How Fast Does a 200cc Go Kart Go? 3 Things You May Want to Know

In the fascinating world of go-karting, the faster the speed, the greater the chances of you crossing the finish line first.

In your quest to find a go-kart that can outrun the competition, you’ll have come across engine ccs. You might be wondering, how fast does a 200cc Go Kart go?

A 200cc go-kart’s top speed will depend on its engine. For a two-stroke engine the max speed is around 120mph, while a four-stroke engine has a max speed of 75mph.

Let’s take a look at the details further. Specifically, the top speed of a go-kart, the difference between a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke engine and 200cc in terms of horsepower.

What is the Top Speed of a 200cc Go Kart?

A 200cc go-kart is quite fast. It’s often seen in professional go-karting circuits and less in casual races.

Now, there are two different engines in the 200cc tier. The first is a 2-stroke engine, which puts out top speeds of 120mph. The second is a 4-stroke engine, which puts out top speeds of 75mph.

MPH, or miles per hour is an indication of speed. CC is a detail of the engine, or its volume and capacity. Engine displacement directly translates to how powerful it is and how much torque it can produce.

You might think that faster is better, but this isn’t the case with go-karts. Because go karts are lighter they tend to work better with lower CCs, or else they won’t run at all. Too much torque will make the kart’s wheels spin but you won’t be able to do much after that.

What is the Difference Between a 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke 200cc Engine?

We now know that a 2-stroke engine puts out a faster top speed than a 4-stroke engine, but why is this the case?

In a lower stroke engine there are fewer components. Also, there’s only a single piston that controls combustion, which equals faster output. A four stroke engine, on the other hand will usually have two pistons, which equals a slower but more stable output.

The only problem is, a go-kart has a relatively lighter frame and weight than a regular motorcycle. It won’t be able to handle a two-stroke engine, but a four-stroke engine at 200cc is fine.

That said, a 2-stroke engine may be faster but it’s tricky to run and drive. For a 200cc engine in go-karting, a 4-stroke type is the best choice.

Is 200cc the Maximum Speed in Go Kart?

Go karts will differ in speeds and according to their engines. Classifications can range from 50cc to 250cc, with 50cc designed for casual races and 250cc for the most advanced and professional tracks and competitions.

The max speed in a go kart race will depend on the rules set by the organization. There are about eight classes for go kart racing, based on the drivers’ experience level, age and engine types.

The lowest class type is the Baby Kart or Kid class, with top speeds limited at 30 mph. The most common is the 125cc class, which generally has top speeds of around 70 to 80 mph. In classes where 200cc engines are allowable then the top speed is somewhere around 75mph to 120mph. The fastest ones put out amazing speeds at 140 to 160 mph.

To answer the question, 200cc is not the maximum engine type for go karts. This belongs to the 250cc karts, called �Superkarts’ that can zoom around a track at 140mph max.

What is 200cc in Horsepower?

With all the talk about engine, volume and speeds you might be wondering, �what is the equivalent of cc in horsepower?’

It’s worthy to note that CC and HP are not directly equivalent to each other. CC is the engine size, while HP or horsepower is the power output of the engine.

That said, a 200cc engine is around roughly 13 horsepower in total. Again, this isn’t an exact conversion because there are other factors, and comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges.


A typical four-stroke, 200cc go kart will run at around 75mph, or 75 miles per hour at max, while a go-kart with a two-stroke engine will run at 120mph, or 120 miles per hour at max speed.

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