Is Parasailing Scary: What is the Weight Limit and Age Limit for Parasailing

Parasailing can be a fun sport to do, especially for those who want to explore many different options to extreme sports. Some people may think it’s scary because of the possibility of lifting your feet inches from the ground. At the same time, some find it fun and exhilarating. Thus, many people want to try this for themselves. However, we all know that some sports are not for everyone. It is essential to understand that parasailing has its limits too when it comes to age and weight to ensure safety and security to those who want to try it.

What are the age and weight limits for parasailing? People from the age of six can enjoy parasailing, and there is a 100 to 500 pounds weight limit for parasailing. These are in place for safety reasons so that no one would be hurt while enjoying the activity.

This article will tell you everything you must know about parasailing, the benefits of doing it, and the age and weight limits for those who want to give it a try. Knowing these are important to make sure that you will enjoy what you booked for your trip and that it won’t be spoiled because your weight or age is not allowed to enjoy parasailing.

Age Limit and Weight Limit in Parasailing

Parasailing is a sport that many people enjoy. Still, some guidelines must be followed to ensure that all participants would have an enjoyable experience. Thus, there is an age limit and a weight limit for those who want to enjoy parasailing.

Age Limit

Parasailing can be enjoyed by people from six years old up. Lighter people can team with someone else during the trip to ensure that the weight needed will be met. No federal rules regarding the age limit in parasailing are in place. Most states usually leave the decision to the operators. Of course, anyone under 18 must present a liability release signed by a parent before parasailing.

Weight Limit

As mentioned above, lighter people need someone a bit heavier to join them in parasailing because they must be able to stick on the water for a time so that they won’t go flying all over the place for safety reasons. A weight limit exists in parasailing. It should be between 100 to 500 pounds. The latter is usually the weight limit for two to three participants. Any weight heavier than that and the parasailing line would snap, so the weight restrictions are generally there to protect the people from injuring themselves.

Answering Some Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a lot of questions in your head when it comes to enjoying parasailing. This article will answer everything you must know before you book that parasailing package with your travel agent.

Can you bring your phone while parasailing?

Some people would tell you that you can bring your phone if you have protection around it, such as a protective bag with a lanyard slung around your neck while parasailing. In contrast, others discourage you from bringing your phone with you to not get wet. This is because parasailing will most likely get you wet, and they just want you to avoid the risk of getting your phone wet and ruin your trip altogether.

How long are you up in the air while parasailing?

One of the wonders of parasailing is that it allows you to lift your feet off the ground for a few minutes. Although the entire trip typically lasts around 90 minutes, you will be lifted off the ground for approximately six to ten minutes.

Do you have to hold on to something while parasailing?

Although parasailing can be a scary experience to some people, especially those trying it for the first time, there is no need to worry about falling or harming yourself. There are mandatory life jackets that you are supposed to wear the whole trip. These lifejackets will hold you up until you are pulled back to the boat. You don’t need to worry about anything because everything was and is tested before the trip. In addition, the captain will also give you and the other participants a mandatory full safety briefing.

Is parasailing scary?

This question often comes out from people who are trying it for the first time. It is normal to worry because, for some people, the idea of flying using the equipment can be a bit terrifying, especially to those who have a fear of heights. All of those who tried parasailing can tell you that it is not scary at all. If anything, it is exhilarating. You’ll soon find out why a lot of people love parasailing once you give it a try.

Is swimming required in parasailing?

No. If you fit the requirements beforehand, there is no need to worry about swimming during the activity. Besides, you will be wearing lifejackets too, so you will be safe once you wear them correctly.

Are there any states that regulate parasailing?

Yes. Florida and New Jersey are known to regulate parasailing out of the 50 states and other unincorporated territories. They have state laws that cover many elements of parasailing. These include the right weather for the activity, the needed equipment, vessel logs, limits on how high you can go, and so on. They also have kite regulations applied by the FAA for safety and security reasons.

Is parasailing difficult?

No, but other factors can make the experience difficult for some people. The weather conditions while parasailing can significantly impact how easy or difficult it can be to the team. If there are afternoon showers and gusty winds, you must expect that it will not be a breezy ride after all. Thus, it is essential to check with your parasailing company if the weather can be an excellent time to ensure maximum satisfaction on your end.

Is there a chance that you land in the water when you do parasail?

No, because you will take off and land on the boat directly. There are unique mechanisms in parasailing that make landings safe and secure for those who are participating in this sport. These unique mechanisms are constantly tested before every scheduled booking to ensure that no one will get harmed or injured while parasailing.

What should I wear when parasailing?

Typically, you can wear a swimsuit, or a sleek one-piece diving attire can also be worn. Depending on the weather, they may allow you to wear less if you are covered and protected from the gusty winds and the sun exposure. You should wear fitted swimwear instead of baggy ones to not fly off or get stuck in the harness for safety reasons.

The jeans are tight. Can I wear them?

No. Jeans are tight and fitted to the body, yes, but you must wear fitted clothing that allows you to be more comfortable to move. Jeans have buttons and zippers that can get stuck to the parasailing line or to the equipment, which also has many straps and buckles in them. It is best to wear the usual swimwear to ensure protection from the elements and keep you comfortable while doing the sport.

When is the best time for parasailing?

There is no specific time for parasailing, but you cannot do it in the evening, obviously. Furthermore, it is not recommended to parasail in the evening because of visibility and safety reasons. Thus, doing it in the early morning (7am onwards) to late afternoon (until 6pm) is the best time for you to enjoy parasailing to the fullest.

Can I go along to watch my friends or family doing it?

Yes, as long as there is enough space for you to sit on the boat while your friends and family are enjoying the activity.

Can we take photos and videos while parasailing?

Of course! You can always ask the crew to help you stably take photos because parasailing is an activity that has a lot of movement. Some parasailing companies also allow photo shoots and professional videography shoots to happen during the exercise. You must coordinate with them, and if you have professional equipment yourself, you can ask them if they can use it for you. Parasailing is a beautiful memory to cherish, so take as many photos and videos as you can to show to your friends back home.

Our Takeaway

Is parasailing scary? No, it is not frightening. It is one of the most thrilling water sports anyone can enjoy if they fit the age and weight requirements. Parasailing can be a rewarding experience. Once you try it, you will soon find out why many people enjoy doing the sport again and again. There is no need to worry about your safety and security while doing it because all equipment used is safe. Also, trained professionals accompany you throughout the activity to ensure that no one gets harmed or injured. Try parasailing now and have the experience of a lifetime.

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