What Age Do You Need A Fishing License In Washington State?

The Washington State offers a diverse range of fishing locales. It has great services only to add delight to your expedition and gives access to the Fishing License. So, the State ensures that the residents avail this opportunity using fishing rules. 

But, it is vital to know what age do you need a fishing license in Washington State?

For Fishing License in Washington State, the age limit for residents is 16 to 69 years. For Youth, they must be 15 years of age. And For senior citizens, the age limit is 70 and above. There are special reduced-fee licenses for disabled residents and non-resident disabled veterans.

So, getting a Fishing License depends on various personal age characteristics, which include:

Age Characteristics for Buying A Fishing License:

Putting in an application for Fishing License is compulsory for the following age group:

  • 15 years old youth and above the 
  • Elderly senior citizen of Washington State

But, there are several other aspects of a Fishing License. So they work in connection to the age limit of the individual. The Fishing License thus is eligible for the people based on the following conditions:

Eligibility For A Fishing License for Washington Residents:

To accept the Fishing License of Washington State, the age of Youth should be (16 years and above). Also, for the Senior citizens, if they are permanent residents of the State. So, they include those who have spent their life in Washington State for no less than 90 days.

On top of that, the resident should hold the Washington State Identity Card and Driving License. Also, an active-duty military person securely falls into the category of Washington Residency.

Essentials For Non-Residents:

For non-resident youth and senior emigrant, they should have the fishing license of their State. But, they will need some other extra licenses, too, for the safety procedures in Washington.

Fishing License Criteria For Youth Age:

The youth age who has to set out for the fishing must be 15 years old. So, in Washington State, all those children who are 14 years and below this age will have no restrictions on getting the fishing license permits.

But, a matter of concern lies for the children to provide record cards.

It collects only a specific fishing record. So, it focuses on the fish breeds, such as Steelhead, Puget Sound Dungeness, Salmon, Halibut, and Sturgeon.

Keep in mind to return these record cards of fishing before hitting the time limit.

Fishing License Requirements For Senior Citizen:

For the Senior Resident of Washington State, the age limit falls up to 70 and above. They have access to all types of Fishing Licenses but do not have an advantage over reduced-fee fishing Licenses.

Fishing License Conditions For Disabled Person:

In Washington State, the specialized residents who are permanently disabled can apply for a reduced-fee fishing license. So, the age category involves:

  • Youth (15 years and above this age) 
  • Residents and Senior (65 years and above) Residents or emigrants 

These disabled age people have a separate group of fishing licenses mainly designed based on approval of the disability by the Washington State.

Reduced Fishing License:

The eligibility criteria and age limit for the disability forum Fishing License in the Washington State is as follows:

  • A Veteran resident and non-resident (65 and above the age) has access to the Reduced Fee Fishing License. It is due to providing the honor for offering their services to the United States Armed Forces. So, if getting impaired in the times of responsibility allows them to access the following facility.
  • Likewise, Washington State provides a Fishing License for those who get retired with honor while fulfilling their duty to the United States Armed Forces. So, such Senior Citizen holding a 30 % disability due to their services gets the Reduced-fee fishing license.
  • Among other disabled groups of people who are fit for the Reduced Fee, Fishing includes blind and visually impaired citizens and those people who are dependent on the wheelchair.
  • For a disabled resident with developmental issues, Washington State provides a Fishing License with the consent of a Serviceable Physician License.
  • Moreover, the disabled residents and non-residents should make allowance for the buy of Fishing License Annual Combo.

A Group Fishing Permit For All Type Age People:

Washington Residents who want to get a bonus Fishing License in the form of a group permit would like a state facility. It is for all types of age group people. So the residents get the favor of minimizing their fishing expenses at one go.

Also, this facility does not call for any person to hold a separate fishing license. But, this group permit is allowed for one particular season.

To apply for a group permit, you must go to the Fishing Department of Washington State weeks before planning for a fishing expedition.

The Eligibility Criteria for group Fishing License is as follows:

  • It is acceptable for a group of people who are seriously ill.
  • For legal entity having government cooperation

The Washington State provides non-profit making services to help the following:

  • Mentally or physically disable
  • Handicapped people
  • Hospital patients
  • People with unsound mind

Some other categorical people include senior citizens who have State Facilities

Types Of Fishing License and Their Age Eligibility:

The age criteria on the basis of fishing location are as follows:

Freshwater License: 

It is applicable for the residents (16-69 years old), non-residents, and senior citizens (70 and above). But, for the youth (15 years), disabled residents, non-resident disable veterans, they must purchase an Annual Combination License to avail the license. So, with this license, the State allows sharing the freshwater zone only.

Salt Water License:

Likewise, it follows the same age characteristic as that of a freshwater fishing license. But, the difference lies in the locale selection. The Washington State grants permission for fishing only in the saltwater region.

Seaweed/Shellfish License:

Every resident and non-resident can buy this license. But, except for youth and disabled residents who should first buy the Annual Combination License.

It has permission to the following fishes without making you hold a report card:

  • Oysters
  • Razor Clams
  • Sea Cucumbers
  • Octopus
  • Sea Urchins
  • Soft Shells
  • Shrimp
  • Seaweed
  • Squid
  • Red Rock Crab
  • Hard-shell Clams
  • Coastal Dungeness crab

Combination License:

This fishing License is for all age groups of people, and it has an approach to both the freshwater and seawater areas. It also gives access to the seaweed and shellfish license.

1-3 day Combination License:

It has permission for the resident and non-resident to purchase and use it for three days in a row and can help you with other services. But, for the youth and disabled resident to apply for this license must possess an Annual Combination License.

This license holds some bonus points for an active-duty military associate. They get access to this license for about eight days in a row and can apply it for game fish.

Fish Washington License:

This License carries an annual combination license that is only available to Washington Residents (16 to 69 years old). It possesses two-pole approval at a reduced fee fishing cost.

Razor Clam License:

It has three days or annual license offer available for residents, non-residents, senior citizens, and non-resident veterans. So, you get to hunt for Razor Clams through this license. That is why if you already have a combination license of Seaweed and Shellfish, you will not need this one.


To sum up, the age criteria for a fishing license in Washington State depends upon the type of location. Also, the residential and non-residential status is vital in this regard. The State also provides its services to people with mental or physical disabilities.

Moreover, active-duty military personnel are eligible for special services. Washington State also provides its disabled Veteran resident and non-resident military staff a reduced-fee license due to their honorable services.


What is Fishing License Fee used for?

The Washington Department of Fishing and Wildlife (WDFW) uses license fees to help upgrade the stock fishing locations and fishing items. Through fundraising, it looks after the advancement of fishing procedures and services. It also includes motorboat fuel taxes. So, only a few of the fees get in hands of a tax collector or agent.

Does everyone on board in a fishing boat need a license?

No, everyone doesn’t need to have a license when they are on a recreational boat. But, it does not mean everyone is eligible for fishing. So, they must not help anglers during fishing and should keep a daily bag limit. Also, it is normal if an officer confirms the identity of a fishing licensed person.

What does a youth need to do for legal fishing?

For 15 years old youth they must buy an Annual combination license. To ensure they gain access to the other types of freshwater, saltwater, and Razor Clams License. So, 14 years old youth and below are not bound to create a fishing license. But, they must follow the fishing guidelines with great care.

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