Rollerblades vs Skateboard: What’s the difference?

is rollerblading or skateboarding easier?

Rollerblading and skateboarding are two highly engaging sports with a lot of similarities in the techniques in which they are practiced and a world of differences in the tools used. Due to the many similarities, beginners might get confused about what they entail and what benefits they offer. Are you an enthusiast of either rollerblading or skateboarding? Or maybe are you someone who has just begun developing an interest in either. This article aims at presenting both the similarities and the differences of the sports in a manner that will give you clarity on which sport to pursue.

A Detailed Perspective on the Skateboard – What is it?

which is more dangerous skateboarding or rollerblading?

The skateboard is usually a narrow board with two wheels fixed on the bottom whose purpose is skateboarding. The rider usually stands on that board and propels it forward by pushing their feet against the ground. This changes when on a slope, during which the gravity naturally moves the board down the hill.

The material that makes the skateboards consist of maple wood with a polyurethane coating, which gives the board a smooth texture and enhances its durability.

What are the Merits and Demerits of Skateboards?


  • They’re more comfortable learning for new learners.
  • Riders can quickly jump off the skateboard in case they find obstacles while skating.
  • There is little to null time wastage since the rider doesn’t spend time wearing them.

Demerits of Skateboarding

  • The skateboards have no brakes, which is risky and can easily lead to accidents.
  • They are energy-consuming since the rider has to push against the ground for any motion. It even becomes more difficult to push up the hill.
  • The riding direction and the rider face different directions, which can disorient the rider from quick action during emergencies.
  • In some instances, the rider’s foot does lose its grip on the board, leading to an unexpected accident.

A Detailed Perspective on Rollerblades – What Characteristic sets it apart?

The Rollerblade usually consists of boots with wheels fixed at the bottom and are generally used for rollerblading. A skater wears them like one does the day-to-day shoes, the difference being the wheels on the bottom.

Characteristically, these boots are usually long enough and fixed to the wheels, a quality that plays crucial significance in protecting and providing support to the ankles. It is this quality that sets them apart from skateboards.

Like the skateboards, rollerblades are propelled forward by pushing forward. However, this is different since the rider does so as though they were to be walking. They have brakes and shock absorbers, unlike the skateboards.

Do Rollerblades have any Merits? What are the Demerits?

Everything has merits and demerits. Most excellent tools/items have more merits than demerits. Here is a list of Merits and Demerits of Rollerblades.


  • Ease in overcoming obstacles.
  • Rollerblades have brakes and therefore eradicate the risk of direct accident in case of emergencies.
  • Rollerblades are safer because the wheels are fixed to the boots and have brakes that enhance their control.

Demerits of Rollerblades

  • More time wasted wearing them, unlike the skateboards that one picks and gets riding.

Comparison of Benefits Accrued to Riders of Skateboards and Rollerblades

1. Which Achieves a Balanced Muscle Development?

When riding rollerblades, all body muscles are usually at work, including but not limited to legs, hands, core, and hips. Rollerblading is a full-body workout sport. On the contrary, skateboarding doesn’t confer the same benefit since only the lower body parts are engaged.

This comparison gives the rollerblades an upper hand over the skateboards since muscle development is limited to the lower body muscles. Are you looking to enhance balanced muscle development? Well, Rollerblading is the sport you should choose. Just ensure to acquire the rollerblades that satisfy your desires.

2. Aerobic Benefits Do the two sports offer any Aerobic Benefits?

Rollerblading offers more aerobic benefits than skateboarding because the sport is a full-body exercise while skateboards exercise a few body parts (lower body muscles).

Some of the benefits realized from the skateboarding and rollerblading, however, at varying intensities, include;-

·    Reduction in cholesterol levels in the body.

·    Blood sugar balance.

·    Improvement in the functioning of the lung and other body organs.

·    Reduced risk of heart-related disease and conditions.

Therefore the rollerblades offer more aerobic benefits by comparison.

3. Burning of Calories – Which Burns More Calories in the Shortest Possible Time?

At the core of most exercises is burning body calories to keep the body fit and in good health. Skateboarding and rollerblading are some of the fun activities that can enhance the realization of this significant goal. There is a different measure in how one can burn the body’s calories depending on the choice between the two.

Studies have shown that an average person burns 350 to 575 calories every hour when skateboarding, which varies highly when the same person is rollerblading. They burn approximately 573 to 2069 calories per hour.

Such a comparison ranks the rollerblades more than the skateboards, giving them more preference for individuals interested in ensuring sufficient body calories.

4. Skillset – Which does ease the rate at which one Gains Necessary Experience?

Usually, if an individual needs to engage in either rollerblading or skateboarding, he/she has to acquire some basic skills before getting started. They have to learn how to balance correctly on either tool. The person will also learn how to propel and stop.

While both require basic skills, there is more ease in maneuverability with rollerblades than with skateboards. This arises from the fact that skateboards consume more space when compared with rollerblades.

Instability is also another problem that is associated with skateboards, unlike rollerblades. Skateboard riders must step on the board with one leg while the other propels the board against the ground. This interrupts the rider’s stability from time to time and may hinder the rate at which a skateboarder learns related skills.

5. Cardiovascular Benefits – Will one get any cardiovascular benefits?

Both sports play an essential role in conferring cardiovascular-related benefits, including proper functioning of the heart, the veins, and other crucial body organs.

The level of such benefits varies to some degree since rollerblading is more engaging than skateboarding. Rollerblades are, therefore, a the-to-go-for tool for individuals to realize cardiovascular, mental, and other physiological benefits.

6. Safety on Joints – Which one is safer on your joints?


Rollerblading and skateboarding are generally categorized as low-impact aerobics sports because they are gentle on the joints. That said, rollerblading is safer than skateboarding.

Here is how:

To move a rollerblade, one needs to push their feet to the side, and the skates begin. There is, therefore, no need to have hard contact between the ground and the feet.

Moving the skateboard requires one to push against the ground, which requires energy and involves ankles and joints to extents that could injure, however, minute the injury may be. The rollerblades, therefore, become the preferable option for a person who considers total joint safety.

7. Speeds one can do – Which one does more incredible speeds?

Rollerblades generally are faster than skateboards, the result of all the factors shown above, among others. Typically, when rollerblading, a skate can reach up to 16mph. Skateboarding would realize 12mph at best.

Therefore, it is clear that rollerblades outdo skateboards in the speed riders can achieve, especially during competitions where one is open to using his /her preferred choice.

8. Surface Preferences – Which is preferable on rough surfaces?

Rollerblades are best suited for smooth surfaces. This means one can use his skates on concrete surfaces that have limited off-road skating. Rollerblades also have a disadvantage in skating on wet surfaces. One can easily trip and fall.

This is not so with skateboards which confer more versatility to the rider when skateboarding. The skater can therefore skateboard on both the road and off-road. One may also skate when it rains, one wet surface. The skateboard is, therefore, the winner in this category.

Detailed Differences between Rollerblades and Skateboards

In this excerpt, we focus on detailed differences between rollerblades and skateboards concerning seemingly similar sports. This is intended to give precision to individuals when choosing which is more suited for their sport.


On skateboards, the wheels are usually attached to the board. They are usually linked to the wheels with an axle. This is not so with rollerblades, in which case the wheels are firmly fixed on the boots.

The rollerblades enable the skaters to perform various riding tricks while wearing them on their feet without the fear of losing contact. Skateboards don’t get physically attached to the body. Skaters maintain the center of gravity while riding them. Skateboard wheels are found in varying sizes and shapes. The rollerblades are thinner and smaller.


A skateboard is usually rolled, pushed, and rolled to move. This varies from rollerblades, in which case the skater makes more movement by walking and balancing themselves on the wheels on the rollerblades. This difference in the manner of motion enhancement raises the difference in riding techniques between the two.

Another difference is how a skater balances themselves on either. For example, on the skateboard, one realizes comfort by how they position themselves on the board. This entails placing the dominant foot on the board while the other remains on the ground to balance. Rollerblades need a flat surface for one to realize balance. When there is no flat ground rollerblading is more difficult when compared to skateboarding.


Generally, one can efficiently perform different riding tricks such as jumps and flips on rollerblades than skateboards. To perform a trick in rollerblades doesn’t require involving laws of physics in one’s movements. With rollerblades, one has excellent control on their foot, making it easier than with skateboards, where one is entirely in control of their foot movement.

Performing tricks on skateboards takes a lot of practice and skill, unlike on rollerblades. Would you want to have more fun and tricks while skating? Rollerblades are a sure solution for you.



Stopping on either the rollerblades or skateboards is highly difficult at the beginning. One will have to reinforce some safety measures at the beginning. Controlling on a rollerblade involves engaging the brakes and, therefore, is more user-friendly to beginners.

Stopping on skateboards and rollerblades is different. On a skateboard, one has to place the foot on the ground till the speed slows down ultimately. This can be very risky for beginners.

From the beginning, we outlined that most people are usually in a dilemma whether to go for Skateboards or Rollerblades. We are sure that you’re as informed and prepared to make the right decision between the two tools and the sports.

An individual’s taste and preference may command one’s decision. This, however, needs one to furnish h/herself properly with the essential information.

Are you a beginner? Well, you may want to go for rollerblades for the following reasons in summary:

  • Blades have brakes, therefore safer.
  • To stop the rollerblades requires a simple skill as tilting back.
  • They are comfortable learning.
  • Rollerblades use boots, thus, supporting and protecting ankles.
  • They create a sense of lightness and freedom.
  • Straightforward to lean skating and to jump than skateboarding.

In conclusion, skating may involve different tools, including but not limited to rollerblades and skateboards; as the article details, skateboards comprise smooth boards that have wheels on the bottom. On the other hand, the rollerblades are mainly made of boots that have wheels fixed on the boot.

An individual may choose to depend on their present taste or preference. The decision has to be made in full knowledge of the use of either tool, the benefits, ease, risks, or the fun realized.

It is advisable to start by acquiring basic knowledge before using any of the tools. Afterward, it is important to ensure one rides at manageable speeds. Beginners should learn how to use the tools than learning tricks, doing high rates, and the much fun involved.

Typically, a general observation proves that rollerblades are more common than skateboards due to their safety. They have brakes, are more comfortable, protect and support the ankle. I don’t know about you, but I like to know that I will be safe and comfortable while having fun.


is rollerblading or skateboarding easier?

which is more dangerous skateboarding or rollerblading?

what burns more calories rollerblading or skateboarding?

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