How Fast Do Go-Karts Go?

Kart racing is a variant of motor sporting or Motorsport and takes place on the scaled-down racing circuit. Go-karts may have different speeds, and the exact speed may depend on the kart. Read on to know the answer to the question “how fast do go-karts go?” and find out more about the speed and aspects of the go-karts.

Speed of Go-Kart

The maximum speed of the majority of go-karts is 40 or 50 mph. This maximum speed is also considered to be safe and is more controllable. The racer won’t fly away and off the track at this speed, and there are lesser chances that anybody else would get hurt as well. The professional races may witness the racing karts go beyond 150 mph. Because there are different racing categories within go-kart racing itself, the different karts may have different engine capacity and their speed may also vary. If you know the speed of a particular kart, you should first try to know the race in which it is competing, or its type and engine specifications. The variations in the speed of Go-Kart are not limited to the races. The speed of the go-kart can also vary within the same engine category as well

Go Kart Classification

The go-karts can be classified in different ways. Depending on the built, it can be classified as an off-road vehicle, a low-speed vehicle (LSV), or a utility vehicle. The legality of the go-karts may also vary depending on the state in which it is being used. In most cases, when a go-kart can meet certain requirements, it can be used on the street legally and there are no such restrictions. For instance, some States including Alabama may require that the go-karts have the necessary safety parts and are also DMV registered. Riders of the go-kart should also possess a valid driving license and should be more than 16 years of age. Alabama also classified the go-karts as low-speed vehicles (LSVs), which means that they can be driven during daylight conditions and hours. The karts are not allowed to go into the highways and should maintain their speed below 25 mph. Some states (for instance Alaska) may not allow the go-karts to be used on the streets as they are classified as off-road vehicles.

Making a Go-Kart Legal

A go-kart can only be seen on the street when it has undergone the necessary modifications and can be fit enough to be driven on road. Highways and streets are heavily regulated and you should ensure that any vehicle you drive complies with the regulations. Below is a step-by-step procedure to ensure that your go-kart can be driven legally on the roads.

Meeting the requirements: when a go-kart can meet all the important and legal requirements, it can be driven on a road. These requirements may be related to the brakes, mirrors, windshield, seat belts, horn, tires, exhaust system, speedometer, reflectors, among other components of your go-kart. The state where you reside will have specific details on these requirements.

Inspection: a DMV inspector will inspect your go-kart and will then issue you permission to use it on the street. The inspection ensures that your go-kart has all the necessary components to fulfill the legal requirements and can be safely driven on the roads.

Passing the speed test: before the go-kart can be driven on the road, an inspector will inspect it to test the speed limits of the vehicle. You may be required to install the speed limiter or speed governor, which will ensure that the go-kart does not exceed the speed limit. Ensure that the speed limit has been set to 25 mph or even lower. The inspector will be testing the speed limits by physically testing the go-kart, following LSV regulations and other requirements.

Registering Your Go Kart

After meeting all the component requirements, passing the speed test, and getting the vehicle inspected, a go-kart has to be registered. It can be registered as an off-road vehicle, low-speed vehicle, or a highway recreational vehicle as well. The classification itself will depend on the state or the city where you reside and want to use the kart. There can also be the weight requirements (for instance 3000 LBS or below) l, which you may have to fulfill. Once all is done, you need to buy insurance for your go-kart as well.


You can make all the inquiries regarding the go-kart requirements or compliance with your city DMV office. Following the legal standards and adhering to the guidelines will ensure that you can use the go-karts safely on the roads, and can enjoy the ride without any troubles.

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