Can I Play Golf With A Hernia?

Gareth Bale, once the most expensive football player in the world, got his golf-themed venue approved recently. He is well known for his craze for golf, as the Real Madrid start footballer. Although he was once suffering hernia, it couldn’t stop his unceasing love for golf. You can still find Bale appear on the different reporters’ photos, swinging his club handsomely on the golf courses. So the answer to Can I play golf with a hernia is yes, but depends on how severe the hernia is. Generally, the best and most secure way for us is to repair it in the shortest time, and then play golf 3 weeks after the hernia surgery.

Can I Play Golf With A Hernia?

When you find a bump under the skin, you have to pay some attention to it. Check it. And find out whether it aches, when you lift things up, cough, and strain the body. Sometimes, guys you may feel painful when you strain during the urination or bowel movement. Don’t be embarrassed. Those are what a hernia patient suffering. Even a long time of standing or sitting also cause discomfort for you.

And inguinal hernia is one of the most common seen types. Men are more likely to have one than women. It cannot be improved with no treatment. It will only to be more and more serious, even kill your life, unless you start to deal with it.

Does it mean that our golf world are shut down, at the moment we got to know we have a hernia? Can I still play golf with a hernia? It depends. If the hernia doesn’t affect your golf and cause no pain, you are able to run, active and athletic as before, and feel no discomfort, it is available for you to continue to play golf with caution. Keep in mind, play it with caution and no sharp movements.

If you do feel severe painful and sore, set golf aside. Meet your doctor first to find out what to be done. A surgery is generally suggested. It will be a day in and out. Then 3 weeks later, you could also be seen again on the golf course by your peers. That is what most guys choose, when they found they got a hernia. Get it treated, and move the life forward. Play golf, go swimming and jogging.

Can Golf Aggravate A Hernia?

No. Sharp and high intensity sports do aggravate hernia. While golf is a turtle sport. It does not need the players to rush to run, jump, kick, cut and move. The key movement is a slow rotation. Thus I call it a turtle sport. There is no need to knock, kick and run. What the players need to do is slowly swing their exquisite golf club, leaving the spectators elegant backs.

How Long After Hernia Can I Golf?

3 weeks after the surgery. The most secure way to play golf with a hernia, is to get it repaired and treated. You may face a choice between a local general anaesthetic open surgery or a key hole surgery. Most people would like a keyhole surgery under general anaesthetic . Keyhole surgery is safer and fast to get rehabilitation. And it is the day you get into the surgery, and the same you out of the hospital. You can be back home for recovery at the later time of the day. Of course, it is the situations for most patients, except some special cases.

There must be pains of the wounds after the operation. And it will last for 24 to 48 hours. Some may feel discomfort on the shoulder. Don’t worry. It will be better later. You are able to leave the bed with some little movements, 1 hour after operation. Gentle walking is helpful to release the pains of the wounds. Generally, in 4 to 5 days, the discomfort from the surgery will disappear.

And during the first couple of days, you are better to take some slow walk in the room. This make the risk of thrombosis on the legs and chest happening reduced. 1 weeks later, you could take a casual walk out of the house. In 2 weeks, I suggest you do some low intensity sports, such as swimming, jogging and some aerobic exercises in the fitness centers.

Then finally, that is our favorite sport, golf. It needs to be played at least 3 weeks after operation. You may feel a bit uncomfortable while playing, for a long time of no exercises. Don’t be worried. Just make your body a period of adapting time. But keep in mind to be cautious! I wanna to say it again, play golf with caution. And you MUSTN’T LIFT ! Do not lift things up in the first month.

What Activities Should Be Avoided With A Hernia?

  • Weight lifting activities should be avoided, such as weight lifting. These weight exertion lifting activities will result in strain. It will make you sore and discomfort.
  • Abdominal stretching activities should be avoided, such as yoga. It has too much stretching movements. You mustn’t over stretch the abdominal. It would add the pressure on the abdominal muscles, aggravate the hernia.
  • Stretching activities should be avoided, such as crunches, plank training, and calisthenics and sit-ups.
  • High intensity repetitive activities should be avoided, such as basketball, football, running, jumping. Hernia cannot stand such fierce shaking.

Things You Shouldnt Do With Hernia?

  • Do not lift heavy things.
  • Do not drive the car in the first 7 days after the surgery.
  • Do not eat fat, spicy, hard or food difficult to be digested. Fiber is more recommended.
  • Do not do high intensity sports, such as football, running, basketball, jumping.
  • Do not make yourself working all day long or tired.
  • Do not cough.
  • Do not smoke.

Can You Still Play Sports With A Hernia?

Yes, it is okay. The reason for hernia is the high pressure and weak muscles of the abdominal wall in the body. Thus, it is okay to choose some safety and slow pace exercises. You can go swimming, jogging, and play golf.


Hernia may make us pain, and stop us to go for a rest. While it can’t stop our love to golf, just as what Gareth Bale said to reporter from Daily Express, “I love the sport, I love the fact that you can just get away from everything, be with your friends, and no-one can come over to you on a golf course. Etiquette! It’s nice to get out and, I suppose, switch your mind off from football, just have a laugh.”

“Yeah, at the moment, I am obsessed with golf.”

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