Do Go Karts Have Titles? – Fully Explained

Are you planning to buy a go-kart? If you have already bought it and you are thinking if you can take it out for a spin. Are you wondering if it is legal to ride a go-cart on the road? Should you register the go-cart? These are all relevant questions when it comes to go-karts and their answers are a little bit complex.

The answer to the question, �do go karts have titles’, is a little more complex rather than just yes or no. Go-karts don’t generally have titles because they’re not considered legal vehicles on the road. Therefore there is no need for official registration or titles. This means that it is not legal to ride a go-cart on public roads.

A go-kart is classified under LSVs or low-speed vehicles. A go-kart moves way slower than the other vehicles on the road. It may become dangerous and cause traffic on a public road.This is the reason why they don’t fall under the classification .

What is a go-cart title?

Having a title means having legal authority over your kart, what this means is that you are the legal operator and you own it. For go-karts, different places have different title requirements.

Since a go-kart is considered to be a very slow(LSV) they can not be considered a vehicle. They are only legal to be used on private property or an unpaved road like a racing track.

So, you can visit a go-kart race track to ride your go-kart without doing the registration and thus, there is no need for a title. If you want to ride your go-kart not only in your home and race tracks but also include public roads, let us know the requirements for that in the following paragraphs .

How to prove you own a go-kart?

Technically, a go-kart is not a vehicle(in most cases), therefore it is not registered and does not need documents . So it is a little difficult if you have to prove that your go-kart is really yours. But there is a way to prove it.

Every go-kart has a serial number, you just have to find that number and keep a picture or note it. This is the best way to prove that the kart is yours when you do not have legal proof. The serial number can be found on the chassis of your go-kart. Sometimes they are found on the homologation plate of your kart.

What if you want to register?

Well, if you really want to register your go-kart, you can. But there are a few necessary requirements before you decide to register your go-kart. Most go-karts are driven on private property or unpaved roads; they don’t require registration. But you should check the laws in your local and state , because these laws vary according to various places.

There are some states and places where go-karts can be applied for registration . But there are a few necessary requirements that you have to fully fill before taking them to the public road. Requirements like seat belts, mirrors, turn sign, horn,etc. This means that you can use a go-kart on a paved road but you have to register and get a title first.

Requirements of registration

If you live in a place where go-karts can be registered then you can visit your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). You should have all the necessary legal requirements like turn lights, seat belt, etc. You should have all the necessary documents to get the approval. If you are unaware of all the requirements then you should contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles(DVM).

The requirements are

  • Title of the go-kart
  • Proof of registered vehicle insurance
  • Driver’s license
  • Bill of the go-kart
  • The title of a go-kart

If you are looking to register your go-kart (after asking with the local authority), then you will need a title for your go-kart. The title of a go-kart shows important information about it, like:

License plate number

Technical specifications

  • Name of the holder(not a necessity)
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Year of manufacturing

The laws for go-karts change from place to place . If you want to ride your kart on paved roads, you can gather information from your local office. Usually the go-carts are driven in homes and race tracks, where you don’t need any paperwork. I hope you find this helpful.

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