Do They Weigh You Before Parasailing: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

With the parasail industry expanding the safety regulations over the last few years. The parasailing companies have gained immense experience and they are always striving to work with first-time parasailers. The first time you sign up for parasailing, it’s obvious that you will be overwhelmed pondering upon the myths about whether you need to swim or whether it’s going on a roller coaster. But rest assured, no matter whether you are with a company of friends or alone, you will be able to enjoy the enthralling ride up the sky.

Is there any weight limit?

The lower weight limit for parasailing is 110 pounds on the lower end and the person has to be large enough to cope up with the flight without being blown around. When it comes to the higher end, the limit is 425 pounds which help to ensure that the line is never snapped off.

Children as small as 6 years can take part in parasailing. But if you wish to fly alone, it’s crucial that you weigh at least 100 pounds. On the flip side, light people may go along with somebody else. In this regard, it’s important to consider do they weigh you before parasailing. However, no federal regulation governs this and it is mostly left to the operators regarding how they want to carry out the task.

What’s the weight limit for tandem parasailing?

The mean weight limitations of 425- 450 pounds are the same for tandem or harness parasailing as well. If you are on the heavier side, they may not weigh you before parasailing but will definitely ask your weight. If required, you may have to parasail alone. This is not only for the heavy bodyweight but also for keeping the rig properly balanced.

If it so happens that an individual weighs more than the other, then it may alter the position of the parasail and impact the riding negatively. Even though this is not always dangerous, most service providers will keep it to one passenger for maximizing safety.

Do they weigh you before parasailing?

Talking about the weight limits, you may be thinking about whether you need to be weighted before you step your foot. But they will not weigh you on a scale but if are on the higher end of the limit, they will ask your weight. Even though they won’t flash it before all your co-passengers, you cannot expect all the service providers to be discrete.

In some cases, you may see that they are asking your estimated weight as a part of the signup formalities. You may even have to present any document showing your body weight. But this is more likely to happen if your weight is towards the upper limits.


Travelling and adventure are supposed to be fun and enthralling but if you are too fat or too skinny, sometimes it can bring about unwanted complications. But it’s worth noting that the limitations and regulations may vary from one place to another, rig setups and individual companies. However, this guideline can help clear out a lot of doubts and assist you in your parasailing on your next vacay.

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