How Old Do I Have to Ride a Dirt Bike? (Helpful Tips)

The legal age restriction for riding a dirt bike off-road in the state where you live may differ from state to state. In the United Kingdom, there is no regulatory age limit for riding off-road, unlike riding on a public highway. Similarly, in the United States, there is no upper age limit for riding a dirt bike off-road.

Starting with little electric dirt bikes, children as young as three can safely ride a 50cc gas-powered dirt bike with training wheels until they are four years old. The kids can be hanging around without the training wheels and even doing short jumps on actual dirt motorcycles by the time they are 5 or 6.

A minimum age limit does not apply if the dirt bikes are utilized on privately owned property. It is also not essential for the rider to hold a bike or dirt learner permit if the dirt bike is not used on open streets or private property. This restriction applies to dirt bikes of all sizes, including minibikes. You will learn more about age restriction for dirt bikes as you continue reading this article.

The Types of Dirt Bikes and the Age Limits of Kids Riding Them

We cannot disagree that dirt bikes are the ideal mode of transportation for children of all ages. However, as previously stated, certain bikes can be superior to others depending on how much experience your child has with them in terms of riding. Initially, you should purchase your child a child-friendly bike and can assist them in learning to ride and gaining confidence while doing so.

 In addition to considering your child’s age, you should consider the size and power of the dirt bike’s motor. Check that these aspects are suitable for your child’s previous dirt bike experience before implementing them. However, as parents, it is understandable that you are concerned about your children’s safety, which is why you should always let your child ride a dirt bike only when they are ready. To accomplish this, you must adhere to specific criteria and ensure that your child is well-versed in safety precautions.

It is necessary to start with a less powerful motor if your youngster has little or no prior experience. A pushbike, which is safe and can assist your child in learning how to ride a bike, can even be used to get your youngster started. Since dirt bikes are designed for children of a specific age range, numerous models are available for purchase.

The three mph Bike Best for a Three Year Old Child

This is the tiniest bike available, and it can only travel at a speed of 3mph or less. It is completely safe compared to normal bicycles and does not pose any danger. Furthermore, because it is lightweight, such a form of bike can help your children in that age bracket ride it with confidence because it is easy to control.

It is simple to keep under control. Because children of this age have limited physical strength and aren’t even aware that they are riding a bike. You may want to consider this alternative for a more comfortable biking experience. Choosing a bike such as the Moto Tec twist-grip electric bike or the Aosom 6V kid’s bike as a starting point can be helpful.

Bike More than 50cc Suitable For A Kid Between Seven To Nine Years Old

Children in this age range are kind of mature for their age. They will pick up new skills quickly, so you might prefer buying them a bike with a bit more power. By this point, you should be able to help your children establish a fundamental understanding of riding a bicycle by themselves.

They have reached the point when they can be introduced to a different big bike and even be instructed to ride it on their initiative. The adrenaline rush they get when they first get on their new motorcycle might make them even more excited, which is why the size of a bike is less important than the power and size of the engine. You may want to consider allowing your child to ride a bike with a capacity of more than 50cc, providing that everything is safe. Some popular choices, such as the Razor MX350 and the Kuberg 2016 cross-electric bike, are worth considering.

The bike above 70cc Best for Kids Ten to Eleven Years Old

This is the age at which children can comprehend the significance of a powerful bicycle. As a result, you may be confident that they can ride a motorcycle with a displacement of more than 70cc. As long as your child has prior bicycling experience, you won’t have to worry about their safety.

The bikes with engines larger than 70 ccs are suitable for children with more experience and a desire to learn more. This type of bike can assist them in increasing their speed while simultaneously improving their control and stability, allowing them to ride a more seasoned bike and be a professional in the future if they take all necessary precautions. You may take your children to the store to see some of the greatest dirt bikes for kids available and allow them to have their side of excitement and adventure.


After all, what else can we say about these children? When it comes to dirt bikes, kids are, in a way, more knowledgeable than we can be at their age. To prepare them for some real competitions on the ground, it is necessary to purchase them a good dirt bike.

It is possible to purchase a terrific bike for your child up to 250 cubic centimeters. For the youngster capable of riding with safety measures, this is an excellent choice. If your child has a lot of riding experience, powerful dirt bike selections such as the MX500 electric bike or the MMB80 gas youngster mini dirt bike can be excellent.

Main Risks on Bike-Riding

If you opt to trail ride entirely because of the greater risk associated with riding a dirt bike on a racetrack, bear in mind that the same trails are utilized by individuals strolling, horseback riders, horses, and dirt bike riders. It is important to mention that alcohol contributed to over half of dirt bike deaths in the United States in 2015.

When the kids are riding dirt motorcycles, you should exercise caution about your alcohol consumption. Not only do you want to set an example, but you also don’t want to be drunk if something goes wrong while your child is riding his dirt bike on the trail. Kid’s dirt biking poses several concerns, which are addressed in detail in the following safety guidelines for kids.

What Should One Consider on Dirt Bikes to Observe the Kid’s Safety?

When training kids on bike riding, there are some cautions that you need to take precisely to avoid causing injuries to the kids or even other people on the roads. Some of the precautions are as follows;

The Power and the Size of Your Dirt Bike

It would be best if you never let your child ride a dirt bike that is too powerful for their strength and age. But, more importantly, be certain that you purchase a dirt bike with the proper seat height. It’s the same as when riding a pushbike: your children must be able to place their feet on the ground whenever they come to a complete stop. Otherwise, they’ll come tumbling down.

Ensure That the Kid Has the Safety Helmet On

According to the latest statistics on safety helmets, more than 60% of all fatalities are caused by the failure to wear a helmet.

Differentiate Between Track-Riding and Trail-Riding Bikes

Dirt biking injuries on official dirt bike courses account for more than half of all such injuries. This may discourage you from allowing your children to ride the dirt motorcycles on a track. As a child, I participated in both activities. We sometimes used trail rides and travel to racetracks because each offers a unique experience and allows you to master new abilities with each. However, having this information enables you to make your conclusions.

Risks on Trail-Riding

You should be mindful of people walking on the trails and ponies and horse-riders who use the same courses if you decide to just trail ride because of the increased risk of riding on a track.

Avoid Alcohol When Bike-Riding

While I understand that your children will not be ingesting alcohol (at least, I hope they will not), it is important to remember that alcohol contributed to more than half of all dirt-biking fatalities. However, it would be best to be mindful about your alcohol intake when you’re near your children who are riding dirt motorcycles. If something goes wrong when your child is riding their dirt bike, you must provide a good example and avoid being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The Riding Gear for Kids

To be more specific, the appropriate age for children to begin riding a dirt bike is entirely dependent on the child’s level of interest and confidence. However, considering age and safety precautions, you can always start with a bike that has less speed and then gradually increases the pace until the child is ready to ride a pro bike in the future.

However, there are certain accessories that your child will require to ride a bike. When riding a bicycle, the possibility of being involved in an accident or being injured may never be eliminated. That is why children must remember that certain safety precautions, such as wearing protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, socks, and shoes, are necessary.

These protective devices are well-known for keeping your child secure from any major injury or cord impact. The correct equipment for motocross racing must be provided to your child, particularly if your child is very serious about the sport.

Best Places to Ride Your Dirt Bike

Finding a suitable location where your children may ride their dirt bikes off-road is essential if you want them to enjoy this activity without causing trouble for others. We got a side lane to ride on when I was 11-12 years old because we lived in a good neighborhood.

You may need to purchase a trailer to move your children’s dirt bikes to a location where they can ride. This is because they will be unable to ride their dirt motorcycles along the main road to reach a place where they can do so. It would help if you also refrained from allowing them to wheel it down a public roadway, as this could get them into trouble with the authorities as well.

Consider other individuals who may be using the trails if you take your children off-road on their dirt bikes. If this is not an official dirt bike track, make sure your children consider other riders. Keep a close eye out for horse riders and hikers, and be extra cautious when traveling around a blind corner or climbing a blind mountain peak.

Which Riding Is Safer Between Dirt Bike Riding and ATV (Four Wheeler) Riding?

There is a growing consensus among dirt biking fans that dirt biking is risky, and as a result, they are increasingly turning to ATVs. Even though this is not a well-informed conclusion, it has some logic. Even though ATVs are substantially more stable and far less prone to crash than dirt bikes, research has shown that ATV accidents are more lethal and result in significantly more severe injuries compared to dirt bike accidents.

Various factors contribute to ATV crashes being more deadly than dirt bike collisions. The first is that ATVs are quite heavy and could even crush the operator if they are involved in a crash. They are also significantly larger than dirt motorcycles, and there is a greater likelihood that the driver may collide with the vehicle rather than be thrown loose. Another reason for ATV drivers to go quicker is that they may feel more confident while operating on a sturdy, four-wheeled vehicle.

Riders can suffer serious injuries if their ATV rolls on top during a steep turn. If the ATV is made of metal and rolls on them, not only does the 800-pound weight of the metal ATV come crashing down on them, but so does all of the momentum and force, potentially resulting in a fatality or life-altering injury.

Four-wheeler riders are also less likely than dirt bike riders to use a complete set of safety equipment, with helmet use on ATVs being significantly less common than on dirt bikes, according to research. This may be due to the appearance of safety created by the four wheels; however, studies have shown that this feature alone does not account for the significantly greater fatality risk associated with four-wheelers compared to dirt motorcycles.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, the dangers of dirt biking don’t end with adulthood. Always remind yourself to dress appropriately, purchase a well-fitted bike, and ride carefully. Allow your youngster to explore the world by riding a dirt bike, for example. Your goal is to get them on the right path.

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