Do Go Karts Have Power Steering?(4 Things You May Want to Know)

Whether you are a beginner or professional, go-karting is extremely fun. However, go-karts are designed to be light on the tracks and built that way. That’s because extra weight might hinder speed and overall performance.

Do Go Karts Have Power Steering?

But, do go karts have power steering? Go-karts don’t have power steering. Installing a power steering setup to the kart adds weight. As such, it decreases the engine power. And, leads to less speed. Moreover. Go-kart drivers tend to steer the kart by using their arms forcibly.

You need arms to steer a go-kart. Hence, the steering wheel should have a comfortable grip. In general, the steering wheel is wrapped with neoprene fingertips. That way, it provides a cushy grip. Let’s learn more about how to handle a go-kart effectively.

How difficult is it to steer a go-kart?

Go-karts have a simplistic design and mode of operation compared to cars. However, many people are unaware of how things work. And, how to steer them in the right direction. Besides, certain parts might be complex for many to understand.

And, one of them is how hard it is to steer a go-kart. This is one of the most popular questions that many ask. The fact that it doesn’t a power steering makes people ask this question frequently. Many believe is that go-karting is a kind of sport that requires much effort.

While most drivers struggle when they get started, it gets a lot easier as they work upon their strength. There is no denying that steering is the hardest part of this popular sport. Your arms and core play a big role. Hence, to make a career out of it, you should work on them.

Moreover, you need to master certain techniques to get an upper hand in any kind of game. And, go-karting is not an exception. Because, steering is an important aspect of go-karting, the only way is to practice hard. That way, you can fall in line with how things work.

In short, if you know how to turn the wheel, you can drive a go-kart effectively. And, this is the minimum requirement before you can start to imagine yourself as a winner.

How does a go-kart steering work?

The steering system in a go-kart has a simple design. The steering wheel connects to a steering shaft, which connects two tie rods. You can find one of them on the right and another on the left. The tie rods attach to the spindles on both sides.

The spindle turns when you turn the steering wheel. As a result, it allows the go-kart to move left or right. However, steering the go-kart might be challenging in the beginning. And, you need proper exercise to strengthen your core and arms.

Furthermore, practicing improves steering to a great extent. In short, the more you drive a go-kart, the more you become comfortable behind the wheel.

How to operate a go-kart steering wheel:

Only practice can make you an expert. Here are some tips that help you to steer your go-kart effectively.

  • Get a tight grip on the steering wheel. That way, you can control the kart faster
  • It is a common mistake to turn the kart into corners early. Slow the kart before you turn. And, go for a later apex when you need to accelerate
  • Make good use of the tracks because it gives you more speed. Also, the wider you can get on each corner, the kart carries more speed
  • When you are turning, never lean towards the apex. It makes acceleration harder
  • Apply the steering wheel gradually and smoothly. When you steer aggressively, it makes matter worse

Is it possible to install a power steering on a go-kart?

It is possible to replace normal steering with a power steering system. However, this will add extra weight to the kart. As a result, the kart won’t reach maximum speed. Also, it will use a portion of the engine’s power. And, make it slow. Apart from that, it is expensive to install. So, it is not a wise decision to install a power steering to your kart.


So, it is evident that go-karts don’t have power steering. And, it puts a lot of strain on your core and arms when you steer them. However, with constant practice, you can overcome difficulties.

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