Is Rollerblading Easier Than Ice Skating?

Rollerblading and ice skating are sports that have similarities because you need to wear specific shoes because of the fact that you need to develop specific skills to properly enjoy these activities. But while there are clear similarities between them, rollerblading and ice skating are still quite different as one of them is actually easier. So, in that regard, is rollerblading easier compared to ice skating?

Rollerblading is easier than ice skating. That’s because the wheels on the rollerblades are thicker than the blades of ice skates. As such, rollerblading doesn’t require as much balance as ice skating, which requires plenty of different leg and core muscles to work hard so that you can stay upright.

Despite the similarities between rollerblading and ice skating, we are definite that one of these sports is actually easier than the other. So, for you to understand why we believe that rollerblading is easier than ice skating, it is best to understand the differences between these two sports and how such differences make ice skating a more difficult activity.

Rollerblading vs. Ice Skating:The differences between rollerblading and ice skating?

There are plenty of different kinds of sports that involve wearing special footwear that will allow you to glide through the surface. One of the earliest versions of this sport is ice skating, which has roots that can be traced thousands of years back. On the other hand, rollerblading is simply one of the derivatives that were inspired by ice skating.

When you look at both rollerblading and ice skating, you would understand that there are plenty of similarities between them because of how you need to wear special footwear to enjoy the sport. On top of that, the different skills and muscles that need to be developed are pretty much similar as well.

However, there are also plenty of differences between them. So, for us to understand which between the two is the easier sport, it is important to look at the differences between rollerblading and ice skating.

The gear

The first difference between rollerblading and ice skating is the gear or the footwear that you need to wear to enjoy these sports. 

First off, rollerblading involves wearing shoes that are lined with a set of wheels. These wheels allow people to not only enjoy the sport recreationally but also use them to travel through an urban or suburban area full of smooth pavements that will allow the rollerblades to simply glide through.

Meanwhile, ice skating involves shoes that are lined with thin blades that will allow you to glide through icy surfaces. These blades are made to provide enough friction that will prevent you from sliding on an icy surface, and that is something that wheels cannot do. This is why ice skates are made using blades and not wheels.


The way the footwear of these sports are designed also makes them different in terms of the way you stop. In rollerblading, you can make use of a built-in brake in the heels that will allow you to easily stop whenever you want to. But you can also use a more skillful way of stopping by dragging your back foot or by turning your body weight to the back.

On the other hand, ice skates don’t have brakes that will allow you to easily stop your movement. Instead, what you need to do is to focus your weight on a particular section of the blade (the middle part) so that you stop your motion. As such, it is much more difficult to stop in ice skating because knowing how to shift your weight requires practice and control.


Balancing in rollerblading and ice skating has a lot to do with the construction of footwear. Because rollerblades are made with wider wheels, they are easier to balance on. As such, it is easier to learn how to maintain your balance on a pair of rollerblades. On top of that, rollerblades also have locking systems that will allow you to make sure that your feet are properly secured in place.

On the other hand, ice skating involves using a thin blade under the footwear. Imagine having to balance on shoes with a knife under each shoe. This means that keeping your balance involves knowing how to control the different leg and core muscles that allow you to stabilize your entire body while you are ice skating.


Of course, there is a huge difference in the surfaces on which you rollerblade and ice skate. Rollerblading can be done on smooth paved surfaces such as streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. And if you are skilled enough or if your rollerblades are made for such surfaces, you can even rollerblade on ice.

However, ice skating involves skating on smooth ice. Artificial ice-skating rinks are mostly used whenever it’s not winter. But some people tend to go on frozen ponds to ice skate during the winter season.


Rollerblading is a pretty comfortable experience as long as you are moving on a smooth pavement that doesn’t have plenty of bumps and obstacles along the way. In most cases, the rough terrain is what takes the comfort out of rollerblading.

However, ice skating tends to be generally comfortable because of how smooth icy surfaces are. This allows you to smoothly and comfortably glide through the ice as long as you don’t end up falling on your butt.

Is rollerblading easier than ice skating?

Now that you know the differences between rollerblading and ice skating, it is now easier to make an informed decision regarding which between the two is easier.

In that regard, rollerblading is by far the easier activity of the two. That’s because rollerblades are simply easier to balance on compared to ice skates. This fact alone is already enough to make rollerblading easier.

However, there are also other factors that make rollerblading easier. Stopping in rollerblading is easier because you only need to use the brakes or to make shifty movements to stop moving. But ice skating requires that you master the art of shifting your weight so that you will stop moving.

Of course, because rollerblading tends to be an all-season activity, it is easier to learn it compared to ice skating, which can only be done on ice-skating rinks or on frozen bodies of water during winter.

All that said, rollerblading is certainly the easier sport to master. That’s why, if you want to learn how to ice skate, learning how to balance yourself on a pair of rollerblades could be a good start for you.


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