Can I Go Snorkeling While Pregnant?

Certain exercises such as the ones with low impact are beneficial during pregnancy. And, the good news is that snorkeling isn’t just low impact, you can do it in a comfortable weightless condition. I always loved to explore the underwater world.

But when I conceived, one question bugged me often. “Can I go snorkeling while pregnant?” If you are pregnant and worried about the same, there is nothing to fear.

You can snorkel while pregnant. However, there are a few important things that you should consider. Read on to find out everything you need to know when snorkeling during pregnancy from considerations to tips.

Can you go snorkeling while pregnant?

Yes, you can go snorkeling when you are pregnant. However, is snorkeling safe during pregnancy? Yes, snorkeling is considered safe by many medical organizations. And, it includes the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Organization as well.

However, you should consider certain safety measures when snorkeling. Pregnant women must adhere to these precautions to ensure they remain safe when snorkeling. That way, you can experience the underwater world without worries.

Before getting started

It is always wise to check with your physician first when you want to travel while being pregnant. That’s because there might be reasons why you should avoid taking a flight and stay away from specific activities.

As said, snorkeling is just fine. But make sure to consult with your doctor because they are aware of your current physical condition. Nobody likes to experience bad things, especially during pregnancy.

Keep in your mind that taking precautions in time is always better than a cure. And, most pregnant women can snorkel. However, make sure that you are not an exception.

Relation between pregnancy trimesters and snorkeling

Now that you got a green light from the doctor, it is important to know about the basics. As you know, pregnancy includes three trimesters. Hence, to understand snorkeling tips better, it is crucial to know the importance of trimesters.

The first trimester comes to an end by week 12. The second starts from week 13 and lasts until week 26. And, the third trimester starts from week 27 and continues until the birth of your child.

Most women experience tiredness during their first trimester. Also, it is the most critical phase for your baby’s development. However, during the second trimester, the fatigue tends to decrease and sometimes disappear completely.

But during the third trimester, most women experience issues with breathing and extreme tiredness. Also, they have trouble having a good night’s sleep. From the trimester point of view, you can say that it is good to snorkel during the second trimester.

But if your doctor allows you to snorkel during the first and third trimesters, you are good to go underwater. However, keep in mind that you will experience tiredness quickly.

So, if you need to choose snorkeling while pregnant, the second trimester should be the right choice. That’s because it is the time when most women feel energetic.

How can you safely snorkel while pregnant?

If you have made it this far, you will likely go snorkeling and have a blast. I am happy for you! But I would like to provide you with some useful tips. That way, your snorkeling adventure trip will turn out to be the most memorable one for you.

When snorkeling during pregnancy, it is good to keep these tips in mind. Moreover, you can follow them with ease without being overly concerned. But above all, consider the condition of your health before going underwater.

1. Evaluate your fitness level

While snorkeling is considered a low-impact sporting activity, it is wise to look into your fitness level before you hit the water. If you tried it earlier a few times, there isn’t an issue. But if you are snorkeling for the first while being pregnant, you need to rethink a bit.

Although it isn’t dangerous, it might be uncomfortable for you. Many studies have shown that water aerobics are safe during pregnancy. However, one needs to be aware of the physical limitations and consult a doctor before snorkeling.

2. Never try to hold your breath

It’s an advantage if you can breathe while snorkeling. And, it depends on your experience as well. Hence, if you can’t, it is not recommended to go snorkeling. Or, you can practice snorkeling before hitting the blue ocean.

You shouldn’t hold your breath when you are pregnant. That’s because your baby needs a continuous flow of oxygen. Or else, it can harm your baby. So, it’s better to learn about the risks associated with oxygen levels while pregnant.

However, many pregnant women tend to use a snorkel mask that covers their face. But I’d rather recommend you to avoid using them. Some of them run the risk of carbon dioxide build-up.

3. Getting overheated isn’t good

I know that it is overwhelming to take a holiday to a sunny island filled with the prettiest beaches. And, I like it too that way. However, in most cases, you get to experience a warm, sunny, or even hot climate.

When you are out there in the ocean, keep in mind that water tends to cool down your body. While your skin may indicate the temperature, you are unable to know your overall body temperature. You may not know but your inner temperature might be higher than you imagine.

When you are pregnant, your average body temperature tends to be higher than usual. Because of the increased flow of blood, your body temperature might be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. But there could be issues if the temperature rises to 102 degrees Fahrenheit for over 10 minutes.

As a result, you may experience dehydration. Also, there are risks of having a miscarriage and neural tube defects. It is an important thing that you should know and take the necessary precautions.

4. Drink plenty of water

The best way to deal with overheating is to stay hydrated. It helps to regulate your body temperature. It is very important to drink plenty of water when you are pregnant. And, the need increases when you go snorkeling.

But how much water should you drink? You may consult your doctor to get the right answer. In general, it is good to take 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. However, your doctor will suggest whether or not this amount remains the same when you go snorkeling.

5. Remain under the shadow as long as possible

I know it sounds boring, but that’s the way it is. You fly all the way from home to an exotic place and you do what? Sit in the shadow most of the time. This is not what you planned for.

If you ask me, I like to spend most of my time in the shadow. There are brighter sides to it. First, it won’t change your view of the landscape. Secondly, it won’t change your mood.

On the other hand, there is no excitement sitting under the sun especially when the weather is too hot. Besides, you may have tried sitting in the shadow even if you aren’t pregnant, right?

6. You may use a mineral sunscreen

According to many experts, pregnant women must use high-quality mineral sunscreen when staying outdoors. While there is no shortage of such products, you can always get the right ones for your needs.

My personal choice is a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. It is a great option especially if you are having sensitive skin. These days, many sunscreens come in the form of a spray. And, that makes it easy for you to apply.

7. Take frequent breaks

Whenever you go snorkeling, it is a good idea to take breaks frequently. In short, try to make your snorkeling time brief. And, find a cool spot where you can lay down for some time.

You may think that the ocean is giving you a cool feeling. But I would like to mention that there is nothing to worry about. It is just a feeling. Your inner temperature could be higher. Therefore, try not to stay in the ocean for a long time.

How can you avoid injuries?

Nobody likes to have an unpleasant experience by having an injury while on a vacation. So, it is something that you need to take care of when you are pregnant and want to go snorkeling. Here are a few tips that can be helpful.

1. If possible, enter the water securely

It is important to remain safe while entering the water. Different types of underwater objects and big rocks are noticeable and can create hurdles while maneuvering through them. Even if you manage to get rid of them there might still be translucent or smaller things.

So, if you have the option, try to go snorkeling from a sandy beach. It might be the best option to avoid certain types of injuries caused by slipping and falling. Always be careful and take small steps while walking towards the water.

Keep in mind that a piece of glass could be anywhere. Hence don’t rush into waters and keep a close eye on your surroundings. Staying alert can save you from having injuries.

2. You can use water shoes

It is always good to remain cautious when you are pregnant. And, the importance increases when you are thinking about snorkeling. Normal shoes might save your day when you are not surrounded by water.

But wearing a pair of water shoes is the preferred choice of many, including me. Moreover, you can get a pair of good shoes as low as $30. In my opinion, having water shoes is a great idea that you shouldn’t overlook.

The rubber sole that comes with these shoes is of great help whenever you are on slippery surfaces. It provides an added layer of protection, which is important when you are pregnant and surrounded by water.

You can buy water shoes from online stores where you get to choose from a variety of designs. Besides, there are water shoes specifically designed for snorkeling. That way, it makes it easier for you to find the right ones.

3. A snorkel vest could be equally helpful

The only reason why you need to use a snorkel vest is to protect your back and stomach. Sometimes fish can get curious and swim straight towards you. When you wear a snorkel vest, it helps you to create an added layer of protection.

That way, you don’t have to fear unpleasant bites or feelings from marine life. Furthermore, these vests can help you to float, which is great when you are feeling tired. A little energy saved through this process won’t harm you.

Also, you can use the energy for the second round of snorkeling. There are plenty of snorkel vests to consider when buying one. So, it might not be a major issue for you. Apart from that, snorkel rash guards could be of great help as well.

Snorkel rash guards are thinner compared to the vests and cover your whole body. As such, it protects you from stings and sunburns. However, ensure that they don’t rise your body temperature.

How can you save your energy?

Saving energy levels is most important if you are in the first and third trimesters. Sometimes, some women get tired during the second trimester of pregnancy as well. So, are there tips on saving your energy levels? Yes, there are.

1. Understand the currents

Research the currents and know in which direction they might take you. That’s because it will help you save your energy levels to a great extent. When you know where the current will take you with the flow, it makes snorkeling easy for you.

Also, you can quit when you are done. So, stay close to the beach and decide when to come out of the water. And, head back to your resting place slowly. Always remember that a short walk needs less energy compared to managing your snorkeling position for a longer period.

2. Make good use of fins

There is no denying that fins are of great help when it comes to swimming. Hence, whenever you use fins, it allows you to move faster and make snorkeling a lot easier. Apart from that, they can help you save a lot of energy.

So, if you haven’t got one, it is wise to buy a nice pair. And, you don’t have to buy an expensive one. Swimming flippers with open heels might be the right choice for you. Also, they work great with water shoes when you combine them.

3. Try to float

I have already told you about snorkel vests and how they are effective in saving your energy. But if you don’t intend to wear one, you can always try something different. Anything that you can inflate such as a floating mattress will do.

You can find a lot of products online that will fulfill your needs better. The only thing that you need to do is make proper research about them. That way, you can have the perfect one that will complement your current physical condition.

4. Follow a proper diet

I am pretty sure that being a pregnant woman you are taking good care when it comes to having a proper diet. So yes, ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating the right kinds of food and drinking enough water. In short, stick to whatever your doctor advises you to take.

It is a no-brainer that a good diet will make your energy levels better and you won’t feel tired often. Never skip breakfast and take food along with you when you need to. Whatever it takes, make sure to take good care of your health.

5. Take a walk

Whenever you go for a walk, it helps you to set your mind free. Moreover, it is a good distraction from the constant craving to go snorkeling as well. Try to relax in a place that’s filled with a shade such as in the woods.

If possible, bring some water and light food to eat. Enjoy that you are pregnant and having fun. Snorkeling can wait and there would be more opportunities in the future. As of now, focus more on your baby.

Other general tips that you can follow:

The more you follow safety measures, the better you will make it through your pregnancy without hurdles. Here are some additional tips that I believe every pregnant woman should follow when going snorkeling.

1. Never snorkel alone

Of all the basic snorkeling rules, this one is the most crucial whether or not you are pregnant. So, double-check that you aren’t making any exceptions. If you have your partner by your side, that’s awesome.

Try to stay together at all times. And, if you travel alone, find someone. As such, they will keep an eye on you and help you in an emergency. Who knows, you may find a bigger group of snorkelers where you can join in and have a blast!

2. Stop snorkeling if you feel uncomfortable

Every day is different and can be a rollercoaster ride for pregnant women. So, if you are not feeling well, skip snorkeling for the day. Having a relaxed mind with lots of energy is important for snorkeling.

If you are in water and feeling uncomfortable, just quit. It is better to take a break whenever you feel sick or dizzy. Hence, break free, take a chill pill and wait for new possibilities.

3. Find a place to have a break

You can get a lot of places to relax out on the ocean. While reefs could be one of few places, it is important to think about emergencies as well. Suppose, you are snorkeling and you don’t feel well out of anywhere. So, what to do now?

How quickly can you get out of the water? Can you find any medication or even water? Is there help nearby? In short, try staying closer to the beach. Never ignore your feelings and don’t swim too far.

4. Relax

Getting to relax during pregnancy can be extremely therapeutic. Furthermore, when you are exploring marine life, it can relax your brain to a great extent. So, grab your snorkel gear and do whatever it takes.

And, the experience might not be too long. But ensure that you are having a great time in the water. Being happy is very important when you are pregnant.

5. Watch out for jellyfish

While you may not find jellyfish easily, they could be near you. So, before heading toward the snorkel destination don’t forget to check whether the area is safe from jellyfish. Entering into their habitat is not a good idea.

Hence, it is best not to visit those places. Jellyfish can sting you like anything and the chances increase during the jellyfish season. Therefore, make detailed research and go snorkeling after confirming the safety features of the place.

6. Carry a first aid kit with you

Because you never know what can happen, it is best to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. Moreover, when you pay close attention to what you are doing, the risk of getting hurt decreases. While the blue ocean seems to fascinate you, it can hurt you in every possible way.

Let’s say, there is a rock that you didn’t notice and got yourself hurt. On such occasions, you will be happy if you carry a first aid kit. Even with limited space inside your backpack, you can always find a tiny box available to take care of cuts and bruises.


You can go snorkeling while pregnant because it is safe for you to do so. Snorkeling while pregnant is one of the exciting things that you can do outside. You can float in the water, enjoy the incredible sea life, and experience something different.

Snorkeling is a low-impact activity and is great for pregnant women. But the most important part is that you should follow certain safety measures while doing so. That way, you can have the best time of your life.

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