Fun Things to Do While Camping with Friends

Anything in the camping area can be a good game while camping. Sometimes, campers will set some special theme for the camping to experience. Actually, for camping itself, it is a kind of sport. People will get full body exercises through it. You need to create the eating and sleeping circumstances by yourself, such as building the tent, laying the kitchen, tidying the bedroom.

You will experience total different feelings in the camping. Do not hold the thought that you must carry on some special activities, but you could think about how to enjoy the funs bring by camping.


Someone may ask, how can chatting be a game? People could talk with the surrounding at any time anywhere. However, chatting in the camping is a bit different from the daily talking.

At first, it is a different place. No matter where you camp, in the center of the city, or without tents, or in the wild, you must be very excited. You will feel a unique atmosphere there. If there is some cool wind, it will be more cozy and happier.

Second, the persons you talk with can be your friends or some campers you just meet for the first time. Staying with the guys who have the same interests as you, will bring you many common languages. Chatting can start from the camping gears he interests. Then you can make the dialogue deeper with the talking going on.

Think about it. If not camping, it is hard for us to talk with strangers for such a long time. Camping chatting has a unique magic power. It will shorten the distance between each other. Maybe you will feel he is more closer than your best friend.

It is because it happens in camping. People sit around the fire under the misty moonlight, sharing their special stories, enjoying a piece of a happy time.


Let’s go camping if you have no time to enjoy reading in your daily nervous life. In camping, you can read casually. There are still few campers holding the view that in the wild they must carry on some active games.

Relatively speaking, isn’t it better for us to do something that we can not finish in our daily life? It doesn’t mean that you must read a book when you are camping, but where can you find a good place as a tent for reading?

Bring one or two books you are going to read all the time, then sit on the chairs under the tarpaulin, or lie on the hammock. You may enjoy a piece of rest time at noon, if you sleep while reading. The book you read can not be a novel, you could choose some relaxing magzines. And listening to the rustle of the pages is a kind of unique fun.

Watching Movies

It is popular to play the movies by the 60 inches or more portable projector in the camping area. In order not to affect others, you could choose some quiet and remote places. Action movies, teleplays and many topics movies are all available.

What you need to do is to choose the movie according to the hobbies of your partners. And the most important thing is the movie can bring the fun for you and your friends. When the night falls, and all is quiet, watching the movie on the white screen will be substantial and pleasant.

Tips from the Experienced Campers

Portable projector is not big in the size. It is just as the cigarette box. So you could take it everywhere you wish.
Although it is low in the screen resolution and dark in the pictures, it is quite enough for you to watch movie in the black night. Battery capacity inside is not big. You may not be able to finish a whole film. So you are better to take standby battery or play the film in the camping area with power supply.
If you don’t have portable projector, take it easy. You could rent it from the gear renting stores, only by search the word “projector rent” on line.

Taking Photos

Only the task of organizing camping gear makes you burdened. Taking your camera together may make you feel more troublesome. Maybe you will be too busy in organizing the gear to take photos.

While it is not necessary to take the professional cameras for beautiful photographs. You mobile phone is enough for you to catch some precious moments.

Take the photos of your DIY tent or tarpaulin, friend who has ever cooked, and the guy in the hammock. Then upload them to the TWITTER or FACEBOOK. Show them to your friends and families. You will not only receive the comments full of envies by your friends, but even attract some of them who are nearby join you directly.

Compared to showing off with friends, the merry times in the camping is more inviting. When you back to the daily life, you can find the pictures in the mobile phone, and rewarm that beautiful mood.

Wild Activities

Come out of the tent. Then it is the unbounded wild world. You can try everything you do in the sports ground. Take your baseball gloves and ball, and play catch. Play badminton, and soccer.

Nowadays, in many stores, you will easily buy the darts and toys of catch. Take these to the camp and enjoy them. For family with kids, nothing is more fun than these wild activities.

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