Is NASCAR Racing Considered to Be Boring? 11 Things You May Want to Know.

NASCAR is wonderful motorsport that is pretty famous all across the world but often gets a good amount of bad publicity. Many people who are not the fans of this sport or do not understand this sport that well simply think that this game is all about a lot of cars all turning left for 3 hours in one go. But this game is much more than what it looks like and what it feels to be.

Is NASCAR Racing Considered to Be Boring?

So, to answer the question like Is NASCAR boring- NASCAR is not a boring sport. It is in fact one of the most exciting motorsports that you can watch or be a part of. This game involves everything starting from high-speed, high intensity, and it promises a thrilling experience to everyone with every passing day in the calendar. The strategy with which this game is played along with the skills of the driver makes this sport an amazing sport to watch.

This sport will catch your eye and interest, even if you don’t like cars that much or are not a great fan of any type or motorsport. You will find this game of NASCAR both extremely interesting, and entertaining. In this piece, we will talk about everything that you need to know about this motorsport and why this game is much more than what it appears.

Who and When founded NASCAR?

The NASCAR, also known as National Association for Stock Car Racing was officially incorporated on February 21, 1948. The NASCAR was established by a mechanic and an auto-repairs center owner – Mr Bill (William) France Sr. He moved to the Daytona Beach in Florida in mid 1930s which was a hub of race enthusiasts at that time. This encouraged Mr France to be involved in car racing and promoting race ready cars. While being in the car racing space for some years, France observed that racing rules change from one event to another. Many times the promotors would run away with the prize money.

As a result, Mr France felt there is a need for a centralised governing body that could promote, and approve car racing events. He gathered members from the racing fraternity which led to its official formation in 1948. He was the first president of NASCAR and played an important role that carved the development of this motorsport in the next few decades.

Why do Americans love NASCAR so Much?

NASCAR has become a very popular motorsport and there no particular reason for the same. There are several reasons and let us discuss all of those reasons. First, NASCAR as a game is very easy to follow and understand. The driver who finishes first is the winner. Second, this game is an excellent game to watch with family. You can take all members of your family with you to watch NASCAR and it will be enjoyable for every member. Last but not the least, this game usually has all the drivers coming from humble backgrounds and it is always a great thing to watch people from humble backgrounds rising and doing great. Apart from that the fun and the thrill part of it is always beyond expectations.

Why do some people think NASCAR is so boring?

NASCAR is a motorsport that involves driving riding in a circle sometimes for hours and hours together until there is a winner. To the plain eye, many cars going about in a circle endlessly for hours together may not look or sound very interesting. Some think this game to be an uninteresting and boring game where identical cars keep buzzing in a giant oval shaped stadium and all the cars are turning left in the circle all the time. So, the very idea of watching the same thing happening for hours is boring and that is why some people are of the notion that this motorsport is boring.

Is NASCAR better than F1?

Both NASCAR and F1 are pretty good as motorsports in their own way. While NASCAR has its own strategies and rules in place it is comparatively an easier game to follow and understand. Also NASCAR involves cars moving in oval or circular tracks for hours until there is a winner. The challenges in NASCAR are more appealing and there are more chances of a crash that add an element of danger to the race that make it more exciting. Having said that NASCAR has its own downsides such as long race times – an average race takes about 3 hours to complete, old cars, and at times outdated technology. F1 on the other hand leverages the latest technologies is all about fast moving cars on a set track and takes much less time to complete. If you compare the two, you may not conclude that NASCAR is better than F1, but is pretty much a good competitor.

How long does a NASCAR race last?

This is one of the most common questions that race enthusiasts or people new to the racing world have in their minds. NASCAR races are known to last long and some of them really long. The average NASCAR race time is anywhere between 1 and a half hours to three hours. But some of these races may end up lasting much longer that is up to 6 hours or more. This can be due to several types of delays that may take place in the racing track or even the race can actually take that amount of time to be completed. It’s a pretty unpredictable game right until the final moment and that is what makes it more exciting.

Why NASCAR Tickets Are So Expensive?

If you are a racing enthusiast and wish to watch a NASCAR racing event you may have to pay a lot for the tickets. The NASCAR tickets are expensive as they cover all the costs that are required to organise and host the event. The ticket costs also factor the vehicle costs, their maintenance, etc, the salary of team members, travel and accommodation costs, prize money costs, specialised services, costs of track maintenance etc. All in all, the ticket prices are decided based on all the factors plus the kind of package you choose. For instance, special RV lounge packages in Las Vegas can go as high as $8000 that includes WiFi, continental breakfast, private restrooms, a garage tour, a driver intro pass, and more.

How fast do NASCAR cars go?

The simple answer to that question is – very fast. To put it down in numbers, NASCAR drivers drive their cars in extremely high speeds of up to 200 mph and more. They have vehicles with quick acceleration that can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. The NASCAR tracks are designed in a way to help the drivers go up to such speeds and maintain that speed throughout the race. The tracks are designed with good amount of banking that let the cars move in the circular tracks nice and steady in fast speeds for a long time

Why NASCAR only turn left?

There is only a left turn in the NASCAR races, as turning only in one direction gives the drivers a good view of the field that is in front of them thereby giving them a better line of sight. This makes it easy for the drivers to accelerate well during the turns as well as keep the visibility intact during the turn. Keeping the car turning left on a circular track mean that all the cars are running in one direction thereby allowing less chances of crash and better control and manoeuvrability during the race.

Is NASCAR dangerous?

Motorsports is always a dangerous sport to opt for. It involves driving a racing car in extremely high speeds. So, every time a NASCAR driver gets in his driver seat, he is always at a risk of getting killed or injured in a serious race track crash. There have been numerous instances in the race track where drivers have crashed and lost their lives or were grievously injured. Though NASCAR keeps on updating the safety guidelines pretty often, the dangers on the race track remain the same. So, NASCAR like any other motor racing sport is dangerous and a driver must understand all the risks and safety protocols before getting behind the steering wheel.

How NASCAR all-star race works?

The NASCAR all-star race event is a 100 lap race that is further divided into 6 segments. The first 4 segments will have 15 laps in each of them. The 5th Segment will have 30 laps and the last round or segment 6 will have a 10-lap straight shootout. Only the laps with green flags will be counted and there will be a mandatory 4-tire pit stop during the 5th segment. This pit stop must be completed on or before the 20th lap in the 30 lap 5th segment.

How are NASCAR tires changed so fast?

The team that is deployed to change the tires during the pit stops are highly skilled teams that are experienced in working in synchronization or perfect unison. These teams are usually a 5-member crew that make use of powerful tools such as pneumatic wrenches and specialized sockets, hydraulic jacks that are lightweight, high pressure pumps for replacing the tires, along with refill gas tanks – everything handled in a perfect order to make the car ready to rejoin the track in a matter of 15 seconds or less.

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