How Long Does It Take to Learn Rollerblading?

When my elder daughter went to kindergarten, she got a chance to learn rollerblading. She was so excited and happy about it. She even imagined how cool she would be when gliding through the town and streets. However, she was upset and frustrated after the skating class for many reasons. Finally, my 5-year-old girl took almost 2 years to grasp walking, t-stop and turning.

Is it unbelievable? What is more, it took my second girl only 2 afternoon s to do some walking, T-stop and the turning. So, how long does it take to learn rollerblading? It varies from you and me. It can take 2 hours or more to learn the basics. While it is generally 1-2 months, if you are going to be the cool guy skating through parks or streets.

Factors of How Long You Take to Learn Rollerblading?

Rollerblading is such a beneficial sport for our health. No matter who you are, where you’re from, man or woman, boy or girl, you are difficult to reject the charm of this sport. If you are a beginner, hope this article about how long you take to learn rollerblading can help. Here are some factors you need to know of how long you take to learn rollerblading.

Are you strong and good at sports?

It is the first condition. Your physical strength decide the time you learn. They are totally different results of how long to learn rollerblading, for a physically strong man and a physically weak man. Are you strong and flex in the limbs and joints? Can you do well in the balance of your arms and legs? Does each piece of your muscle work well when you are skating?

Are you confident and believe you can do it?

If you are confident when skating, you have got a half of success. Don’t take rollerblading as a roaring tiger. Be relaxed! It is a paper tiger. It is simple. Kids of 4 or 5 years old can do. Why not you?

Do you fear to fall?

We don’t like falling. It is painful. While, it is inevitable during the process of learning rollerskating, especially for beginners. The minute you get afraid, the next second you must fall. The more you fear, the more mistakes you make. If you are too nervous, it is more likely to fall. By the way, it is quite important to put on professional protecting gears before you skate. The gears will supply a good protect for your elbows and knees, keeping them out of sprains and hurts.

Are you coach equipped with or not?

A good coach standing by your side will fasten your training time. We must say here, the premier is the coach is a kind and professional trainer. He or she is compassionate, never mock you. The coach shares his or her experiences and skills. He or she will point out the mistakes you make. And he or she will encourage you, when you are down in the training.

Do you put on the right rollerblading gears?

Have you found that I use “right”, but not “best” here. It is not necessary to buy the best gears. But you must buy the right ones, which fit you perfectly. My daughter’s teacher asked me to buy one pair of rollerblading shoes from her. I denied at first, for it seemed a bit expensive. My plan was to buy ones online. The fact was that I found it was too difficult to find a good and cheap pair of skating shoes. Finally, I went to her teacher for help. The gears bought from her teacher worked well indeed.

While some of my daughter’s classmates bought cheap gears. Then they got their ankles hurt, because of the poor quality. I don’t mean it must be true that , the dearer, the better. While, it is usually more likely be true. If your pocket allows, the more expensive gears seems to be better. After all, not all of the cheap goods are good in the quality.

How long do you take to train?

It is the very factor that led my elder daughter spent almost two years learning skating. She only got five efficient minutes of learning. There are too many classmates in the class. And it is only one coach. The efficient learning time to train affect the results of you learn. If your physical condition allows, 30 minutes to one hour will be perfect for training.

How often do you train the rollerblading?

How often do you skate? Once a week, twice a week, or once a day? They are all beneficial to the learning of rollerskating. According your actual physical and mental conditions, make a regular training plan. What a terrible thing I am worrying is that you are so busy that squeeze the regular training time. It will greatly affect how much time that you learn.

What is your goal for learning, to be a junior player or an expert?

Dear, you may not agree with me. Look, the training goal affects the beginners. If my setting plan is just to grasp the basics, and just do it for fun, I must not try all the effort to it. The whole process may be a long time. If you are going to play it well and cool, you must work hard and pay all the effort to make it. It may be not too long.

Do you have encouragement from peers and trainer?

Encouragement is like a cup of hot tea. It warms our heart in winter. It comes important during the learning process. We need the encouragement to get over the troubles. Then we will build the confidence and do better.

How to Learn Rollerblading in A Short Time?

Equip with a kind and professional coach.

If you are steady in the income, a coach one-to-one will be helpful for the learning. The coach is kind to your mistakes, when you fall to the ground. He or she is nice and patient to all of your stupid moves and questions. Of course, the coach must be professional in teaching.

Keep rollerskating 1-2 hours every day.

You need to stick to skating every day. And the time for it is at least one hour. 1 to 2 hours is perfect, if you can do it.

Get over the fear to falling.

Get over the fear. Do you still remember the famous song of Westlife, YOU RAISE ME UP. When you raise up, you will stand on the mountain. When you get over the feeling of fear, just take ease and relax, you will find you are not controlled by skating, but skating are following you! Rollerblading will be not horrible any more!

Get a comfortable and right rollerskating shoes.

Before a deep touching with the sport of rollerblading, I have no idea of how to choose the shoes for rollerblading. But one thing, after the years of purchasing experience, it is very important to find a comfortable and right shoes. They must fit your body and feet. There is no need to buy a pair with a very expensive price, nor the cheapest in the store. Ask your feet and legs to experience, to find out if they fit you. Cheap skating shoes usually use poor materials and techniques. They are hard in the bottom, and hurt your innocent toes and ankles.

Warm-up before starting.

By doing some warming ups, your stiff body will get stretched. It can turn to the best condition for the sport. And warm up will reduce the risk of sprained ankles and ligaments. So don’t hurry to skate. Do some warm up before.

Rollerblading together with your friends.

The training of rollerblading is not so interesting. It is boring. Most beginners falls at the first training stage. They are exhausted and tired. Now you need the care from your peers and friends. Skating with friends and peers will make the training full of fun. Your friends will cheer you up, when you are down in the mood and tired. You could make a race or some competition with the friend. You may find how time flies when skating together with friends.

Do some learning online before training.

There are man blogs about rollerblading stories on google, facebook and twitt. Searching online before the learning, will make the training more efficient and fast. Many people shares how to brake, how to turn, how to stand and walk, and how to stop when rollerblading. Some smart ways and skills are shared on the blogs. These experience will make your training finished earlier.

Case Study of Rollerblading Learning Time: 2 year VS. 2 afternoons

My elder daughter Candy spent 2 years to learn some basics, when she started at her 5 years old. And my second daughter Salt only used 2 afternoons, at the same age. But what a big difference between they two!

  • Candy uses good quality rollerblading shoes.

   Salt uses Candy’s shoes.

  • Candy has a coach in the class.

   Salt learns by herself at home.

  • Candy trains once a week, sometimes, once two weeks.

   Salt trains for 2 consecutive afternoons

  • Candy skates 5 minutes each time.

   Salt skates for nearly 2 hours each time. She keeps wearing the

rollerblading shoes that two afternoons, without putting off.

  • Candy is carefully, afraid of falling to the ground. She is very nervous.

   Salt is relaxed. She almost forgets she can’t skate when wearing the rollerblading shoes.

  • Candy gets no encouragement.

   Salt gets a lot of praise and encouragement from we family members, for she is skating at home.

Can you find out why they are different in how long take to learn rollerblading ? Yes, you must find it. They spend different time for training. Candy is 5 minutes, for she has to wait for the coach in the class. While Salt is 2 hours. Moreover, Salt does well in her mood. She is relaxed. She doesn’t worry about falling to the ground.

All in all, it varies from people to people about how does it take to learn rollerblading. There are too many factors influencing the learning time. But, no matter how long we take to learn, the process must be impressive and meaningful for us!

What Age Can A Child Learn to Rollerblade?

It is not a hurry teach a child to roller skate, if the child is less than 4 or 5 years old. The physical condition is not well developed, and the ability of coordination and balance are not built strong enough. Thus, do not push a kid of 3 or 4 to learn rollerblading. Waiting for an appropriate chance and time will be better than pushing them to learn.

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