Best Nike Running Shoes on the Market

10 Of the Best Nike Running Shoes for Everyday Running on The Market

Finding a running shoe that fits right for you can be a challenging venture. When you are getting a pair of shoes to use for everyday physical activity, the shoes must fit your needs and preferences. Nike running shoes have made their way towards the top of the list on the running shoe market. So, which Nike running shoes are the best choice?

Read on to learn about 10 of the best Nike running shoes for everyday running on the market. Save yourself the trouble of experimenting with all different types of brands, and find out why Nike might be your one-stop-shop.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Best Nike Running Shoes on the Market

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is a top-tier shoe that provides maximum performance. With the lightweight Nike Zoom technology, you do not have to worry about feeling weighed down by your shoes. This way, you can experience the feeling of running on a cloud while also benefiting from the volume of the provided cushion.

The arch of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 further provides loads of support for runners. It is not overly curved, and it adjusts to the Nike Zoom midsole’s compression and release.

It is safe to assume that the 37th version of a shoe is likely a flawless design. With so much research and effort put into one shoe, the upgrades and changes made are sure to prove highly advantageous.

A few highlights of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 are:

  • Forefoot air unit within the midsole
  • 2mm of added foam from the previous version
  • Much less bottom-heavy feeling than similar models
  • Thin yet durable upper mesh


  • Some customers claim the outsole could be improved for running on rougher terrains.
  • Forefoot air may not be the most comfortable choice for a flat foot.

Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT%

The Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% is a form-fitting, durable shoe that is sure to maximize your running ability. With a Nike Zoom midsole and air pocket in the front paired with a Nike React heel, the Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% combines several facets of the most modern technology available for running.

The shallow arch of the Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% is excellent for most foot shapes, and because it is not too tall or low, the thick Nike Zoom, Nike React, and Nike Air midsole will not make you feel like you are standing too far from the ground.

The combination of all of the components in the midsole aid in impact absorption while running, allowing you to maintain a greater amount of energy. The Nike Air Tempo NEXT% is also coated with durable rubber around the toes and forefront to protect from unnecessary damage in rough terrain.


  • Great for long-distance running and a steady, constant pace
  • Sleek, traditional look
  • Combination of Nike Air, Nike React, and Nike Zoom in the midsole


  • High price
  • If you are not running constantly and at a decent pace, the bulkiness and height of the midsole can be a burden.

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit

The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit is regarded as one of the most comfortable running shoes on the market. The bounce and energy production while running is well worth the medium-high price for this shoe.

The arch of the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit is on the flatter side, but this is not entirely a problem. Because of the softness of the ZoomX midsole and the flexible upper, your foot will not feel compact inside the shoe.

The Flyknit stitching on the upper and outer surfaces of the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit makes it one of the most breathable shoes available. So, while the midsole and outsole are packed with components to aid performance, you will not have to worry about the top of the shoe squeezing your foot or preventing any airflow.


  • One of the lightest, most comfortable shoes on the market
  • Some customers claim it feels like you are walking on marshmallows.
  • High energy return
  • A wide, stable base prevents loss of form in the midsole.


  • ZoomX foam may not handle sharp pieces and debris in rough terrain.
  • The tongue is known to slip sideways occasionally, but the plush heel may do the job of preventing that.

Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%

The Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% combines ZoomX foam with Nike Air to create stability, comfort, and a burst of energy use. The Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% is great for long or short-distance runs. With the structural frame to last long, and the Nike Air to provide quick pumps off of the ground, this is an excellent choice for any type of running.

The Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% provides extensive support with a moderate arch in the foot. The arch and plush midsole below allow for explosive pushes while running.

The expensive cost of the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% is worth the investment for several people. This shoe is designed for elite runners who are serious about their progress. The heavy-duty makeup does not set the shoe’s performance abilities back, as the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% is yet another of the lightest Nike running shoes available.


  • Seen as one of the most impressive Nike shoes by many Nike customers
  • Flyknit upper provides breathability and a lightweight frame.
  • The Carbon-plated midsole paired with the softness of the ZoomX foam is unmatched.
  • You can literally feel the Nike Air pods compressing and pushing you forward as you run.


  • The upper is a bit flimsy, so runners who like a sturdy fit around their whole foot might not prefer this shoe.
  • One of the most expensive shoes on this list

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is an all-around great shoe. For the more traditional-style runners, this shoe is basic yet sleek, simple in look, and yet versatile in abilities. The stability of Flywire combines with the breathability of Flyknit on the upper to create an incredible hybrid function for the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2.

This shoe has an exceptional arch that pairs greatly with its midsole additions. The simplicity of the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 does not take away from its top-tier performance abilities.

While this shoe is a bit heavier than its prior version, it has much more padding and comfort in the midsole. Still, the Nike React midsole is durable and can withstand miles upon miles of running. The updated upper also aids in durability; the Infinity Run 1 was thought to cause quite a bit of heel slippage.


  • Everything that was wrong with the React Infinity Run Flyknit 1 has been heavily improved in the React Infinity Run Flyknit 2.
  • Comparatively affordable to several other running shoes on the market
  • More stable upper for a runner who wants more support


  • Some runners would not prefer to take the extra cushioning with the addition of a bit more of a weighty shoe.
  • If you want more of a loose upper fit with your running shoes, this may not be the choice for you.

Nike Winflo 8

The Nike Winflo 8 is an exceptional running shoe for all levels of runners. With a Flywire upper, you can expect some of the most stability out of any of these shoes. The Zoom technology on the midsole keeps the solid structure comfortable.

The Nike Winflo 8 provides a large amount of support with a high enough arch to keep you on the front of your feet while you run. This makes it easy to keep up a fast pace and get in as much running as you want.

The Nike Winflo 8 is a great-looking shoe, so those focused on style are in luck. But, of course, that is not its only attribute. The affordability of the Winflo 8 makes it an excellent choice for those who want quality results at a low price.


  • Sleek look
  • Maximum stability
  • Nike Zoom for comfort
  • Low price


  • The low price might scare more experienced runners away.
  • Some customers claim the quality wears after multiple uses.

Nike React Miler

The Nike React Miler is another simple looking yet highly effective Nike running shoe. With some of Nike’s most structurally sound materials, this very affordable shoe is a great choice both for amateurs and professionals. With a fully padded midsole containing Nike React, this shoe is meant to hold up even for the longest of runs.

The React Miler does not have too much arch, so flat-footed runners are in luck. At the same time, the Nike React midsole will accommodate the foot shape of those with higher arches.

What makes the Nike React Miler such a remarkable long-distance running shoe is the durability of its upper and outsole. The upper of the shoe is constructed with tightly-knit mesh for maximum support and stability. The thick heel prevents slippage during runs, and the curved outsole aids in a smooth stride while running.


  • One of the most affordable, high-quality shoes on the market
  • Extreme stability from the wide base and thick upper mesh
  • Built to last for long-distance running
  • Nike React along the entire midsole provides the softest run possible.


  • Low breathability due to mesh thickness
  • Heavier than other Nike React products because of durable upper and outsole

Nike React Escape Run

The Nike React Escape Run continues along with the trend of Nike React used in running shoes. You can be guaranteed that with a full Nike React midsole, this is yet another of the lightest running shoes you can find on the market. While the Nike React Escape Run was explicitly created for women, male runners might find themselves a bit jealous of the shoe’s comfort.

The Nike React Escape Run has a medium arch that, when paired with the Nike React midsole, is great for any foot shape.

With a much different design than the other shoes on the list, these simple yet uniquely designed shoes can cater to several different preferences. It is not just their look that makes them so popular, however. Countless reviews show that the Nike React Escape Run is the most comfortable running shoe in several women’s opinions.


  • Moderately affordable
  • React midsole provides maximum comfort.
  • Great for long-distance running or walking in a variety of terrains


  • Only manufactured in women’s sizes and with women’s biometrics in mind
  • Thicker material on the upper can lessen breathability.

Nike Downshifter 11

You are sure to reap the benefits of the affordable Nike Downshifter 11. At such a low price, this lightweight shoe is designed to hold up just as well as any other Nike product for long-term results. The Nike Downshifter 11 is great for amateur runners, but that does not mean it cannot compete with any other running shoe on the market.

The Nike Downshifter 11 arch is relatively medial, so beginning runners should not have a problem getting a feel for the shoe. The foam midsole is comfortable enough to provide the necessary support.

These shoes are lightweight and stable with a minimalist design and an upper coated in a durable but thin mesh. While it does not have Nike Air, Nike React, or Nike Zoom, the beginning runner design is excellent for those looking to take up running regularly. If you are looking for a reliable and highly affordable shoe, the Nike Downshifter 11 might be the perfect fit for you.


  • Low price
  • High comfort
  • Great breathability
  • Perfect for amateur runners


  • No Nike React, Nike Zoom, or Nike Air
  • Not ideal for those looking to invest in a long-lasting shoe
  • Previous models have been known to be quite narrow (though the Downshifter 11 now comes in an extra-wide model)

Nike Revolution 5

Now that you have come this far, it may not be a surprise that Nike releases several running shoes at very affordable prices. The Nike Revolution 5 is another excellent running shoe at a low price. This entry-level running shoe is an exceptional choice for those who have just recently begun running regularly.

This beginner running shoe can accommodate several foot shapes. The arch is a bit flatter than other Nike running shoes, but as an amateur runner, these are great as experimental shoes.

The Nike Revolution 5 is padded with a full foam midsole. Though it is not Nike React or Nike Zoom, customers have shown overall satisfaction with the shoe’s performance abilities, particularly considering its low cost. The upper is mostly mesh, which is great for breathability and a lightweight feel. However, this might pose a threat for discomfort in rainy or wet running conditions.


  • Affordability
  • Foam midsole that mimics the effects of Nike React and Nike Zoom
  • Lightweight
  • Breathability


  • Better suited specifically for entry-level runners
  • Mesh upper helps with breathability but may not be the best for wet running conditions.

Why Nike Is A Top Choice for Running Shoes

Now that we have discussed the 10 best Nike running shoes for everyday running on the market, you should see why Nike running shoes are such a great choice above all other brands. Nike is known for making some of the best shoes for running, training, and anything else involving intense physical activity.

With new technologies in the shoe industry introducing themselves every day, Nike has done an exceptional job keeping up with the times. Whether it involves Nike Zoom, Nike React, Nike Air, or any of their other innovations, Nike running shoes are meant for safety and comfort.

Let’s get to know these technologies, found in different combinations in all the shoes we discussed thus far. If you haven’t picked out your favorite shoe yet, you’ll be able to make a judgment call based on a better understanding of Nike’s innovations in the industry.

Nike Zoom

Nike Zoom is currently one of the most popular implementations in Nike running shoes. Nike Zoom aids in structural stability both for your shoes and your feet. As you run, it helps to keep your feet from moving around in your shoes so that you can run efficiently and keep your stride under control.

The stability that Nike Zoom provides makes it easier for you to run faster and longer while retaining comfort levels in your feet. The lightweight Nike Zoom foam reduces impact pressure and improves energy output. Nike takes pride in using Zoom for their lightest midsoles possible.

What makes Nike Zoom such an innovative addition to a running shoe is that it was initially created for Eliud Kipchoge to be able to finish a marathon in under two hours. While he just barely missed the mark with one of the first editions of Nike Zoom running shoes, it still showed the lengths that Nike went to advance running technology.


Nike React

Nike React is another foam-based midsole that is designed for comfort and safety in a running shoe. With a wider base than their other shoes, Nike looks to protect you from any running-related injuries by helping you maintain an even, smooth running stride.

With Nike React, you will be equipped with one of the most versatile running shoes on the market. Nike has extended Nike React’s range of abilities to far more than just running shoes, and it is this expansiveness that makes Nike React such a reliable running addition.

While adding extreme comfort with foam padding, Nike React remains lightweight and durable. With the polymer design, Nike aims to capitalize on all of the technological innovations they have created for the running industry.


Nike Air

Nike Air has been proven to reduce stress on the feet and legs while providing a lightweight feel for maximum comfort while running. Once again using pressurized air in the midsole, this allows for absorption upon impact and a continued structure shape.

Nike Air adds a tremendous amount of durability to a running shoe. If you choose Nike running shoes with Nike Air, it will feel like you are running on a cloud. With reduced energy output, you will be able to run freely every day. Plus, all Nike Air shoes contain no less than 50% recycled material. So, while you are bettering yourself, you are also protecting the environment.

In the 1970s, aerospace engineer Marion Franklin Rudy introduced Nike to the idea behind Nike Air. In no time, the idea came to fruition because of its ability to provide flawless comfort while running.

Specific Qualities to Look for In A Running Shoe

When choosing a running shoe for yourself, you must find a pair of shoes that will function properly and fit your needs. A poor pair of running shoes can cause sore feet, produce fewer results, and instigate larger-scale injuries in the long run.

When choosing your running shoes, you should know the qualities to look for. Depending on your foot and body type, different shoes might be better suited for different people. Below are a few of the main aspects you should keep in mind when picking out the correct pair of running shoes for yourself.


Overall, comfort is the essential attribute for the running shoes you buy. However, the comfort level itself relies on several characteristics. Whether you are a long-distance runner, a sprinter, or you just like to stroll casually, you need to find a pair of shoes that will keep you exercising efficiently and with maximum comfort.

Finding a shoe with enough cushion is one of the best ways to provide your feet with as much comfort as possible. Especially if you are running long distances, a pair of shoes with sufficient padding will keep your feet comfortable while you run.


Another critical way to find comfortable shoes is by finding a pair that fits the arches in your feet. Everyone has a different type of arch in their feet, and if you do not wear shoes that fit your foot’s shape, you are on a fast track to discomfort.

If you try on a shoe, you can tell if the arch fits your foot by determining if the shoe’s bottom feels form-fitting. Some people have high arches, while others have flatter feet; either way, it is better to find an arch that fits your foot rather than try to make your foot adjust to an ill-fitting shoe.

Size and Space

It may seem obvious, but the correct length and width of your running shoes are vital to how well the shoes aid in your running abilities. However, it might be a good idea to find a shoe that fits a little bit longer than your typical size. For running shoes, you may want to look for a shoe with a thumb’s worth of space between your big toe and the edge of the shoe. When you run, having shoes that press against the ends of your toes can be very uncomfortable.

In the same way, finding a shoe with enough width is also important. If your shoes are too tight, you risk the chance of discomfort from your toes being clumped together, which can cause further damage like blisters or toe cramps. Inconveniences such as these can cause an abrupt stop to your everyday running routine.


Still concerning overall comfort, the fabric of the running shoes you choose must be made specifically for running. Too tough – or even too soft – of a fabric can inhibit your ability to run comfortably. So, finding a balance between comfort and durability is your best bet.

Below are brief descriptions of shoe material that you should look for on different parts of your running shoe:

  • Upper
    • Thin yet durable mesh or other soft fabric that will allow for comfortable movement but will also refrain from ripping or becoming damaged
  • Midsole
    • Polyurethane and other soft rubbers or foams that will hold up against heavy use
  • Outsole
    • A tough, durable rubber that can withstand damage as one of the outermost layers of the running shoe


As you have probably already realized, Nike produces a wide variety of reliable running shoes. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you should not have any problem finding a Nike running shoe that works exceptionally well for you. Nike makes it a point to create some of the most durable and most comfortable running shoes on the market.

You should not feel a need to try out too many different types of running shoes, especially with the wide range of products Nike offers. Ideally, your first choice will work perfectly. However, knowing that all people have their specific preferences, Nike does a great job of accommodating several different running needs.

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