Rollerblades vs Roller Skates: Which is Better?

Skating is an enjoyable sport, and this is regardless of the kind of skates you have opted for. Sadly enough, most individuals struggle to understand that roller skates aren’t the same as rollerblades and vice versa.

Because you need the right skating gear for a fun skating experience, it is crucial to understand this difference and then decide what works best for you. In this article, we will discuss the difference between roller-skates and rollerblades, and attempt to understand what works best for your preferred skating style.

So, if you wanted to know which one wins when it comes to a Roller Skates Vs Rollerblades battle, here’s everything you need to know.

Which is better?

While both roller-skating and rollerblading are excellent feats, they are designed for specific and differing requirements. Because roller-skates are easy to maneuver, they are often a top choice for young kids who don’t yet have proper and well-developed muscles. Because skating involves extended periods of standing, you would want something that makes way for easier use, and roller skates can be a top option in this category.

However, if you are a teenager or an adult, you might prefer rollerblades more. Why? Because, unlike roller-skates, this gear tends to move faster along in-lines. So, if you care about speed and want to move faster, this is one of your ideal gears.

In the following few sections, we will discuss more about roller-skates and roller boards. So, if you are still trying to figure out what works better for you, here are some pointers to get you started.

What are rollerblades and roller-skates?

Alternatively known as inline skates, rollerblades are definitive skating gear that features a single frame covering the entire sole. Unlike roller-skates, this frame is extremely sturdy and can thus support multiple wheels.

Usually, rollerblades feature a minimum of three wheels and a maximum of five wheels. For enhanced and more consistent safety, these devices also feature a brake that is located at the posterior part of the frame. Thanks to this brake, the device can be maneuvered better, and you get complete control in the moments you want to stop. However, more advanced variants of these rollerblades do not come with the brake. That is why you should only operate the device when you are fully comfortable with it.

At this point, you are probably wondering how roller-skates work and their specific differences with rollerblades. Even though both the gears are devised for the same sport, they have a major difference in wheel placement.

Unlike rollerblades that come with inline skates featuring a solid, single frame with an entire stretch of wheels, this gear features two dedicated trucks/hangars that are positioned horizontally. While one of them is located around the toe, the other one can be accessed from the heel.

Every hangar can support two wheels that are positioned simply, along the left- and right-hand parts of the skater. These boots also come with varying degrees of hardness and softness. What’s more, you can choose from high, moderate, and low-top boots.

The final and the biggest difference is related to the wheel pattern. Unlike the wheels in roller skates, the rollerblades wheels tend to be less wide. While roller-skates may be small when it comes to diameter, they still offer ample space and support unlike the rollerblades, which is also the reason it is chosen by youngsters.

Benefits of using a rollerblade

At this point, you are probably wondering what the specific benefits are related to using rollerblades. In this section, we will clarify that doubt and discuss all about the way rollerblades help you.


One of the biggest highlights of rollerblades is that it is extremely quick. Because the diameter of the wheels is exceptionally wide, you can easily cover large distances in the shortest of times. Thanks to these large sets of wheels, your rides are also a tad smoother regardless of the type of surface. This is one of the main reasons why people choose rollerblades for regular travel.

Enhanced stability

This is another reason you might want to check out this gear. Since they feature a long wheelbase, the overall stability is significantly high. The first or cover wheel is located just in proximity to your toe while the rear wheel is positioned right along your heel. This way, you won’t fall as easily and enjoy greater stability for longer times.

Extremely versatile

Unlike roller skates that have limited function and capabilities, rollerblades are extremely versatile. Thanks to this trait, you can practically use them at any spot regardless of the type of surface. So, whether you are traveling by the park or on a busy road, this gear will come to your rescue.

In the later sections, you will also learn how this gear helps you meet fitness goals.

Greater control

Some variants of rollerblades come with in-built brakes. This way, if you are in a tricky situation, you can easily control the blades and stop your fall. Even though advanced models do not come with this feature, it is still worth mentioning for the amount of control it offers.

Benefits of using a roller-skate

As with rollerblades, a roller skate too comes with a bunch of benefits. In this section, we will take a close look at these benefits and further attempt to understand why exactly you should invest in this product.

Perfect for parties

Roller-skates are basic skating gear, but you could also double them up as a party accessory. You can try your roller skates on every time you are heading to the next popular party. Alternatively, you might also want to wear it if you are planning to go out for a dance or are simply heading to the disco.

Unlike rollerblades, these gears feature a fairly short wheelbase along with some hangers. This improves the product’s control making it ideal for sudden and unexpected turns, and elaborate spins among others.

Limiting fall

You probably know that roller skates come with a wider wheelbase when compared to rollerblades. But did you know this is also the reason why you tend to fall less? Yes! With a roller skate in place, your only possibility of fall would be along sideways. This gear, therefore, limits fall and also renders the amount of stability you require.

Ideal for beginners

Very often, roller skates are touted as an excellent option for beginners. That is because these skates are easy to operate, and they come with fewer wheels than the competing gear.

However, it is worth noting that wheels will always be complex to a beginner, especially when they are just starting with skating. That is why it is best to analyze or even try out both gears before you make your final pick.

Roller Skates vs Rollerblades: Which one should you choose?

Now that you know about the benefits of both rollerblades and roller skates, you are probably confused while making your choice. Even though both gears are excellent, your choice may vary depending on some specific conditions as discussed below:


Very often, kids who are just starting roller skating choose roller skates. Why? Because the gear is known for its stability and it doesn’t run extremely fast either. In the simplest terms, they operate as tiny boots that help you move forward. But for that to happen, you need to push the shoes along.

Contrary to popular notions, rollerblades are equally useful to kids. Even though you might struggle to get the first balance, over time, it will be easy, convenient, and much simpler than you thought. The defining quality of these skates which you can conveniently bend them over, allowing them to switch directions.

The process might appear complex at the outset, but they are one of the best ways to get your legs working independently. The method involves trial and error but is certainly one of the best ways to master the art of skating.

Roller skates do not involve any similar function. For this to work, you just need to put your pressure on the truck. While this is simple during the early years, over time, it can get quite boring. This is the same reason why youngsters switch from roller skates to rollerblades.


When it comes to fitness, both roller skates and roller blades seem to do the trip. Because both the gears involve movement, they will certainly help you assume a better shape than you currently have.

With that said, several fitness enthusiasts choose rollerblades over roller skates. That is because roller blades make way for faster movement across longer distances, which in itself, serves as an excellent workout.

Recreational capacity and sports

Both rollerblades and roller skates are excellent gears for recreation. If you are lucky enough and are located in a bustling city that hosts sports and recreational activities, you can benefit from either of the gears.

When you attend a skating event in your gear, you will also get a chance to check out what others are trying out. This way, you will get to know what’s popular and whether it works for you as well.

Again, if you are looking to try out these gears as part of regular sports, then too, both the gears, will effectively work in your favor. For instance, you can try out rollerblades for your roller hockey tournaments and use roller skates for the derby matches.

So, even before you decide what kind of gear to get, first try to narrow down the sports you like. Next, check if your gear works for the said sport and you’re soon left with a concrete answer.


This one goes without mention. If skating and racing are your primary goals, you would want to try something super fast. Luckily, for most of us, roller blades meet this category. These gears are extremely quick which enables them to charter large distances in a couple of minutes.

Of course, you can enjoy high speeds with your roller skate as well. However, it will still be unmatched to the kind of experience from your blades. Although the wheels of these skates are harder, they don’t work the best when it comes to moving long distances quickly. So, if you are looking to make the most of your skating gear, first make a judicious choice and choose the gear that aligns with your needs and lifestyle.

Artistic flair

If you enjoy art and dance forms, you might want to check out roller skates. Thanks to the two prominently positioned wheels, these skates offer perfect balance when you are dancing, swirling, and spinning.

While rollerblades can support the same action, they probably won’t be as smooth. That is also the reason why you will find almost everyone using roller skates in parks, dances, and discos, among others.

Skating tricks

If you are into skating tricks and are only looking to hone your skills, you can try either of the gears. However, regardless of the balanced benefits, you would still want to choose an inline skate because of its exceptional control. These skates also support aggressive movement and can be leveraged for the trickiest of activities.

You might also love the product if freestyle skating is something you enjoy. Regular skates support the same functions, but the transition isn’t always as smooth. What’s more, in some scenarios, you may not even get the kind of skating support you need because these regular skates do not boast the same control as inlines.

Related questions

Is roller skate and rollerblading the same thing?

While the essence of roller skating and rollerblading continue to be the same, the gears aren’t entirely the same. According to some individuals, roller skates are simpler and more convenient for anyone who’s just getting familiar with skating. That is because these skates feature wheels both at the left and right, offering just the perfect kind of balance.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the skate when it comes to comfort. If you genuinely seek comfort and want to travel more conveniently across all directions, you might want to check out inlines. Not only do they offer greater control, but with multiple wheels in place, they also support advanced tricks and movements. These skates ensure that you aren’t stuck at any point and that you conveniently travel without getting stuck.

You would also notice that, unlike roller skates, roller blades come with dedicated back brakes. This offers a completely natural motion as it involves exerting pressure along your heel as you attempt to stretch your leg. Even beginners can benefit from this back brake as opposed to roller skates that come with front bakes. With front brakes, you need to exert a dragging motion through your feet. It also involves plenty of pressure.

The common line between both skates is that both of them work in a way keeping your knees fully bent. So, regardless of the type of skating you would want to pursue, both would offer the first learning curve that you need. Even though the differences between both skates are apparent, you wouldn’t feel the same if you are trying them out for the first time. To understand the sport better, try using both skates until you finalize your favorite.

Is it easier to ride rollerblades or roller skates?

If you tried your hand with either roller boards or roller-skates, you are probably familiar with both. This, in turn, will help you choose the one that is easier among the two. Usually, people tend to choose rollerblades over other gear because of their exceptional quickness. You can reach any spot in seconds, thanks to the four wheels and exceptional control of your rollerblades.

The wheels of these blades are also designed for a range of operations. So, whether you are moving downhill, or chartering upwards, this is one of the best and easiest gears out there! Rollerblades are also an excellent option for skaters who take their jobs seriously.

 If you genuinely want to pursue the sport and enjoy the highest speed while doing so, this is an excellent gadget to try out. Not only does it offer an excellent pace, but it also helps you cover greater distances with convenience and ease. You get to enjoy a certain kind of style and your skating experience is unmatched, to say the least.

Remember, even if you are a newbie who is concerned about tripping on the skates, you might want to try it with the rollerblade. Either way, you will fall and since rollerblades are the better option, there’s no harm trying them out.

With that said, some beginners still tend to choose roller-skates assuming it supports easier falls. This is true and it works because the wheels of roller-skates are smaller and they, therefore, do not extend much from the boot. The result? Your fall is less intense and more sustained.

If you are using rollerblades for the first time, you might experience some trouble finding the perfect balance. This is further expedited by the wheelbase that doesn’t seem to offer the required ankle assistance for beginners. Regardless, it is still an excellent gear to start your sport, if you are unafraid of falls.

How long does it take to get good at rollerskating and rollerblades?

If you are trying your hand at roller blades for the first time, you need at least two to three hours to understand the controls and functionality. Roller skates, on the other hand, require a longer time for mastery.

Unlike the blades, you would need at least 30 days to master roller skating.

Rollerblades vs Roller skating Cost: How much should you spend?

Roller skates tend to be much cheaper than rollerblades. On average, a roller skate can cost you anything ranging from $150 and $300. However, when it comes to rollerblades, the cost can get significantly higher.

The basic models of inline skates start from $200 and depending on your requirements, it can go up to a whopping $1000.

Also, note that both roller skates and inline skates require a bunch of safety gear. This includes helmets, knee pads, and arm protectors among others. While assessing the cost of the skates, you also need to take these additional costs into account.

Most of the mentioned safety gear is easily available in almost all leading online physical stores. That is why procuring them is even simpler.

Roller skating vs Rollerblading Calories: which helps you lose weight faster?

If weight loss is your primary goal, you would want to try rollerblades as opposed to roller skates. The idea is simple: because roller skates help you traverse longer distances in a shorter period, they are the obvious first choice.

Rollerblading is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise and it helps you burn a significant chunk of calories. On average, you can burn at least 260 calories or more with only a short, half-an-hour rollerblading session.

Note- Bigger individuals who tend to rollerblade end up burning more calories than slender people. If you face a similar situation, do not be afraid because it is entirely normal.

Which is faster Roller Skates vs Rollerblades?

At this point, you probably know that rollerblades are faster than roller skates. This is primarily because the blades come with multiple wheels that make way for excellent movement and control. Thanks to the perfect positioning of the wheels, you can always dodge any obstacle that comes along and move to your destination smoothly.

Roller skates are great, but they aren’t as fast. The wheels offer excellent support, and you can travel short distances on them. However, when you are traveling in bustling cities or steep uphills/downhills, you would want a rollerblade for its advanced control and convenience.

Are roller skates or blades better for tricks?

If you are looking to try out simple dance tricks, you might want to try them on your roller skates. These skates support almost all simple movement and when it comes to dancing, they are an edge ahead. You can conveniently use these skates to spin and twirl. What’s more, it even makes gliding easier.

Even though roller blades aren’t the best gear for a dance performance, they certainly support advanced tricks, especially related to core skating. You can control your body more conveniently and thanks to the wheels, you can try out any and every type of advanced skating trick with it.

Are Rollerblades safer or Roller Skates?

Very often people choose roller skates over inlines, assuming the former to be safer. Indeed, roller skates offer complete stability and are one of the top choices for beginners. However, you wouldn’t benefit from the front brake as it won’t limit or prevent sideway falls.

Although stability might be an initial concern with rollerblades, once you get used to the gear, it is easier, safer, and more stable than you ever imagined! These skates come with brakes at the back which prevent and limit potential accidents. This is an excellent attribute thus guaranteeing the reliability of the product.

Why roller skating is good for you?

If you are just starting to skate and want to learn more about the sport, you use roller skates as an initial gear. These devices are widely recommended for the degree of balance they come to offer. Additionally, they are also wider and mostly stable.

Roller skates can be an excellent gear to help improve your fitness. With regular exercises on your gear, you can easily lose the excess flab while also maintaining a healthy heart and solid immune response.

Why rollerblading is good for you?

Rollerblading is an excellent option for anyone who enjoys skating and is looking to make the most from it. Because they support advanced movements, rollerblades are an excellent gear to improve your cardiovascular function and burn those excess calories.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about the difference between rollerblades and roller-skates, take your pick and have a fun time navigating them. Both the gears can be conveniently operated, though roller-skates are much easier to handle than the former.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend choosing rollerblades if you are an experienced skating enthusiast. This gear will offer just the kind of maneuverability you need, and thanks to its multiple wheels, you can conveniently operate it at all times.

The only issue with rollerblades is that they do not offer the required support. However, this shouldn’t be much of a problem if you are an experienced and pro-roller-skating enthusiast.

Roller-skates, on the other hand, are equally useful and convenient, especially if you are just getting familiarized with skating. While they only feature two wheels, these skates are extremely wide, and thus convenient enough to support you at all times.

Unlike rollerblades, they also come with safety brakes that help you control the gear and your movement better.

Therefore, rollerskates are an ideal choice for newbies, whereas professionals are more comfortable with rollerblades. Either way, both gears are extremely handy, and if operated the right way, they will help you achieve all your fitness and skating goals!

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