people will use it when they are setting up the tent and the tarpaulin. While, recently, it is replaced by the tiecord stopper.

Bowline Knot

This method is mainly to bind the rope on the tree or rocks. It is firm and secure. But the length of the rope is difficult to adjust, after the knotting. So when you are setting the tarpaulin or clothesline, you can use bowline knot in the one end, tarbuck knot in the other.

Fisherman’s knot

It is used to bind two ropes together. When you strain the rope, the knot will be more secure. It can make the effect longer and more secure.

2. Learn How to Make a Fire When Camping

Fire is one of the essential part in camping. You can keep warm, enjoy the delicious BBQ, add some romantic atmosphere in the night by fire. However, if you do not know how to make a fire, it is useless for you to prepare a lot of firewood. You may spend a lot of effort to ignite the fire. Once the charcoal or the firewood is ignited, it can keep a long time of fire. But the question is how to start a fire. After learning it, many things in the camping will be much easier.

Making a Fire for the Campfire

Put the charcoal in the stove. Then put a layer of paper or bits of wood which are easy to get burned. After that, put some charcoal or firewood on the paper. Ignite the bottom charcoal by igniter. Then fan the fire. So the flame will transmit to other firewood or charcoal.

Recently, there is a kind of new charcoal. It contains fast burning coal. This charcoal is easy to be ignited by the lighter. And you can buy it in the supermarket or the camping equipment stores. When you are using this charcoal to make the fire. You can put it in the bottom of the stove. Then put some other charcoal on it. Ignite the fast burning coal. There comes the fire.

Camper Saying

Most the firewood you picked from the camping places are wet. They are too wet to make a fire. You need to dry up the wood before using. Put them nearby the ignited stoves. The heat from the stove can make the wood dry soon. These wood will be ignited soon. And they will produce less smoke.

3. Methods to Deal with Emergencies.

Emergencies usually happen in the camping. Most of these will be fine if they get a well dealing with. So when you are going camping, please take the emergency case. And you need to learn some skills for the emergency. And take some medical treatment in a relatively healthful environment. After the emergency processing, you must to send the patient safely as soon as possible to the hospital nearby.

Injury, Sprain and Fracture

It happens occasionally that some guys are injured by the ropes in the camping places. While this injured wound may result in big emergency. The patient may get a sprain or fracture. If there is some bruise on some part, and the patient can stand the pain, it means it is a slight injury.

If it is extremely painful, the wound may be sprain or fracture. You need to use cold compress on the wound. And fix the wound. Then send the patient to the hospital nearby for a deeper expectation.

Abrade, Cut and Puncture

The size of the wound and the things cause the wound are very important. If the wound is caused by stainless steel or aluminium, some metal material, it is in the risk of tetanus. You must wash the wound with clean water as soon as possible. After stopping the bleeding, send the patient to the hospital.

Remember do not wash the wound with the water from the river. It is very dangerous to use the river. If you have iodine or some disinfectant, you can apply some on the wound. If there is no running water, you can press the wound gently by clean cloth.

If it is puncture wound caused by sharp article, you need to remote the sharp article in the body. If it is difficult to remote the article, you should disinfect the wound lightly and stop the bleeding. Then send the patient to the hospital.

Burn Wound

In order to avoid the accidents, you need to set the stove and fire safely. And watch carefully if there are kids running around.

There are some folk cues to deal with the burn. They use liqueur, potatoes, and sauces. But these may lead to secondary infection. So they are not suggested.

You need to wash the wound with clean cool water or disinfection. Then send the patient to the hospital soon. Do not put the ice on the wound directly. And do not prick the bubbles, either. The wound may leave a scar. So don’t deal with it casually. After a simple treatment, sending the patient to the hospital as soon as possible is the most important thing.

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