Why Swimming Is Your Best Sport: 16 Health Benefits of Swimming

With the weather comes hotter and hotter, which sport will you prefer, jogging in the sun or swimming like a mermaid for pleasure? Bingo! The answer is undeniably swimming! Swimming takes away your stress, calories, and back pains. It brings relaxation, flexibility, a fantastic physique, and healthy life. It is good for both your physical health and your mental health. It is never too early or too late to enjoy yourself by swimming. Now let’s see why swimming is your best sport.

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Why Swimming Is Your Best Sport

16 Health Benefits of Swimming

  • It is a low-impact workout.
  • It helps you throw calories away.
  • It strengthens your muscle.
  • It makes you smarter.
  • It delays aging.
  • It increases the flexibility of the full body.
  • It improves the fitness of cardiovascular.
  • It relieves the symptoms of asthma.
  • It eases your back pain.
  • It prevents arthritis from worsening.
  • It builds your mental health.
  • It helps your socialization.
  • It makes you goal-oriented.
  • It saves your life as a skill.
  • It allows you to do better in other sport.
  • It is a life-long sport.

1.Low Impact

We know and do many sports, such as running, climbing, tennis, basketball and weightlifting. They are truly beneficial for our health, but they produce jarring impact on the body. But swimming is low-impact, with no repetitive harsh influence like running. And it has no strain as weightlifting.

It is kind and gentle to everyone who swims. The water buoyancy in the pool fights against the gravity, supporting our body. Thus, the impact of each stroke on our joints and bones is reduced to the lowest. In another word, you are hardly to get injured in the pool.

2.Burn Calories

Swimming is one healthy way to loose weight and burn calories. The metabolism is boosted. Your blood is flowing faster. More calories are burned.

Many people love swimming, just for the reason of calories burning. Overweight swimmers love it, for they can loose weight and easy do it. The water stands part of your weight, so that you feel light and agile. There is no need to strain the body intensely as other workouts. Your simple stroke can easily fulfill your goal of burning calories.

According to a study, you can burn 500 calories on average for one hour by swimming lap around the pool. And if your pace is speeded up, it even reach to 700 calories, which is more than the calories you burn when running for the same amount of time.

3.Strengthen Muscle

Have you ever gazed at the muscles of the athletes with admiration, even envy? If so, it is not any shameless to confess that many of us have ever imagined that one day we can wear cool speedo or bikini to show our charming physique. Don’t be frustrated when see your big belly and fatty legs. Swimming can help.

It builds and strengthens muscles, allowing almost all of your muscles working at the same time. When you stroke, the muscles on your arms, legs and the belly will work together, to result in toning muscles. Believe me, that you can also own tight triceps and abs one day by swimming!

4.Make You Smarter

Research shows that aerobic workout, such as swimming, will make people smarter. Their brain will be more clever by swimming. It helps you to achieve better memory function, and it is easier to concentrate on things.

When you are swimming, the circulatory system is accelerated by the aerobic motion. Your brain will get a large amount of blood and the oxygen as well. New cells in the brain will take the place of the old ones, which makes you smarter.

5.Delay Aging

Time is like a thief, stealing your youth. You know the thief, but you can’t do with it. Don’t be worried. Today I tell you a good method to slow it down. It’s swimming.

Swim regularly. Then your blood pressure reduces, oxygen increases, and muscles are built. You will be confident, healthy and charming.

6.Increase Flexibility for Full Body

When you slip into the water, your limbs, joints, bones and skins are stretched with flexibility. Every muscle is working and stretching. You are like a fish, swinging your tail and fins to hug the water luxuriously.

7.Improve Cardiovascular

Swimming is incredibly perfect for your health. It is good for the cardiovascular by keeping the heart rate up. When the stroke starts, your blood circulation is accelerated, the oxygen is added, which are healthy for your cardiovascular.

8.Relieve Asthma

Swimming is not only great for the cardiovascular, but also can relieve the symptoms of asthma. In general, asthma is caused by the moisture loss while people who are doing vigorous sport.

Swimming will help, if you are suffering from this chronic disease. The water in the pool will take the seat of the loosing moisture. Then you feel ease and relieved in the pool.

9 Ease Back Pain

Are you still worried about the pains on the back? Are you looking for therapy to heal it? Try to swim. It eases and manages the pain on the back. By your regular swimming, more blood and oxygen are sent to the position of the sore back, you will get relieved.

10.Prevent Arthritis Worsening

Swimming truly does excellent performance on our health. It allows the flowing of the blood and oxygen to increase. And the toxins in your body are pushed out by the strong circulation. Many chronic diseases, such as the asthma, back pain are benefit from it, so is arthritis. Affected joints are well controlled by this water sport. Someone uses hydrotherapy to heal the affected joins of arthritis.

11.Build Mental Health

Swimming is not merely the pill for physical health, it also cares your mental health, relieving your stress and anxiety. When you are swimming, the vigorous motion allows you engaged and concentrated in the world of water, where the place is far away from the hustle modern life. It is such safe and relaxing. There are no messes of housework or strict boss chasing after you.

By it, you cast off your depression, worries and stresses. You laugh and jump, just like a little innocent kid, with no annoyance. It is swimming, which teaches you to be confident and active to face the world.

12.Boost Socialization

Everyone can participate in swimming. The pool is really a magic place. It attracts people from different places, ages or occupations. The goal you are here is to get a swimming class, go for training, or for a fun with friends or your family.

Swimming boosts your socialization, reduces the anxiety and depression. It is a good way to make new friends and start a new friendship.

In addition, if you are on the swim team, you will gain many team cooperation skills from it. You learn how to work together, how to encourage others, how to express your idea and suggestion, and how to listen to others.

13.Make You Goal-oriented

Besides such many advantages, swimming makes you goal-oriented. Once the goal is set, it will make you strive for it with all of your effort. You are doing your best to achieve the goal. You are not willing to give up. It is beneficial and valuable for your whole life time. It builds up your endurance, and makes you more brave and strong enough to confront various difficulties in life.

14.A Life-saving Skill

We never know what will happen in next second. You need to know some skills to protect yourself. Swimming may save your life as a survival skill, when you accidentally drop into the water.

According to the report of World Health Organization, there are about 370,000 people drown each year. And 4% of these 370,000 are kids of the age from 1- 4.

More and more parents pay attention to kids swimming training. They send their children to learn it when the kid is very young, even 6 months. The American Associate of Pediatrics indicates that kids are able to go swimming classes when they are 1 year old.

15.Do Better in Other Sport

If you are a sport talent, don’t forget to try swimming. It will make you better in running, climbing, hiking and many other sports. As it improves your metabolism and allows the blood circulation faster. The body condition level is enhanced by it.

16.A Life-long Sport

Since swimming is benefit for your health, it is never too late or too early to join our big family. People benefit from it, whatever your backgrounds, whatever your age, and however the lives you are living now.

Babies can swim. Kids can swim. Teenagers can swim. The young can swim. And the old can swim, too. Even some pregnant women go to swim for a better physique management. The sufferers of back pain, asthma, arthritis and cardiovascular go to swim for a relief of their symptoms. It is truly perfect and beneficial for you, no matter who you are,

Several Kind Tips for Swimming

  • Before getting in the pool, make sure you can swim.
  • Check out if the environment for swimming is safe.
  • Do some warming-ups before the workout.
  • Do drink regularly, for your body will be thirsty.
  • Stop it if you are tired or uncomfortable.


Swimming is not just a kind o sport. It is a healthy and beneficial way for you to live your wonderful life. Come on. Let’s have fun and enjoy the benefits brought by swimming!

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