SkyDiving Season: Can You Go Skydiving in the Winter?

If you have been putting off skydiving just because it is winter, you need not fret cause winter is just as good as any time to go skydiving. You only need preparation and wear the proper clothing, so you will have a fun experience without getting cold feet – literally.

Skydiving during summer will give you 83.3F of temperature, while a 30 degree Fahrenheit for winter is what you should expect. There is also a difference in ground temperature compared to lower temperature altitude. It is why you have to wear the proper clothing so you will not feel the chill and still enjoy despite the weather.

Skydiving in the winter and cold weater

What are the benefits of going skydiving during winter?

For the mesmerizing view

You will have a great view from the top with the snow-covered ground, all shiny and white, even the rooftop covered in snow will be another way of seeing the spectacles. But the sky is still blue and sunny for most days and means less wind.

For the experience

Most people think of skydiving as a summer activity, and for winter, it is a no-no, and that is not the case. But this time, you will conquer your fear and the elements as well cause you are not just reading about winter skydiving, but you are also experiencing it yourself.

Perfect for those who don’t want it too crowded

Many people are not too keen to try skydiving, not during summer and not during winter. It is why you can take the opportunity to go skydiving when there are fewer people at the drop zone and means there is less waiting time.

You will feel relax and not bothered by the busy surroundings, and you will have a better experience.

More value for money

Most skydiving venues have winter specials to attract clients, which means you will save money and enjoy the experience at the same time. You can take advantage of the discounts, and promos.

what to wear skydiving in winter

What to wear when winter skydiving?

When you go skydiving in winter, you may or may not notice the cold due to the adrenaline rush, but what if you’re not like the rest and you will feel every icy wind and experience the frosty weather while you are doing the activity? That is the reason you have to come prepared instead of gripe about the experience after because you forget to wear the appropriate clothes for winter skydiving.

Wear layers

Since it is chilly during winter, you need base layers. The thermal bottom can help you not to feel the frigid wind. Wool base layer or any stretchy thermal gear from top to bottom is a wise choice. You can cover it up with tees or long sleeve top and shorts. Winter cycling clothes is another option cause it is water-resistant and windproof as well. It is also lightweight and keeps you dry.


Also called neck warmers to keep your neck protected from the cold. Most people who skydive during winter prefer to have buffs lined with fleece instead of types that have a thinner lining. Also, for people who have long hair, a thin cap will work to keep hair under control.

Hand cover

Anyone who skydives during winter will know how uncomfortable it is without hand protection and experience their hands turning icy cold while skydiving. Gloves with liners are ideal, but not gloves that are too bulky. There should still be dexterity, even if you are wearing gloves and liners.

There are types of hand warmers you may choose but make sure they are not the bulky types and will not affect hand movement.

Latex glove is also another option cause they are windproof and will keep your hands warm throughout. If you have a latex allergy, you may opt for nitrile gloves.

Always voice out any issues about your gloves before your jump and consider your comfort. You cannot do anything about your gloves if you are already thousands of feet above the ground.

Feet Protection

If you are protecting your hands against the cold, make sure you are likewise securing your feet from getting frostbite. You can wear thick waterproof socks. Merino and wool socks can be your option since it has unique ventilation that will keep your feet dry but not excessively warm.

Shoes that will stay in place and snug athletic shoes with winter socks underneath will be your best choice for the activity.

Having “cold feet” will have the same discomfort as toasty fingers, and no way will it give you a great skydiving experience.

Opt for a Jumpsuit

If you don’t have high-resistant to cold temperature, then getting a jumpsuit for your gear will be the best option. Jumpsuits are perfect for skydiving and can oppose wind as well. It will keep you comfortably warm during your jump, and you don’t have to worry about your jumpsuit getting damaged or ripped while on air.

tips for skydiving in the winter

Best tips for skydiving in the winter

Be mentally prepared

Make sure you are ready to make the jump, and not just forced to do it with your friends. If you are also a beach person and would rather not go out during cold weather, then it may be best for you to wait it out until it is spring or summer to go skydiving when you are ready.

Choose the best location.

There are other skydiving spots outside the US, and for those who can afford it, this is good news. For others who have no opportunity to do so, they may find other locations to do the jump with ideal weather and with less frosty temperature.

A location where you can enjoy skydiving during winter is your best option if you don’t want to face the frigid, cold weather in other parts of the US.

Know what to expect

It is colder at the top, and you should know what to expect during your jump. There is a variation in temperature as it drops around 3 degrees for every thousand feet of elevation. Imagine how cold it will get when you already feel the ice biting your skin while still on the ground.

Have a drink of warm beverage before and after your jump

Hot drinks, such as hot choco or hot tea, will help you feel warmer inside, keep you relax and calm your nerves while waiting for your turn. However, note that you must not take any alcoholic drink before jumping since it can lead to dehydration and worsen motion sickness.


Listen to the instructor and take note of the emergency procedures as well cause it is for your own good. Practice finding your hackey while wearing your gloves and ask questions if you need clarification before the jump.

Dress appropriately

If you are ready for the jump, you must also prepare to dress accordingly. Listen to those who have knowledge about the clothes you should purchase and wear during the skydiving and get the items that are perfect for winter skydiving.

Where are the best places to skydive in winter in the USA?

Monterey, California

The condition for skydiving is just right because of the slight drop in temperature. Since the air is just cooler there is less fog, the sky is clear, crisp, and less haze which makes it ideal for skydiving. Although there is rain during winter in Monterey, it provides more color to the landscape, making the grass greener, and the ocean has more vibrant colors. The combination of the beautiful spectacle makes it the best time for anyone to experience skydiving.

Florida and Alabama

The area is stunningly impressive, with the Gulf Coast featuring the sparkling blue water and the several miles long coastline provides a great view during the skydive. The beautiful sunset and sunrise will surely double the colors one will see and be in awe during the experience.


This place is ideal for skydiving because of the much warmer climate compared to other parts of the country. It is also more affordable even during holidays to stay in Pensacola because of the lesser cost of lodging and transportation, so there is enough money to spend on skydiving.

The availability of beach landings makes the area ideal as well for a skydive.

Wassila, Alaska

The beauty of Alaska’s rugged snowy mountains and the ice-blue glaciers will take your breath away. If you are lucky, you may even spot a reindeer farm in the area. It is also the place to do a tandem dive or if you want to try your first jump. There will be professionals who can help you with the jump and provide you with lessons to be a certified skydiver.

Longmont, Colorado

You will get to enjoy the green farmlands, the beautiful views of the rocky mountains will also keep you in awe. It is the location to try if you want to skydive during winter. It can get downright cold, though, so make sure you are mentally and physically ready to do the jump.

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