Can I Swim With Braces or Invisalign on?

Are you a beneficiary from brace? Yes. I am. I had worn it for over 2 years, since I was 15 years old. Thanks to braces, I can laugh hahahaha without any restrain, which brings me confidence and sunshine. I still remember the days with braces are so impressive, for I had a lot of question of do or don’t about braces. Can I swim with braces on? Are you also troubled by it? The answer is yes! You can! It is totally a myth about brace rusting. Swimming with braces or invisalign is absolutely safe and okay.

Can I Go Swimming with Braces on?

Yes! Just go ahead. What are you worried about? Wearing a brace doesn’t mean our life are pulled to stop. We can go dancing ,go hiking and go swimming, even you are having braces on. The appliance of braces is designed strong enough to survive in our mouth. It resists to rust. It is made of titanium alloy, which is difficult to be rusted. And titanium alloy is designed to adapt to our saliva for 24 hours. That is the very right orthodontist material choice, meeting the strict demand of  our mouth.

Take it ease. Your brace appliance can’t be beaten by saliva, let alone the little case of chemicals in pool. As we know, the majority of the chemicals in the pool is chlorine. Titanium brace is strong enough to stand the chlorine from the pool. It cannot be affected or damaged by these little stuffs.

Can I Go Swimming with Invisalign?

Is it safe to wear invisalign while swimming? Yes, there is no need to stop swimming and kinds of sports. Invisalign is made of plastic, that is now way to rust in pool. Of course, so is salty water in the ocean. The appliance is perfectly designed for our mouth and teeth. Thus, the answer is yes, you can go swimming with invisalign on.

“It may fall off.” That is some voice from a girl with invisalign on. Good question. Tell you a truth, your glasses, rubber bands, even the undersuit may easily fall out, but it mustn’t be your invisalign. It is made on the base of your mouth model, which is wonderfully fitting to each piece of your tooth, muscles, tissues in your mouth.

You can swim with invisalign or braces, while you must keep the most important thing in mind. That is you must wear the aligner for over 20 hours one day. 20 to 22 hours will be the best wearing time for our naughty teeth. So if your job is to stay in the pool or water for a whole day , or you are an avid swimmer, it is great for you to wear invisalign aligners while you are swimming.

While, if you are indeed not enjoying swimming with invisalign on, please make sure how long you are going to swim without it. And put the aligner in a clean case. Don’t spend too much time in swimming, for you only have 2-4 hours free, if you are not going to prolong the whole orthodontist time.

Can I Play Sports in the Water With Invisalign or Braces?

Swimming is not the only sport in the water. Waterpolo, water skiing and surfing are also very popular in the hot weather. There is one problem. “I am wearing braces!”

You can swim with braces or invisalign on. That is okay and safe to play water sport with the orthodontic aligners as well. We cannot be sidelined with them. They shouldn’t get in the way of our colorful sport life!

But, keep in mind, you need wear a guard for your lovely lips and teeth, when you are playing these water sports. These sports may bring you into a risk of hurting your mouth and teeth. The volleyball may give your face a cool blow. Then it is a crack of your teeth and your braces. In a more serious situation, you may need to go the dentist for a treatment.

During the orthodontic period, the sudden hit will damage the appliance. It is easily make your mouth cut by the braces, which means you have to spend an extra amount of money to treat the teeth, and make a new invisalign or braces. A mouth guard will reduce the risk of getting your teeth or braces hurt, and protect your pocket in some way.

What Shouldn’t You Do with Braces?

  • Do not use the teeth, except chewing food.

Do not misuse our teeth, unless you are going to chew things. Our teeth are quite weak while you are wearing braces or invisalign. They are bind tightly together by the aligners. Thus, the force from the braces may lead in dislocation of teeth. And the enamel are also easy to be damaged.

  • Do not eat cold food.

Cold food are forbidden to eat, just as ice cube. They will result in highly sensitive response for teeth and gum. That is what we never wanna experience in the orthodontic period. Keep in mind, your teeth are weak! Touching cold food for a long time may add the sensitivity of teeth and gum. Seriously, the aligner will get off. Some guys will get cold sores and gum rashes.

  • Do not eat hard food.

Hard food will exert unnecessary pressure on the teeth in every directions. And chewing hard things will make the bracket and orthodontic stainless steel wires crack. These hard things will damage the gum, tongue and brain.

  • Do not eat too sweet, sour or sticky food.

If you are a sweet tooth, from the moment putting on the braces, you have to give the diet hobbies up in a time. You must stay away from candies, popcorns, lemons, and chewing gums. They are too sweet, or too sour, and sticky. It seems to be miserable to sacrifice these hobbies. While, cheer up! You know, the time of the orthodontist is temporary. After that, you will gain a charming and sunshine smile. It is only one or two years.Do not drink hot beverages.

Food with much sugar will left the sugar in our mouth, which promotes the growth and multiplying of the bacteria. These bacteria is te unhappy root of our oaral cavity. They make our teeth experience tooth decay, colored tooth, and finally halitosis.  

And sour food will rust enamel, the outer part of our teeth. And they will aslo be left in the surroundings of the bracket and the surface of our teeth. And these sour left will result in colored spots on the teeth, which are not easily spotted at our glance. They are not so evident found, until the braces are torn off. It is too late for us to take the actions to stop it, when our braces cracks.

So let me say it again, do not eat the food which is too sweet, sour or sticky. Love your teeth, away from these rubbish food, when you are wearing braces or invisalign.

  • Don not drink hot beverage.

The materials of our braces and invisaligns are resistant to chlorine. But it will be defeated by hot drink and weather. Never left it in the sun directly or the car in hot weather.

Braces and invisalign bring smiles and confidence to us. Never let the myth about brace to interfere our life. It is no way! Right?! Go! Swim! Let us hug and play in the water with braces on.

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