Can Airsoft Guns Kill? Are They Safe? 6 Things You Need to Know

We are well aware that airsoft is fun and exciting to play with. But how dangerous are airsoft guns? Can it be dangerous if you shoot people or animals with it? Airsoft is basically a sport that comprises guns for shooting resin or plastic balls with minimal power at opponents using military techniques for achieving some kind of objectives within a well-documented set of rules. Soft airguns cannot actually kill anyone since they are not capable of hitting the organs. But does that mean there will be no airsoft gun injury? Let’s find out.

Does An Airsoft Gun Kill?

If you are a newbie thinking can airsoft guns kill, you cannot help but marvel at the elegance and resemblance of these guns with their steel counterparts? Several observations have been made by users comparing airsoft replicas and real firearms. It is quite surprising that sometimes law enforcement officers or even weapon experts are not able to discern an airsoft replica from a real firearm. This close resemblance between them brings to the mind the thought of airsoft gun injury.

Before you freak out at the sight of airsoft, let’s make it clear that airsoft guns are not able to kill. Airsoft guns can fire plastic BBs at a very reduced velocity than the required velocity. This means the probability of any death stemming from airsoft guns is highly improbable and if it ever happens, it would be a bizarre occurrence. With that being said, it is worth noting that while these guns are not devised for killing, they can cause severe injury when mishandled.

According to users, you can kill some very tiny insects or even very small animals with airsoft guns but killing a large animal or human with it is next to impossible. As injury can happen in any sport, the same is applicable for airsoft guns also. While playing this game, if you do not practice caution, it may shoot an eye out, rupture your eardrums, or even chip teeth. Other injuries may also happen but it is possible to sustain them.

Why Airsoft Guns Are Not Able To Kill?

As is already mentioned, airsoft guns are not fatal in their design. They are crafted in such a way that does not comprise the mass needed for bringing about adequate damage for killing. While it is said that it can kill some very small animals, in high probability, it is not going to be a clean cut. You may inflict injury on an animal badly with an airsoft gun and in the worst scenario, the animal may suffer a lot before dying. When considering how dangerous are airsoft guns, you will have to factor in the amount of muzzle energy required for killing and compare it with what’s produced by airsoft guns.

Muzzle energy refers to the measure of the kinetic energy contained in a bullet when it is shot from a gun. The energy is calculated in foot-pounds and you can have a rough idea of whether a projectile can damage sufficiently for killing.

Why You Should Exercise Caution With Airsoft Guns?

The name airsoft guns itself sounds very safe for playing, particularly for children. But if these guns are on your kid’s bucket list, safety should be your topmost concern. The surging popularity of this game has also given rise to an unwanted eye injury. Nobody, neither a child nor an adult should be allowed to use these guns without proper protective gear to do away with the risks of airsoft gun injury.

Individuals not using eye shielding are susceptible to higher risk of injury. Alongside injuries, these customized pellets may also get stuck to the skin and you may have to run to the doctor’s office to get it removed. According to the AAP orAmerican Academy of Pediatrics, kids must wear paintball-styled eye protection. Thus, you should check that the glasses you wee using meet ASTMF1776 standards.

Both paintball and airsoft guns are used in taking for shooting at other individuals. But the risks of airsoft gun injury make it necessary to exercise caution with airsoft guns. Moreover, there is no particular age when these recreational guns can be used without any protection. Therefore, parents must explain the risks to their children and make sure that their children are wearing protective gear when playing with these guns.

What Injuries Should You Be Careful About When Using Airsoft Guns?

When it comes to being careful about using airsoft guns, it’s important to consider the field in which you are playing. But some of the common injuries may take a toll on the players.

  • Injury happening from falls: When playing with an airsoft gun, it’s highly likely that you may fall from great heights. This happens as your adrenaline level shoots up and you fail to be cautious while stepping. As a result, you may run rubble to fall off a height or even in an unguarded stairwell. This is especially true if children are involved and they are playing in abandoned buildings with the unguarded area and the dangers here can be fatal as well.
  • Injuries and skin rupture: In most cases, airsoft fields are played in open areas with a lot of trees and rocks. It is quite natural that you may end up rolling your ankles or suffer from skin rupture.
  • Injury from being shot in the eye: Airsoft guns pellets flying at a pace of 350 fps can permanently damage your eyes if you have not covered your eyes with the right kind of eyewear. If these pellets strike the eyes by any chance, it may lead to scratches, pooling of blood which can be very painful, dislocation of lenses, and even blindness. If you don’t opt for the right eye protection while using this gaming equipment, the airsoft gun injury can get you into severe trouble.

Can Airsoft Guns Kills Birds?

In essence, airsoft guns can kill birds but it will be very difficult to achieve this feat. In most cases, birds are quite small and they travel real fast which makes it almost impossible to aim at it unless the bird is sitting still. This, you may end up inflicting injury to a bird rather than killing it.

But in most countries, it’s against the law to use airsoft guns for shooting or killing migratory birds like ducks, geese, doves, and others. Many countries around the world follow the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and thus you should handle your airsoft gun with great responsibility.

Can Airsoft Guns Kills Rats?

You can kill small rats with airsoft guns by hitting them directly to their head. But it’s very difficult to notice rats since they mostly line in dark yet warm places. In the United States, roof rats and Norway rats are most common and if you want to get rid of them, it’s better to use rat traps in place of shooting them with guns.

For penetrating and killing a rat, the airsoft gun should have 550 fps and you will also have to throw a clean shot hitting the rat at the right spot. If it so happens that you hit the rat but it wasn’t adequate in killing it, the rat will eventually die from the pain. But before that, it will escape somewhere in your home and after a couple of weeks, you will notice the smell of a dead rat which is the last thing you will want. So if your sole purpose is to get rid of rats, it’s better to use traps, powder, or sprays dedicated for the job.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Squirrels?

If you wish to shoo squirrels away from your property, airsoft guns can help you do it. These guns can sting them but may not be capable of killing them right away. You may rather end up doing lethal damage to the small animal like cracking its bones, jaws, eyes, or ear if you are quite close enough. As a result, the squirrel may suffer prolonged pain before it passes away. The problem with using airsoft guns to kill squirrels is that it doesn’t happen in a humane manner. You have to see the animal scream for the wounds and die slowly after a lot of suffering. Thus it’s best to avoid this method for killing squirrels.

The Bottom Line

Airsoft guns are made alongside other variants of non-powder guns that are meant for firing paintball guns, metal ball bearings, and pellet guns. Airsoft guns particularly are designed for gaming and even they may cause serious welting on the surface of the skin, they cannot break open the skin. So using protective clothing is a sure way of saving yourself. If you allow your child to play the game, it’s imperative that you must understand how dangerous are airsoft guns and the risks involved. All these guns are partially hurtful and parents ought to be extremely careful and not think them as benign children’s toys.

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