When is the Best Time to Buy a Kayak

Like other water sports, kayaking is good for the body. In kayaking, you engage your body in a total body workout that improves overall cardiovascular well-being. While you paddle, you engage your back, arms, shoulders, and chest muscles, burning tons of calories and increasing muscle strength. As you enjoy the magnificent view in the lake or ocean, you also allow your body to recuperate from any negative vibes and develop a better mood.

So, when is the best time to buy a kayak? You may want to ask.

Springtime is what people consider the prime kayaking season. Many people would love to go kayaking in late August and early September when springtime is on its heights, and people enjoy pleasant weather.

Kayaking in these months is also perfect with the environment waking up from winter, and the surrounding air is just starting to get warm. Thus, it is best to buy a new kayak during spring so that you can enjoy the perfect weather and bond with other kayakers.

This article will give more facts on when is the best time to buy a kayak. While spring is the best time of the year to buy a kayak, you can also check out other months in your calendar.

Doing so will help you stay informed when to do this watersport or buy a better or more affordable kayak and other equipment to enhance your kayaking experience. You may have been kayaking for a while now, but in this article, we will give you more tips and possible recommendations to help you enjoy this activity more. Let’s go!

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Why You Should Buy A Kayak During Spring Time (in August)

Many people love to go kayaking during spring. If you don’t have a kayak yet, this is the best time to get inspiration from current kayakers about the kind of kayaks popular in your area.

You may also want a more convenient and thorough search online of the best kayaks on sale in these months, the kind of material they have, and possible discounts you can get from each item.

If you go to a physical outdoor shop, you can see actual kayaks on display, and this will give you a clearer idea of which kayak is the best for you.

Months with Holidays (December and May)

You can also utilize the months of August in checking for kayaks that might be on sale during Christmas (December) and Memorial Days (that will happen on the last day of May). Shops may give their customers additional perks such as free shipping and some freebies that one can get from both retail stores and online shops.

Yes, December is a busy month and shops may take a longer time to deliver your items but think about the significant discounts you can get during this time! You may also check items weeks before and pay them on the day when shops are giving discounts. Make sure to pick a couple of models before settling for the item you like the most.

Memorial Day is also a great day to shop as most shops have new stocks with the best-value gear. Shops can also give you many discounted items that you may dig in. Before these holidays, consider saving up and prepare for enough money to buy your kayak.

Off-season months

Buying a kayak during the offseason gives you the luxury of time to pick more kayaks that fall in the type of kayaking you engaged in. During the offseason, kayaks tend to have way cheaper prices since the demand is low.

The off-season for kayaking is in the autumn and winter months when the rest of the world wants to buy skiing equipment and other winter sports. As these months focus on activities one can enjoy during the winter, very few people will search for spring activities such as kayaking, thus giving you the advantage to look for retailers that can provide the best discounts.

You may want to ask, why do retails sell their kayaks at a lower price during the off-season? This is because retailers are looking forward to getting rid of their kayaking equipment to free up their warehouse and make room for kayaks with new designs.

If you want to buy cheaper kayaks, shop during the off-season. Kayaking is a spring activity, so you may have to let your kayak sit in your room while waiting for mid to late spring. Well, some people go kayaking during winter, but very few of them do.

Meanwhile, it would be best if you do not take a long time to decide which kayak to buy during the off-season. There are other shoppers out there waiting for more significant discounts. Thus, stocks will get fewer and fewer. When this happens, you may only have a few options left.

It’s all about balance and the right timing. You may want to exercise more patience waiting for the off-season. But, when it comes, don’t wait for long, or else you will have to settle for a few mediocre options in a seller’s warehouse.

The Best Time To Find Used Kayaks And Older Models

Many first-timers may still be on the fence and may be hesitant to invest a considerable amount for a brand new kayak. This is not a problem. There are used kayaks that sellers give up because they cannot use them during kayaking season.

Most used items are still in good condition but may come in significant discounts, usually with sellers giving them away at half their original price. You can find used kayaks all year round on websites such as Craigslist or local Facebook groups.

Like other items, kayaks may have a lower price when their season has ended. You may take advantage of these off-peak months for kayaking and look for discounted older kayaking models that you can find among local shops and dealers.

Remember, local dealers sell older kayak models at a lower price than kayak manufacturers. Try to talk or connect with local dealers online, compare their prices, and ask if they can ship the items to your location.

The Best Time To Buy Kayaks Of The Latest Models

The start of the kayaking season in late August is the best time to find the latest kayaks with current designs. Again, this is the best time to find ideas from people who go out and flaunt their kayaks in rivers, lakes, or beaches. You can also search for available kayaks in outdoor expos and shows. Before organizers end their shows, consider making up your mind and pick up the best kayak for you. Buying a kayak at the end of an outdoor expo will allow you to enjoy a few discounts.

So, have you decided when to buy your kayak? Before you go, we have here additional considerations that may guide you in buying your kayak.

What type of kayaking would I like to try?

Kayaking is a general name that refers to several other activities. Decide what type of kayaking you will be most interested in. You may also focus on the kayaking most prevalent in your area.

What materials should my kayak have?

Remember, kayaks with plastic material are more durable and at a lower price. But, they may be heavier than other boats. If you want a lighter material, opt to buy kayaks with Fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber materials. Wooden kayaks are also more lightweight and may move faster but may easily break apart.

How big should my kayak be?

In buying kayaks, manufacturers may give you an estimated weight range. Go for kayaks that you are comfortable using. Try to sit in the kayak and check if it has an ergonomic design. Good kayaks support your legs, thighs, and overall posture.

What additional gear should I buy?

Buying a kayak is the start of your fun journey. It would be best to have more equipment to enjoy your kayaking activity, such as a double-bladed paddle, water-resistant suit, life jacket, helmet, shoes/footwear, and other accessories. Kayaking also comes with an infinite number of accessories that you may want to buy later on.

Consider doing your research as buying lots of accessories for kayaking may cost you a fortune. You may want to start by purchasing the essential gear before moving on to decorative accessories.

Will I go for a solo or tandem kayak?

If you are single and without a spouse or family, you may want a solo kayak that you can enjoy on your own. Using a solo kayak efficiently paddles as you don’t have to coordinate with other people in paddling. Beginners may opt for a solo kayak before buying a tandem kayak.

A tandem is good if you take your spouse or partner with you for a kayaking activity. Before using a tandem kayak, make sure that both of you have basic training in paddling to not have difficulty along the way. There are also rent-a-kayak shops that provide both tandem and solo kayaks for your next adventure.

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