Is It OK to Bowl When Pregnant

When you see the ball rolling and hitting all the pins, the thrill that you get is unmatched. And, you tend to have this experience almost every weekend. However, if you love bowing and being pregnant, one question might bother you often.

“Can I Bowl While Pregnant?” While many pregnant women do bowl safely, it is important to risks beforehand. As such, you get to know about the safety precautions that you should take. In this post, I will discuss whether or not to bowl while pregnant. So, read on.

Can I bowl when I am pregnant?

Yes, you can bowl when you are pregnant. It is important to note that nobody knows your health better than yourself. So, if you don’t have complications, you don’t have to bother about lifting a ball.

However, choose a comfortable ball to lift and enjoy your game. Also, it is a good idea to consult with your physician and take safety precautions while playing. That way, you are good to go even while pregnant.

Is it safe to go bowling while I am pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to go bowling while you are pregnant. But you should take certain safety precautions to avoid injury. If you like bowling before getting pregnant, you likely continue to enjoy the game during pregnancy. Even the American Medical Association supports activities with low impact during pregnancies.

However, you should remain active in those activities before conception. But as you progress through this period, bowling might get a bit uncomfortable for you. And, there are good reasons for that as well.

  • You have to depend on your back to have the support when your tummy grows bigger
  • It might be difficult for you to maintain the right balance while carrying the ball and throwing it down
  • When your joints start to lose, bowling might utilize your upper body strength to avoid an accident

Furthermore, it is wise to consult with your physician before continuing your favorite sporting activity. Your doctor can make the right decision based on your current circumstances. Always allow your level of comfort to guide you in these conditions.

That’s because it is unwise to put yourself in exhaustion and pain during pregnancy. So, when you feel uncomfortable, it means that your body is telling you to let go. Hence, take necessary precautions during this period while enjoying yourself.

Are there risks of miscarriage while pregnant?

No, bowling doesn’t cause miscarriage if you are careful about the possible dangers. Heavy lifting during pregnancy may increase chances of pregnancy damage, preterm birth, or abortion. Moreover, chances of falling increase while bowling.

Hence, you should remain cautious while playing. Also, sports that demand high physical activity are associated with reduced fertility. So, it is wise to discontinue bowing when you feel exhausted or start to grind down.

Is it safe to go bowling when I am in my first trimester?

Yes, it is completely safe to go bowling when you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy. Keep in your mind that never try to exhaust yourself. Also, choosing the right ball that you feel comfortable lifting is equally important.

Besides, it is always good to consult with your doctor before taking any kind of sporting activities while pregnant. They will provide you with the best solution. When you start feeling uncomfortable, it is better to take a break from the activity.

What are the risks associated with bowling during pregnancy?

While you can do bowling in moderation while pregnant, there are certain reasons that you shouldn’t overlook. Here are some risks that are associated with bowling during pregnancy.

  • It puts a strain on your back

There are good reasons why you should take precautions if you choose to bowl when you are expecting a baby. And, one of them is that bowling can put a strain on your back. But this isn’t the only thing you should be bothered about.

Bowling can put a strain on other parts of your body as well. When you are pregnant, you carry discomfort and extra pain. Bowling tends to increase them significantly.

  • You may fall

You may get injured if you choose to go bowling especially when you are expecting a baby. One of the prominent things that could happen is that you may fall while bowling. As such, it can result in serious consequences both for you and your baby.

When you are in your second or third trimesters, you tend to carry a lot of weight. Moreover, picking up the ball and throwing the same only worsen the situation. It means, if you lose your balance, the results could be devastating.

  • Your ligaments are looser

There are lots of issues that you need to deal with when you are pregnant. For example, you have to be more careful than usual because your ligaments are looser than they used to be earlier before pregnancy.

However, this isn’t serious as it may sound. But when you go bowling, the risk of getting injured becomes high. And, you may have to face terrible situations.

How can you bowl safely during pregnancy?

While bowling can be relatively safe during pregnancy, keep in mind that your ligaments become loose. Here are some safety measures that you can follow while enjoying bowling during pregnancy.

  • Try to use a proper form – Be mindful not to put pressure on your back while lifting and throwing the ball. Pay attention to your movements and position. Also, keep your knees bent and back straight.
  • Take it slow – Moving too fast can result in imbalance and you may fall. So, maintain a slow pace to prevent slips. Also, never step over the line.
  • Choose the lightest ball – Try to use a light ball as much as possible. That’s because heavier ones may cause issues with your body and cause injuries.
  • Speak with your doctor first – Although bowling during pregnancy is safe, it is wise to consult a doctor before indulging in the sport.


So, it is completely safe to bowl while pregnant. However, you should take the necessary precautions so that you can remain safe during this period. And, stop playing the sport if you feel uncomfortable.

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