Can I Drive a Go Kart on the Sidewalk?(Why and 2 Things You Need to Know)

When you buy your own Go Kart, there is undeniable excitement to drive it around the city. You probably want to show off your unique car around and practice driving it. But, as you realized that a go-kart is not your typical vehicle, you might think of the question– can you drive a go kart on the sidewalk?

Can You Drive a Go Kart on the Sidewalk?

The answer to that question is a big, NO! As much as we hate to ruin your excitement, you can’t ride your go kart on the sidewalk. There are laws and regulations about illegal driving of go-karts on public roads. So, even if the sidewalk is wide and perfect for go-karting, it’s not the best place. There are particular charges that you might face if you push the idea of running a go-kart on the sidewalk. Depending on the country, you can be charged with driving a non-licensed car, driving to endanger, and many other consequences.

Moreover, the chances of injuring someone while running your go-kart on the sidewalk are high. It might sound thrilling and fun to you, but it’s dangerous when you don’t take the law seriously. There are usually bases to why go-karting in public places is not tolerated.

Why Can’t You Ride a Go Kart on the Sidewalk?

Go-karts are unique and interesting to own and drive. It brings thrill and excitement. However, there are limitations when it comes to riding it on public areas like the sidewalk. There are things that you should consider before roving your go-kart.

Safety Measures

Sidewalks are meant for pedestrians and bicycles, which is one of the reasons why showing off your racing moves on these areas of the road is not advisable. The pathway is not wide enough to accommodate your go-kart while people are walking on it. Moreover, it’s unusual to see a racing car on sidewalks, leaving people unaware of how to avoid it. So, there are possibilities that you can get them injured.

Furthermore, most go-karts are not designed to have the necessary safety equipment to drive on public roads. Usually, they don’t have side mirrors, blinkers, lights, horns, or license plates. Without these, you are risking your own and others’ safety.


Go-karts are specifically made to run on designated tracks or private properties. Thus, driving go-karts on places like the sidewalks or public areas is not allowed. It’s one of the first things that you should consider if you’re planning to ride your go-kart on the sidewalks. Some laws can put you into charges and pay a specific fine depending on the country you’re in.


Most pathways have lumps and rough finish as they are designed for walking. If you push on driving your go-kart on the sidewalks, you’ll have issues not just with avoiding people but also controlling your vehicle. It’s inconvenient to drive in areas that do not really have the purpose of accommodating a go-kart.

What are the Exemptions of Riding a Go-kart in Public? 

In some cases, you might have seen a go-kart roaming around your country roads freely– and you might think that you can do it too. Well, it can be possible since there are exemptions when it comes to driving go-karts on public roads, but not on sidewalks.

There are off-road go-karts that you can choose to upgrade your vehicle with the necessary equipment to drive on roads. You also need to register it with the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, this only applies to specific types of go-karts. And, it can vary from one country to another, so be sure to research and check for the requisite about this matter.

And if you really want to ride a go-kart on the sidewalks, an electric go kart might be the best choice, although not allowed on roads. If it passed as a toy, it’s possible for you to drive it around your neighborhood, parks, sidewalks but not on roads. However, it’s still not suggested to drive it on the public because of the safety risks it can impose.

Where can You Drive Your Go Kart?

The best alternative to enjoy and drive your go-kart safely is finding the best place to ride it. There are particular places such as racing tracks and private properties where you can run your buggy car. Moreover, if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, check out for off-road trails where go-karting is allowed.

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